TRYING HARRY POTTER CANDY + Bean Boozled Challenge 🔮 | Collins Key

100 comments on “TRYING HARRY POTTER CANDY + Bean Boozled Challenge 🔮 | Collins Key”

  1. gorvetts squad says:

    Real vs gummy

  2. Sonja Álvarez says:

    I am itinig my chocolate wand right now

  3. Kraemer Family says:

    The chocolate cauldron

  4. James Durbin says:

    You guys are so cool and funny

  5. Black Rose says:

    This one u guys are awesome

  6. Thomas Stover says:

    Devon looked good ima girl bow

  7. turtle gamer moize says:

    Ok i will like the video

  8. Lucy & Audrina says:

    this vid is my fav one you ever made 🙂

  9. Lucy & Audrina says:

    the chocolete calgrin

  10. Phuongnamkhue nam khue says:

    Wow can you please make more candy video

  11. Jacob McGeachy says:

    Do lots more Harry Potter videos on YouTube

  12. SavageBurito GachaLife says:

    Collin's skull was looking at me….heh

  13. Wai Lo says:


  14. Ava marie and Rah rah says:

    I am pretty sure that the card wasn't goddric griffindor i think it was hagrid lol 😂

  15. Chichi Adisa says:

    food comd

  16. Chichi Adisa says:

    chocolate frog

  17. Maria Teresa Esteban says:

    This is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Maria Teresa Esteban says:


  19. XxX. Puppy Friend. XxX says:

    Wait a minute

    How this can happens if Devan go in in the shop and Collins leaves the shop lol

  20. Nikki Gilley says:

    Love Harry Potter

  21. Mia Thornell says:

    I did thise Bute I just did the jellybeans .IT WAS DEADLY:[

  22. TheBestMinecrafterEver! For Eternity says:

    1 like = 1 prayer for Collins dentist appointment 😞😂

  23. Briony Drapala says:

    and it has a nose

  24. Andrea Toro says:

    All of your videos are my favorite

  25. Creator J Jazz says:

    Lick a cricket pop

  26. Nune Sakhrie says:

    I love every kind of video you make
    I love watching your video
    your the best youtuber
    I would give you a 10 of 10

  27. Kael Te says:

    So cool

  28. Shelbi Styles says:

    This is my favirot

  29. Jessica sams says:

    you guys should try peppermint toads blood pops and you should bake with Rosanna pansino

  30. The awesome Sauce says:

    Soooo you went to universal studios?

  31. Emy Ema says:

    Cool trick

  32. Mandy O'callaghan says:

    Princess doll cook-off best food for the best Starbucks 1 months ago

  33. happywolf 83 says:

    thise one

  34. Ashley Ruckman says:


  35. Luna Rivas says:

    Chocolate want I want one.🙂🥢

  36. Gabe Overmyer says:

    Slime videos

  37. Gabriela Estala Angeles says:

    My favorite is you making pizza balloons

  38. Gabriela Estala Angeles says:

    I like the chocolate school that you

  39. Sapir Zilbersher says:

    I whant to be an artist like deven

  40. Chloe King says:

    That is a guar backer

  41. Everyday life with Francheska says:

    REGINA ? Like Regina in CWC 😅😅

  42. Erin Lagden says:

    Dunno why but watching u eat makes me 😑😑😑😑😑😵😵😵😵😖😖😖😖😖😟😟😶😷

  43. Mageswari K says:

    Fortinite candy

  44. Clarisse Birch says:

    Yo Collins and Devan, What Hogwarts houses are you in?

  45. Brionna Hart says:

    I fell off my chair

  46. dragon ball saga says:

    Real food versus Real food challenge

  47. Ella Greenwood says:

    Voldemort skull

  48. The vlogger The gamer says:

    2019 anyone sorry for taking the other person on the bottom

  49. Kristion Amis says:

    Try not to laugh

  50. Karaj Ungerg says:

    I have a pretty big mouth

  51. Roblox gamers says:

    DIY edible water

  52. Roblox gamers says:


  53. The Wiseman’s says:

    I love love love Harry Potter

  54. Pamela Franco says:

    I like the skull

  55. Joëlle’s Little life says:

    The Eyeballs are jawbreakers!!!

  56. RainbowCloud says:

    A newt is a amphibian thingy thats an animal thingy that apparently has to do with the harry potter thingy

    im watching in 2019 xD

  57. Jahusaphaaat Williams says:

    Dog pick our mystery slime

  58. Tmiller Tv 24 says:

    All of them

  59. The big fan of Harry Potter says:

    I love Harry Potter stuff and film's this was perfect for fans of Harry potter and you guys

  60. H i says:

    도날드트럼프도 3000억으로 기분을 맞춰산다지요!! 끝도없는이자!!기분이팍팍!!

    유럽가에서도 3000억으로 기분을 맞춰사는 무한적인 이자!!!!

  61. pug of games says:

    The eyeball made devans tounge blue

  62. Rachel Cornell says:


  63. Shelly Koria says:

    My favourite video was when you did the gummy vs real food 🥘 btw can I please get a shout out I liked subscribed and turned on the notations love you guys so much 💖 💕

  64. kathriana the pink loving doge says:

    I like the skull it's cool

  65. shanae 16 says:

    how thas he shop so fast

  66. Alvin Samson says:

    hot knife challenge

  67. Keri O'keefe says:

    Slime puppy videos

  68. Blayke Block says:

    This is my favorite video it's pretty awesome

  69. Harald Lofgren says:

    Go Potter

  70. Payton H says:

    The Oobleck challenge

  71. Bill Austin says:

    this one

  72. Bill Austin says:


  73. Brooke sanders says:

    My favourite video is this one because l love harry Potter so much please give me the macbook please love you guys

  74. Tom Clutts says:


  75. Katelyn Creager says:

    I have Devans wand where there’s a black bulb on top and it counter acts with cameras in the windows and makes it look like you did magic in universal studios and it was like $50

  76. Katelyn Creager says:

    I’ve had those exact chocolate frogs and got Godric Griffindor AAHH it’s so fun there

  77. Animal Lover says:

    Those eyes are jawbreakers lol

  78. Damien Kross says:

    This one

  79. Jaiden Bethea says:

    They are called Jawbreakers

  80. Barry Lamming says:

    Trie France food

  81. Gholam Ali Shsrifi says:


  82. Nexus YT says:


  83. Joemarie Suelan says:

    My fav video is this one

  84. Haya Qirem says:

    The expensive food one

  85. I don't know says:

    Collins when devan was younger why did you shoot him in the finger with a arrow

  86. I don't know says:

    When you don't get vbucks 4:48

  87. Lasha Shantz says:

    I think the eye balls are jaw breakers

  88. Jonathan Montgomery says:

    Sourest gummy challenge

  89. Josie Johnston says:

    ive been there too i love harry potter

  90. Heather Forbis says:

    Set for gummy bears

  91. Heather Forbis says:

    Yeah I like Collins and Devonn

  92. Bree Clarey says:

    in class I am the dark lord also known as voldemort

  93. Owlcamper HD says:

    turn on capptions (sorry for spelling) humming in enjoy ment lol

  94. sophia soriano says:

    the eye ball is a ball not a candy

  95. Micro-Power Trading says:


  96. Rachael Taylor says:

    shock coler chaleng

  97. Šejla Šiljak says:


  98. Graycee Calvert says:

    I am :,> so if your watching in 2019 like if you are


  99. shadow plays says:

    This video is my favorit video

  100. augustė lidikauskytė says:

    Deven, sweet candy

    Collins gon crezy

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