twenty one pilots – My Blood (Official Video)

When everyone you thought you knew, deserts your fight, I’ll go with you. You’re facing down a dark hall, I’ll grab my light, and go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. Surrounded and up against a wall, I’ll shred them all, and go with you. When choices end, you must defend, I’ll grab my bat, and go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. yeah Stay with me. No, you don’t need to run. Stay with me, my blood. You don’t need to run. Stay with me. No, you don’t need to run. Stay with me, my blood. You don’t need to run. If there comes a day, People posted up at the end your driveway, They’re calling for your head, and they’re calling for your name, I’ll bomb down on them, I’m coming through. Do they know I was grown with you? If they’re here to smoke, know I’ll go with you, Just keep it outside, keep it outside, yeah. Stay with me, No, you don’t need to run. Stay with me, my blood. You don’t need to run. Stay with me, No, you don’t need to run. Stay with me, my blood. You don’t need to run. (You don’t need to run.) (You don’t need to run.) (You don’t need to run.) (You don’t need to run.) If you find yourself in a lion’s den, I’ll jump right in and pull my pin, and go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. I’ll go with you. My blood, I’ll go with you yeah. Stay with me. No, you don’t need to run. Stay with me, my blood. You don’t need to run. Stay with me. No, you don’t need to run. Stay with me, my blood. You don’t need to run. (You don’t need to run.) (You don’t need to run.) (You don’t need to run.) (You don’t need to run.) Stay with me. No, you don’t need to run. Stay with me, my blood.

100 comments on “twenty one pilots – My Blood (Official Video)”

  1. ARIS SYS says:

    My Blood IS LOVE IS LIFE

  2. Lola Jett-Beachley says:

    excuse me u m m m

  3. Lala loloo says:

    1st min. : sweet siblings
    End : wtf Alter egooo

    my heart fvckkk huhu

  4. jose sandoval says:

    Josh is REAL.

  5. John Silver says:


  6. Gisele Coimbra Galvão O. says:

    Mano que música foda manooooooooooooooo e bom de mais

  7. Saksham Jaiswal says:

    Man! i was watching fight club and then i opened youtube and this was the first video that came up,
    what a coincidence

  8. Yuki a aleatória says:

    twenty one pilots = perfecion

  9. stephani Santos says:

    i loved this song so much

  10. Larricañonga Cortes says:

    Heyyy alguien a visto a Sergio Ramírez díganle que Luisito comunica lo está buscando

  11. Haustoff says:

    0% autotune
    0% flex
    0% explicit
    0% bitches
    0% trends
    100% talent
    100% good lyrics
    100% amazing video
    This is ideal band.
    36M views when this should be 1B

  12. Joel Galvan says:

    17/08/2019 :3

  13. Elizabeth Vakulchik says:

    I seriously can’t stop dancing to your guys music 🎶💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

  14. Marsh fan 2017 says:


  15. Luis Gore Gonzalez says:

    Love this song

  16. arcelia castro says:


  17. Autumn Williams says:

    This video was so good it gave me chills.

  18. Fortnite Is Bad says:

    This song sounds like MGMT-Electric Feel.

  19. Jhaz Cadz says:

    My first thought when the video began is that those two brothers reminds me of Sam and Dean

  20. 수란민 says:

    Is this joshs past?

  21. Maria Marta Sierra Fuentes says:

    Tengo 38 años y me gusta esta música para jóvenes, que triste envejecer::-( …por cierto excelente música!

  22. Chlørine Sippr says:

    Why are you running?

  23. BigHatLogan56 says:

    tbh, x2

  24. XxRosesforjoshxX says:

    umm while I was watching this video i was calmly yelling at the people in the video…. my dad probably thinks I'm insane

  25. Jesús Camacho says:


  26. Жасканат Абилов says:

    Hello, my name is Zhaskanat. I'm from Kazakhstan Pavlodar city. I love TWENTY ONE PILOTS!!! 19.08.2019

  27. nananana ohoh says:


  28. Fifteen Tomb says:

    Best part 0:00 – 3:56

  29. jctd2012 Xbox says:

    I have no soul I did not cry

  30. Arthur K says:

    One of the most favorite songs from album.

  31. Fifteen Tomb says:

    This shit made me cry

  32. // ella says:

    i wish i had a sister or a brother

  33. Checho Ocampo says:

    Volve peron te perdonamos

  34. somber. cosmos says:

    This reminds me of Sam and Dean Winchester

  35. Jax Windshield says:

    My Blood came out after the Forest Fic was written, right?

  36. Hyara Lastra says:

    Its a movie?

  37. Guiranna Carme says:

    Me preguntó si el vídeo clip sería una referencia al libro Demian de Hermann Hesse.

  38. Aaon says:

    I feel this way about so many people its actually insane

    And its wierd to think that I dont deserve the freinds I have

  39. Little Misty-eyed says:

    With this video what I’m wondering is Tyler explainers the story behind it; his two cousins, the loud one and the quiet one who knew karate. So why didn’t he just stick to that rather than changing it to where one of the brothers isn’t real.

