Trying Traditional Japanese Food | Tofu Dishes in Nikko, Japan!

So it is time for lunch and if there is one
dish that Nikko is known for it is Yuba. And Yuba is tofu skin and they use it in a
whole bunch of dishes. We’ve seen menus where they serve it with
sushi. Yes. With ramen, with udon, as dumplings. We had it as dessert. We had it as a street food snack yesterday. We did. Yesterday we had it as a dessert. It was stuffed with red bean paste. Yeah. Salty and crispy on the outside. Yeah. So that was pretty tasty. It kind of got us curious about Yuba. So today while we were out sightseeing we
spotted a restaurant that does ramen with yuba and udon with yuba. So we have ordered those two different noodle
bowls and yeah it should be good. And they also have dumplings but unfortunately
they are not available. Not available. They are on the menu. You can get Yuba dumplings which look interesting. They’ve got like the picture right here. Yeah, so these would be your regular dumplings
and these ones are Yuba. So they are wrapped in Tofu skin. Yeah, instead of dough. So what I’ll think we’ll do after eating here
is hopefully go out and try to find some more Yuba dessert. Yeah. I’m not seeing anything on the menu here. It looks pretty savory so we’ll see what we
can find later on. The bowls have arrived and I am so pleased
with my choice. This looks amazing. It does. I’m just going to read the name of mine off
of the menu to get it right. Okay, so I got the Nikko Yuba Ramen Noodles
in a thick starchy soup. It is true to its description. Like look at how thick that broth is. That looks amazing. The steam is coming off. And of course we have the Yuba which is right
here. This is the tofu skin. Kind of like all rolled up and we have mushrooms,
bean sprouts. Where are the noodles? Looks like cabbage. Noodles must be at the bottom. Let’s see those noodles. Woah. Oh yeah. This is just going to be such a wonderful
meal. And it is massive. I feel like this is enough for two people. Like my bowl would have been enough. Maybe it was good we didn’t get the dumplings
after all. I know. You were planning to order three things but
then they were out of Yuba dumplings. So I’m going to start with the Yuba here. I’m just going to scoop it on and bite into
it. Let’s see what it is all about. Mmmm. Is it spongy? Mmmhmm. It is very thin layers. Okay. All rolled together into a little spiral. Yeah. But it still has kind of like that spongy
tofu consistency. But it is very tasty. Like I’m a big fan of tofu. Wow. Often times if there is a vegetarian option
on the menu with tofu. Yeah. I’ll go for that. So yeah. Yeah, so the Yuba is wonderful. And also I really like the broth for this
soup. Yep. Just because it has such a rich flavor. It is like miso but like thick miso. I feel like they’ve put a lot of the paste
in there. Oh, it is so awesome. So it is a little bit salty. That is great. And it starts like it is not a clear broth. It is definitely starchy. And we’ve got some nice looking mushrooms
here. Yeah. We also have some meat to try too. Mmmm. And the noodles. How do you like those mushrooms? Oh my gosh. The mushrooms are so good. This place was a real find we hadn’t researched
it at all. In fact we were thinking of eating in town. Yeah, but in Nikko proper. We are by the lake now. Yeah. We saw this place and it has been a hit. These guys are awesome. It is just an older Japanese couple and I
even kind of walked into the kitchen area a bit. Little bit of a behind the scenes look. This is so good. Wonderful tasty pork. It melts in your mouth. It is not too fatty at all. Cool. How are the noodles? Let’s move on to the noodles. I haven’t even tried those. I just have to say though that the mushroom
it is almost like meaty. Is it the star of the show? Just a wonderful taste. Those noodles look good. So how cool is the spoon. Oh wow. This wooden spoon. We actually picked up some wooden spoons when
we went on a day trip to what was it Kamakura. Yeah. As a souvenir. And chopsticks. I forgot we got the spoons. That is cool. Mmmm. Those noodles look good. Mmmm. What say you? I am so pleased with my meal. Hahaha. I want to try the veggies too. I feel like everything is a surprise. You just want to try it all. Let’s grab some of this. Some carrots. Some beansprouts. Some greens. I’m just feeling so happy and so satisfied. You are in your happy place. We were both really hungry. We’ve done a bit of walking, a bit of hiking. One more bite of Yuba. Just one more. Just one more. Just cause. An excellent choice. We are right by the lake. We’ve got mountains outside of the restaurant
window. Like this is so great. This has been the perfect day trip. Yeah. And Yuba has been a hit. So I’ve got to show you mine. What did you get? Check out this. This is Yuba Udon. Your baby. Check out that so again we’ve got the Yuba
here. Yeah that is the star of the meal right there. That is a pretty giant piece. I believe this is egg. Oh okay. And then I’ve got some greens over here. Mmmm. And then of course. Let’s see if you can show us the Udon because
