Tricking The Pizza Person Is Harder Than It Looks (CHome Alone 2/5)

– It was then and there that
I decided to be a low life. – (clears throat) Yes, adult voice, yes, thank you, yes, thank you. Guys, the pizza’s here! – [Men] Yes! – Wait, if the pizza person comes in here, they’ll know we’re all alone. – Oh no!
– Oh no! – What are you doing
with that, just drop it! – Say, I think I have an idea. I’m gonna control–
– We know, we got it. – Okay. (elevator dings) – [Man] Stay right there, wise guy. – Uh, okay. – You got the stuff? – Yes sir, one large cheese pizza? – Just drop it! – Okay, I’ll set it
right here on the ground. – It’s working. – That’ll be 11.80. – Just drop it! – I did. – Shit.
– What are you doing? – It’s hard to control
a movie this quickly. – Shut up! – Sorry! – Money, money, money. It’s always the stinking money with you. (movie rewinding)
Drop it! – You keep saying that. (movie rewinding) – You like coke floats? – What? – What? – When I was a boy living
in Bensonhurst we used to go to Sal’s, you know
he’d make us coke floats. – I don’t care. (muttering)
– Stop, stop! I’ll know when I see it. – What are you looking for? What line are you looking for? – I’m trying to find the right chapter. – Press fast forward,
just press the button. – Fine fine. (movie fast forwarding) – Can you just pay me
the money and I’ll go? – Broads, broads, broads. All I can think about is broads. – I’m not a broad, I’m a police woman. – How many of you are in there? – Fix it, fix it!
– Everybody shut up! Everybody shut up. (upbeat music)
– Is that a band? – [Woman] Mm, I can fit a
whole wine bottle in my pussy. – What the fuck is going on? – Hi, I’m Grant O’Brien
and I’m auditioning for the role of bystander number one. You can’t handle the truth! Son, we live in a world that has walls and those walls have to
guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it, you? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. – What the hell is this? – It’s one of my old audition tapes. – This will never fool her. – I know but, it’s really good, isn’t it? We use words like honor, code, loyalty. – Going to town on that apple. – I’m an artist! – Dude, your acting fucking sucks. (laughs) – Well if you have any
notes I’m open to them. – Wait, are you guys here alone? (screams) – [Man] I’m sorry sir,
but it is Christmas. There are no flights available. – Please, I have to
get home to my writers. They are so dumb. – [Siobhan] Hi, I’m
Siobhan from CollegeHumor. Click over here to
subscribe and click here for more fun stuff, ya filthy animals. I was abandoned in this office when I was 10 years old by my parents. I’ve only eaten pizza
for such a long time, I think I have scurvy.

100 comments on “Tricking The Pizza Person Is Harder Than It Looks (CHome Alone 2/5)”

  1. shane francis says:

    But they're adults right like what's the logic behind that

  2. animefangirl says:

    The least dumb one is Zac 😂

  3. Sheev Palpatine says:

    We’re is Katie?

  4. Dasiy Potterhead says:

    A whole wine bottle where now?

  5. Dylan Gupta-Cassidy says:

    Man raff is so good in this

  6. tty23 says:

    Ally was a cast member before she was a cast member O.O

  7. Ron ThunderChunder says:

    "You like coke floats?"
    I'm dying 😂

  8. Ciro says:

    Hey! Raphael looks different in this video

  9. FoxyPirateFox9054 says:

    Look! Raphael!

  10. SuperNova PG3D says:

    Zac had one line and it was the funniest one of this series

  11. Matilda Muller says:

    Poor Ally lol

  12. Matilda Muller says:

    Grant eating an apple to look like even more of an asshole

  13. Mattie Taylor says:

    Yess Ally before she because a regular

  14. Jared Howat says:

    Is grant reading from a passport?

  15. Kyle Hagerty says:

    where's katie?

  16. The Tree Of Magic says:

    No joke when I was watching this my mom asked me if I wanted little ceasers

  17. Hannah L says:

    ralph was really good in this sketch

  18. Cynthia Anderson says:

    I am totally Ally.

  19. MM36 says:

    Apple's and milk… too much milk. THAT'S YOU GRANT

  20. StarDragonJP says:

    I don't know about in the 90s, but for sure now I don't think the pizza guy would question why a kid was paying for the pizza, I think he'd just take the money & leave

  21. bleh says:

    "Sir, I'm sorry, it's Christmas, there are no available flights.."
    "Look, I have to get home to my writers..

    They are so dumb"

  22. Jeff Tutorial says:

    Do you have any tutorials on being funny?

  23. Kylie Dyer says:


  24. 郑星友 says:


  25. mOnster says:

    Grant totally nailed that last home alone face slap thingy

  26. valinperal says:

    I really want a pizza now

  27. jnnx says:

    Where’s part one?

  28. Tomas Gonzalez says:

    one large cheese pizza? haha yeee

  29. Andre Tucker says:


  30. Jellybean Jilly says:

    An entire Wine bottle impressive

  31. Twisted says:

    chome alone?

