Trying 7 Types of INSTANT RAMEN!

Hey guys, John here. and Malie. Hope you all are having a great day so far Today we’re going to be doing and unboxing video I’m so excited! We were sent a JAPAN RAMEN BOX! The Japan Ramen Box is a subscription based service that delivers Japanese-exclusive instant ramen straight from Japan on a monthly basis The best thing is is that they offer Free Shipping world-wide okay enough talking Let’s open her up So we wanted to say a big thank you to the team at Japan Ramen Box for sending us this awesome parcel here Thank you! We got some Newspaper Ooo wait! It’s Japanese newspaper How cute! She thinks she can read Japanese… I’ll read this later Recycle We’ll read this later Dear Ramen lover We really appreciate your subscription to our Japan Ramen Box To see the description for all the ramen for this month go to this link Awesome So the plan is we’re gonna start off with the Cup Ramen We’ve got 3 here We’re gonna try them and we’ll let you know what we think alright guys, so we’ve got our cup ramen here I’ve got the IPPUDO ramen and I’ve got the Chicken Broth ramen Itadakimasu! Smells good There noodles look very much like the Ippudo ones Let’s try it mmm not too bad Let’s try the broth There’s a slight porkiness to the Ippudo one Not as Porky as the real thing but what can you expect from an instant packet? that being said really delicious The broth is actually really clear and light Let’s try a piece of this pork Alright, swapsies Let’s try this Chicken broth ramen mmmmmmmm some tasty ramen Could be more spicy You know what we’re missing? We’re missing some of this stuff Not sure if you guys can see It’s the red pepper mix ‘Shichimi’ A dash of that Give it a bit of spice I love this stuff in my ramen or my udon Alright going onto the salt one Shio one? Yeahhhh It’s got corn in here I think that’s pretty much done with the cup noodles Time for the packet noodles There are 4 of them Let’s get cooking Now, onto the packet ramen We made up all 4 of them and we’re gonna taste test them all now Right here we’ve got a Tonkotsu (pork-bone) We’ve got a Shoyu (soy-based) a Miso and a Shio (salt-based) ramen 4 different kinds of ramen I’m going to start off with the Tonkotsu Let’s try this this version of tonkotsu so the Ippudo that we had previously that was Tonkotsu as well This one is a different brand let’s see how it stacks up This one here is more reminiscent of instant ramen type noodle the Ippudo ones were a lot thinner a lot straighter These are the ordinary curly ones I guess the wavy noodles That was the word I was looking for. The wavy noodles! This pack of ramen has a lot of noodles! Look at that Huge amount of noodles The broth is really milky Let’s taste it Porky You know what these are missing? An egg. One of those One of those yolky eggs would’ve been amazing Alright, I’m gonna try the next one Swapsies Ooo this broth is milky I think I like this one a lot better than that one I’m trying this one Alright, I’m gonna go to the next one Gonna try this guy So this one here is a shoyu ramen which is a soy-based one and I’m going to try this one This one is a miso-based ramen This broth is a lot darker It’s a clear broth as well. Not milky Not milky like the tonkotsu one Bottoms up So messy And that’s ok because in Japan if you’re slurping your noodles It’s actually a sign to the chef that you really enjoy his stuff so If anything it’s a compliment to the chef So thanks again to the team at Japan Ramen Box all these ramens were so delicious So if you guys are interested in a mystery box like this with some good ramen Do look in the description box, we’ll leave a link there You guys can have a look yourself on what they offer and what subscription plans are out there If you guys decide to subscribe to the Japan Ramen Box Let us know what you guys get We’re really interested in all these types of ramen and if you’ve had something different to what we had today Please share it with us Alright guys, thanks for watching today If you enjoyed the video, please give us a big thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe Share it with your friend and We’ll see you next time See you guys. Byeee!

7 comments on “Trying 7 Types of INSTANT RAMEN!”

  1. Jason Le says:

    How much is for the membership? And how many Ramen packages do the send you each month?

  2. Wilbur Chin says:

    Hello John and Malie, Wow! I was having some instant ramen noodle while watching this video…LOL! Thanks for sharing this video.

  3. Thomas & Tracey says:

    Yumm!!! Would love to try them!!
    P.S. you guys look amazing!

  4. Peter and Yen says:

    Hey guys that is a lot of tasty looking ramen! My wife and I would have been so happy to get that package hahaha. Loving your video the chicken broth and noodle looked so good for an instant! Newly subbed. If you guys have a sec please check out our food and travel channel too <3

  5. Hang With The Bangs says:

    oh this all looks so yummy! I LOVE RAMEN!

  6. Jay K says:

    Wow the stuff that was in those packets just wow!

  7. 綾辻ゆうYu Ayatuzi says:

    It looks very delicious. I'm hungry.

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