  40. Sleepy Trin says:

    I wonder if this was inspired by the forest fic

  41. Ashley Lovebug says:

    i actually thought they were gay for a HOT SEC. and i loved that second. :')

  42. drag_Net 456 says:

    Ещё топчик

  43. Josh Ely says:


  44. The Black Candy says:

    Ахуенннооооовошуос шаг 2 знал лк8аоа шило

  45. teranos haunt says:

    2:24 ohhhh josh you're GENIUSSS!!!!

  46. Jane:v :v says:


  47. Jos Luis herlindoo Sanchez says:

    Alguien en 2019 :3

  48. Jos Luis herlindoo Sanchez says:

    Muy blood is twenty one pilots :3

  49. Mena Ambrosino says:

    The best song of the new album for meeee

  50. Ramiro says:

    😥 everytime

  51. Elias Nevarez says:

    How did he get the bat

  52. EmmanuelOH OrdoñezHz says:


  53. Winnderrz says:

    I almost cried!

  54. Justin Cornejo says:

    muy buena tiene que llegar al millon de likes

  55. Ramiro Cladera Ojeda says:

    alter ego

  56. Tyrone Vasquez says:

    Is crazy :v

  57. Elijah Playz says:

    Those comments that edit their comments to leave people wondering why there’s so many likes…

    they never actually changed the comment

  58. pathetic gimhani says:

    I cried at the ending

  59. StepAn MIX says:

    Бан нахер!

  60. Carmen Stafford says:

    Me watching:😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  61. 7 фея винкс says:

    Моя самая любимая песня))))

  62. Silas says:

    Kill me for this but I think all my billy Madison’s fans are thinking “hey side burns” through the whole song

    No regrets

  63. Banditø #37289 says:

    wow those kids must be rich they even hire top for their party!!!

  64. Mikeila Pérez says:

    Defiende a su hermano😭😭😭👍

  65. Mélanie Jullian says:


  66. michel Csa says:

    Ou sont les français

  67. bloobies espinoza says:

    I wish I could take care of the character the actors portraying 🙁

  68. LyF_May says:

    Omg this Song comes Out in the Birthday from my best friend🖤💛🖤❤️

  69. Salma Knuters says:

    So this is a repost of a comment I deleted that got popular a few months ago.

    This is going to be long and f*cking emotional.

    THis song is the best on the whole album because it really makes me feel. I only have half siblings who I have never met or talked with. I live with my mom and we are very close. Last year I liked this song and I thought it was okay until this year. I always thought of my mom when I listened to this song last year. She had me in her mid forties and she is just a few years away from retirement now. I'm always thinking about helping her and how I need to take care of her because I am the only person she has. I hope I will one day be able to make a living of singing and playing piano, it literally makes me so happy to perform.

    Anyway, my mom and I had no older contact with my older half brother (from her side) because he was raised by a fosterhome and never met my mom after he he was a child (don't judge my mom, they took him because everyone thought she was mentally even though she wasn't). The last day they met was the day before christmas.

    Skip forward to christmas 2018. My mom always work on christmas. As long as I can remember I haven't had a whole christmas with her. But this year she finally got a day off. I was so happy. We ate christmas food and watched TV. And then the doorbell rings as we are eating in our sofa while watching TV. She goes to answer the door. A minute later she calls me and says the police is there.
    I'm just going to say that the police told us that my brother had taken his life that day, on christmas. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I never met him and to be honest I didn't even know his name until that day. My whole life I've always imagine meeting him and talking to him and reconnecting and then he just turned out to be dead. It was so shocking I didn't even feel sad until a few days later, because I could not believe he was dead. I just couldn't think about it.

    I just keep thinking if I knew him I would really "go with him" and "stay with him" (like in the lyrics. I just don't know him. And somehow that's the most f*cking heartbreaking part of all of this mess. I do not know him. I don't know what his favourite music was or his favourite food. If he was a cat or dog person. If he had a girlfriend. Hobbies, interests, jobs, friends. I don't have any photos of him. I don't know if he had any social media. What I know is that he's blonde. I wish I knew what his face looked like so I didn't just have a faceless brother to mourn about.

    You know, I can't even visit his grave until I'm 18 and can buy a plane ticket.

    I have always wanted a sibling to play with since I was a small child and my mom told me I had imaginary siblings and I would call them older brother and younger sister. My mom used to work long hours and I would be home by myself almost everyday and I just was very lonely. I wish I had him. If had the chance to save him I would. The day after he died my mom came into my room and told me these things about her past life when she was young. Then she started crying. I had never seen her cry until that day.

    People just seem to hate their siblings because of the most f*cking stupid reasons. I don't care if you don't get as much attention or if they are annoying – just go and f*cking love your family dude. I'm so lucky living with the best mom to ever exist and I'm so grateful to have someone who loves me. So you should be grateful too if your family loves you and treats you right most of the time.

    I want him so bad. I want my brother.