  32. Michelle Williams says:

    orinal SCARY this one BY THE NAME FUNNY

  33. Constroyer says:

    Those eyebrows

  34. ThugThePug Gaming says:


  35. ThugThePug Gaming says:

    No just cheese

  36. Julius Turunen says:

    Next invite record venture spending mind.

  37. Kingston Games says:

    You are adults just go get the pizza

  38. Anantya Engineer says:

    where's katie?

  39. Matthew Sanchez says:

    He’ll know all 4 of us are alone

  40. Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin says:

    But she's already a adult

  41. Scatological says:

    1:44 Was that katie?

  42. Jesse Williams says:

    Katie wasn't there. And her voice was the one in the "porno"

  43. Fãmous-queens • says:

    We not gonna talk about 1:44 ok.. 😂😂

  44. Stephanie Halim says:

    the last part lol

  45. Imaru Lewis says:

    1:21 no wonder grant couldn't find the right chapter, he was looking for it in a passport.

  46. GodOfGamers says:

    Wow, Raphael did a great job as the pizza guy.

  47. GodOfGamers says:

    Who knew Katie could fit an entire wine bottle. And here I thought she was a virgin.

  48. SecretCheri says:


  49. A T says:

    ((they r adults so they don't have to hide or anything))

  50. Do I Know You says:

    It's Ally!

  51. Persia Kaizuken says:

    that last line lol! XD

  52. Dan_da_king :P says:


  53. Belanca Rosier says:

    Man… Raph did so good in this performance!

  54. DatBoi786 says:

    He has the same exact TV remote as me

  55. Elizabeth Walsh says:

    I love Alley

  56. Dasiy Potterhead says:

    Excuse me, you can fit a whole wine bottle in your where?

  57. Madison Arsenault says:

    Wow Raph is so good in this

  58. The Golden Toad says:

    Why would adults be worried about being alone?

  59. JACKSON ERNST says:

    “Just drop it.”

  60. Sam Vidas says:

    Ohmygod Allie with long brown hair tf

  61. idk at this point says:

    Haha yeah 👉🏾👉🏾

  62. Official Trailers says:

    They aren't alone. They have each other.

  63. LargerOyster ! says:

    Can you really be called alone with 4 people

  64. Sector 888888 says:

    I’m dead

  65. Aaron Pomerantz says:

    Man, Raph was great in this!

  66. Megan Breslin says:

    Tv person: Just drop it!

    Me: throws pizza on the ground.

  67. Conner Bearden says:

    My favorite goddamn part

  68. Molly Cox says:

    I love how Katie made porn lol

  69. Jimbo's land of awesomeness says:

    1:44 WTF

  70. Kale Ivett says:

    This always makes me laugh

  71. Metzo2701 says:

    I could swear the pizza guy was Raphael in this vid

  72. gamer boss says:


  73. PostManPat Chad says:

    Gnome alone

  74. Bomb Comics says:

    Why was Grant holding his passport like it was a TV Guide or something?

  75. Rahul RT says:

    TV Mob guy : "I love coke floats"
    Pizza gal : "I don't…care.."

  76. Youtuber_185 _ says:

    Haha yeah!

  77. The Lord says:

    The wine bottle killed me

  78. Tala Mayari says:

    Damn Ally with a long hair looks hot!

  79. Crazy Reactions says:

    Where’s Katie In This Video?

  80. Will Huberty says:

    Me and grant have the same remote but different TVs

  81. christian mccauley says:

    a was in a situation where my parents were out and I shouldn’t have ordered pizza, so when he got there I started panicking, when I opened the door, awkwardly holding a wad of 5 and 1 dollar bills he asked for my mom so I said in a fit of anxiety shes upstairs fucking my dad…

  82. Goodwyn says:

    I loved Raph in this

  83. jo snow says:

    Surprisingly Awesome!

  84. Karen H says:

    first time watching this
    but… they're adults

  85. The softest part of a woman's breast is? says:


  86. Daniel Bernoulli says:

    raph is great in this sketch

  87. Wolf Clan Nation says:

    Hey I remembered it as Raph being the pizza delivery guy

  88. Yes, hello I like pink says:


  89. Kiersto0906 says:

    I loved raph as the pizza guy in this one, great introduction.

  90. Blake Feary says:

    It's insane that they thought that pizza would be 11.80

  91. Robro 21 says:

    "Ha ha yea"

  92. Logan Blunk says:

    Is this ally's first appearence?

  93. Tala B says:

    ……They’re all adults tho….

  94. Fjorzek says:

    “I think I have an idea… I’m going to contro-“ “Yeah, we got it.”

  95. Theodrin says:

    wait that's not raph

  96. Pikapika1717 says:

    Long haired Ally looks so weirdly . . . wrong. Like they don’t look like themself.

  97. Gezi5 says:

    “Is that a band?”

  98. Louis Darby says:


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