it is a very different type of noodle. The udon. It is nice and thick so much thicker than
yours. Take a look at that. Look at those fat noodles right there. Those are big. Those look good. It just smells so good. It is piping hot. I don’t know if you can see the steam rising. Yes, there is a lot of that happening. Also I think it is pretty funny that your
bowl is slightly smaller than mine. Yeah. I ordered right. Yeah, you got the bigger one. Oh and guys look at these spoons. They are just awesome. We got little wooden spoons. And they are not to put into a bowl they are
just to like to slurp out of. Yeah, like that. So I’ve got the Yuba here. Look at that. I’m adding a little broth to it. Okay. Oh my gosh that looks so good. It is such a big piece of Yuba isn’t it. It almost looks like a dumpling sitting down
on the spoon. I know. It is gigantic really. Okay let’s try that. Mmm. Oh you can see the layers. Oh my gosh that is so many layers. And it is so spongy. Yeah. I find it just absorbs the broth so well. I find it takes on the flavor of the broth
which is really nice. It is kind of a miso base as well. Similar to yours. Oh and it is just so tasty. I love that spongy texture of it. Mmmhmm. So I’m actually going to try the broth directly
now. Oh, it is so good. Like if I just had a bowl of this broth I’d
be content. That is how nice it is. What are you having there? Is that egg or is that more Yuba? It is more Yuba guys. More Yuba. That is what it is. I thought it might have been egg. So you basically got a double portion of Yuba. Yeah and I’ve also got the mushrooms like
you but mine are obviously a lot smaller to cut up. Mmmm. Oh that is my favorite kind of mushroom. I forget the name of it but it is a chewy
Japanese style ones. You can actually buy them in packages where
they’ve been dried out and then you cook them and they are a lot chewier than a typical
mushroom. You have to soak them I just forget the name
yeah. Oh they are so good. So so good. So last thing for me to try of course is the
udon noodles themselves. And they are nice and thick. Look at that guys. Big. Thick. The dance of the Udon. Oh my gosh those are nice. Big thick cut noodles. Just this is just wonderful guys. Like this is I like everything inside of here. And since we got here early they just whipped
up this meal so quickly. In like 10-15 minutes. It is just passed 11 AM now and I think we
arrived at like 10:30 or 10:40 ish so this is amazing. We’re the first customers and we’ve just got
like two delicious bowls of noodles in front of us. Yes, ready to enjoy. Loving it. Well well I’ve managed to like splatter soup
all over me. I don’t even know how. But anyways we did really well. Yeah. Sam’s bowl is completely empty. I just have a little bit of broth left but
I ate almost everything. Yeah. So the total came to 2000 Yen. Mine was 1100 because mine was just slightly
bigger. Sam’s was 900 Yen. So that is just under $20 US dollars. Yeah, I think it is about 18 or 19 US dollars. That is really good value. It was good. It was tasty. We’re still thinking we’d like to have some
kind of Yuba related dessert but maybe in a while. Maybe in a while. We’re full. Yeah. Like that was very filling. Very delicious. I’d highly recommend people come here. Mmmhmm. Just a cool atmosphere in here as well. And the location right by the lake. Right by the lake. You’ve got to like that. Ah, Yuba manju. Alrighty guys. Oh, just as I’m wiping the sweat off of my
brow. So it has been a few hours. We tried to find a Yuba dessert out by the
Lake. But we didn’t. But it was surprisingly difficult. We found a lot of savory snacks. So you can get Yuba stuffed with like minced
meat and onions and mashed potato and cheese. All of these different variations but nothing
sweet. So we waited until we got back to Nikko because
right across from the train station there is this little shop and they sell Yuba manju. Which we already tried yesterday. It is so good. But basically it is the Tofu Skin. Yes. It has been deep-fried. Deep-fried. And inside it is stuffed with the red bean
paste and the outside it has a little bit of salt sprinkled on it. I think it is called Azuki beans right? I think so. I think so. It is so good. It is such a contrast between sweet and salty. There you go. Check that out. Wow. That is good. Isn’t that good? Just as good as yesterday. Haha. I think we appreciate it even more. Because it is the first time trying it yesterday
and now we know what we’re getting. Yeah, now it is flavor we’ve already acquired. Yeah. So yeah it is interesting because the outer
layer super crispy. Yep. But the inside looks a little bit more doughy. Yep. And then the bean paste is just a really nice
addition. Super nice addition. So yeah we only paid 200 Yen. Yeah under two US dollars and they gave us
complimentary tea. They gave us tea. Like nice iced tea. Yeah me too. Cheers! Cheers! Tea on a summer day. Yep. With Yuba Manju. Yeah and that is basically it for our food
video. Mmmhmm. We hope you guys enjoyed it and we’ll be back
soon with more food and travel content from Japan. Tata.

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