    I turned out his foster family knew about his problems but didn't help him. He attempted the day before but got rescued. He was in the hospital for a few hours before THEY LET HIM GO. And what I can't understand is why the f*uck didn't his family stay with him or watch over him when he was released. Nope they had a christmas without him and then he tried again to kill himself and it worked. So I'm literally so f*cking angry at his family. They treated him like shit. They told him my mom was an addict. He didn't even know about me. God, everytime I think about this I get pissed. And now his family is sad and posts pictures about it on instagram. I get they are sad, but it was literally their fault he died. And then they have the audacity too spend so much goddamn money on the funeral that MY MOM had to pay even though we weren't there or even invited.

    So I wrote this two weeks after he died. I got around 400 likes but I deleted it because I was afraid my friend who also likes TOP would find this and would be concerned or think I'm writing this for attention. I'm not denying that the likes and comments didn't feel good. It really made my days so much better. Like all of the support made it so much easier to go through. Everyday I would come home from school and i would have so many comments telling it was going to be alright. Thank you to all those people.

    I told my best friend about my brother when it happened but I didn't talk about it. I told her I was fine. It's been 8 months and I still haven't talked about it really. But people know now.

    At graduation I sang trees and my other best friend played piano. She didn't know about my brother. She didn't know I was going to make a speech about anything, but I had it planned out. Then I proceeded to tell my whole school that my brother took his life. And it was like this thing got off my chest. And after I sang, I was so happy I cried. Look, I'm not the best at singing and I was very stressed so I wasnt very good that day, but even though that there was the biggest applause, maybe apart for me, but the biggest part for him and that makes me happy. I hope he saw that from where ever he is. From that day I knew I was meant for performing. I then got an instagram account to post covers (safir.piano).

    I know everybody has a thing in their life that is causing stress, depression and anxiety. I have gotten better from my thing and I know there are people with my worse stories than mine, so I know this isn't the worst absolute thing to happen, but at that time it felt like it.
    So this story is for you. It's for you who is an only child and dreams of a sibling and it's for you with siblings who needs to appreciate them more. This story is for you who feel like there is nothing wrong with your life, but at the same time you just feel empty and sad. It's for you who is depressed. People who don't know you will mourn you. If you can't live for yourself, live for the people who will be sad and who will think about you and feel an aching emptiness in their chest. You may feel nobody loves you, but you have no idea. I love you. If you are struggling know that I've got your back like you have got mine. You have got thousands of people's support here in trench. You don't know what could happen in life. Stay alive and we will try again.

  70. Parker Olsen says:

    Mason and reznov type beat

  71. Angel Albino says:

    No entiendo esta canción pero aún así me gusta

  72. fiebre amarilla says:

    This Is like fight club

  73. Pablo _ says:

    the first rule of the clique is never talk about the clique

  74. Bye Bye Bi Ash says:

    This is one of my favorite videos and I just watched this with my brother and sister and it made me CRY. It's so disheartening but I love it 💛🖤

  75. Andrew Sousa says:

    Melhor clipe💘💘💘

  76. Edgar Armando Coyote says:

    Alguien del 2019??

  77. dazotron 123 says:

    Anyone else think this is like fight Club

  78. Gerardo Fragoso says:

    Son las canciones mas chidas

  79. Isabel Peñafiel says:


  80. Isabel Peñafiel says:

    Is the most importat music in my family#lovetwentyonepilots

  81. Isabel Peñafiel says:

    Like Is the most beufiel music

  82. Jáchym Jaroš says:

    Everyone who thinks that this song deserves more views


    soy el único que cree que esto suena como una canción de john wick?

  84. Jet Fox2025 says:

    Lowkey crying like a bitch

  85. elImanolWTF Bunbury l-/ says:

    Nostálgico :,3

  86. Рин Лимончик says:


  87. Aya Kandeel says:


  88. gui_ribeiro says:

    fight clube ….

  89. FatalCharmIII says:

    muito linda <3

  90. valentinaval Marquez says:

    Me encantaaaa ❤️

  91. Samantha says:

    still making me cry😭 !! even after all this time!!

  92. T-Morals says:

    Damn! Right in da mudafucken feels. Ya feel me fam??? Yall be eazy now.

  93. LordPoldi says:

    Fight Club is such a good movie

  94. Austin Armando Orocu Cerrud says:

    Y el comentario en español?

  95. Seven7hsine says:

    The quickest way to shed tears is to watch this video.

  96. dogui says:

    Simplemente arte música digna de dioses ❤🎶

  97. Jon Doesn’t care about your Fortnite wins. says:

    All you 10K dislikes are idiots, this is probably the best song I know

  98. Misha Kolesnikov says:

    Парни, Пилоты: именно такие песни, и клипы являются шедеврами👏👏 До сих пор мурашки по коже от услышанного и уведённого🔥 И слезы на глазах до сих пор текут😭 Тысячу раз спасибо за ваше творчество и именно за эту песню и клип🔥🙏🙏🙏

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