Udon? Soba? Ramen? Pasta? What types of noodles do Japanese eat?

Cod roe. I like Miso. – Ramen.
– It has to be! Ramen, Udon, Soba, Pasta… what is your favorite type of noodles? That’s what we are gonna ask a couple of Japanese people here today so let’s go and ASK JAPANESE. What is your favorite type of noodles? Udon. With egg. Udon. Curry Udon. Udon with grated Japanese citrus. – I like Soba!
– Soba, I see. That’s somewhat very Japanese. I like spaghetti with cod roe. Japanese style spaghetti. I like Udon…. no Ramen! You switched to Ramen! I like the rich soup. I like Ramen. Tonkotsu Ramen is the best. – Ramen.
– Ramen is great. – What flavor do you like the most?
– I like soy sauce. I personally like Miso. – Ramen. Miso.
– Ramen. Miso Ramen. I like Tonkotsu Ramen. – Ramen. Probably Tonkotsu Ramen. – Ramen.
– It has to be! I like Tonkotsu Ramen! Yokohama style. Same for me. We both always go for Ramen together. He lets me try the same things. Could you recommend us a place? Kagetsu. In Shibuya there is a Ramen place called Kuroko. In Yokohama there is a good Ramen place called Shitaburi no buta. I like Ramen from Taishoken. A place called Nantsutte is tasty. Where can I find that place? Well we are from the Ibaraki prefecture… It’s at the south exit of Mitto station. That place is really delicious. I shall check it out once I go to Ibaraki. What was the most recent noodle dish you tried? – The pasta I just had.
– What was it? -Bolognese. I had seafood flavor Cup Noodles. – Was it nice?
– It was as nice as I expected it to be. – Soba.
– We had Soba. – What type did you have?
– Totoro (grated yam) from the Convini. – Convenience store?
– Yeah from there. Is the convenience store Soba nice? It would have to be Ramen after all. Where did you have it? My mum made it at home. I had spaghetti. – I had Ramen. – What type?
– Miso. – Was it good?
– Yes! We went to the Kawaii Monster Cafe and had Rainbow pasta. They had 5 different and tasty pasta sauces. They had cheese, butter, chilli sauce and such. Very tasty. Thanks so much. Looks like Ramen was the big winner amongst all the noodle dishes. Soba and Udon were on the second place and on the 4th place we had all pasta dishes. I guess it’s a little bit different in your country. So let me know, what type of noodles do you like the most? Also, we have asked more Japanese questions. Click the top right of the screen to find the other videos. Thank you for watching and catch you soon on Ask Japanese.

39 comments on “Udon? Soba? Ramen? Pasta? What types of noodles do Japanese eat?”

  1. Erin C says:

    i love them all 😅

  2. Letters from Japan says:

    It seems like the further north you go, the more people like soba – the further south the more they like udon. Everyone loves ramen. Can you blame them?

  3. TakoyaKyono says:

    Watching this while eating BBQ beef Super Noodles with a splash of soy sauce. I'm hungry again…

  4. djrol13 says:

    I live in the states and I only tried ramen(store brought dehydrated ramen) and of course pasta, but willing to try the others. But living in a small town it is limited to do anything. SOOOOOO BORING!! 😛

  5. Eldrwen says:

    I like pasta with leczo 😀 or with strawberries and cream

  6. Bananaイルディ says:

    Team curry udon

  7. Ashley Trivedi says:

    I like Ramen. I usually put an raw egg (it's processed), green onions, cherry tomatoes, pepper, salt/soy sauce, cooked/boiled mushrooms (i cook/boil them myself if we have them), chicken sometimes I don't usually eat meat with my Ramen though (usually bought the day before due to my family), and some kinda spice to make it kinda spicy though most of the time I try to eat healthy cause I don't like how unhealthy food taste sometimes I also like to try to exercise a few minutes after eating though at least once my tummy has settled

  8. DrProfessor756 says:

    Noodles… Cup Noodles, with half of bottle of hot sauce poured on it.

  9. SpankytheTswana says:

    Type of noodles loved by the rest of the world: 2 MINUTE INSTANT NOODLES ^^"

  10. Flastew says:

    Very fun video. It is so fun watching how the Japanese girls act so shy when answering the questions. I guess it is a combination of shy and respect but still very cute. Plus they are being asked by a very cute girl (Cathy Cat). Thanks for a fun and interesting video.

  11. hasen195 says:

    Yappa .. tonkotsu ramen <3

  12. 霜夜 彬 says:

    udon for me

  13. Orange Stageon says:


  14. Corine B. says:

    Tonkotsu ramen are my #1 and though it was not mentionned in the video, abura soba (made with ramen noodles) is also one of my favorite Japanese dishes

  15. machavideosite says:


  16. Lizzy Rose says:

    Hi! 🙂 I just wonder how tall you are?:D

  17. Badzeep says:


  18. art_in_your_face says:


  19. shan love says:

    omg udon is my fav, especially nabeyaki udon from tsurutontan 😀

  20. Gorkdork says:


  21. Evilwhisper says:

    I like curry udon but i don't get why japanese love ramen.Because it is chinese?

  22. s3xyScorp says:

    whats the difference between ramen and udon?

  23. Jen says:

    Ramen and Udon ~ i fall for this noddles.

  24. Rob Kol says:

    Your so kawaii Cathy. Roman the best.

  25. GothicKitty1313 says:

    I really like the Vegi Ramen from Samsi's in Manchester, though I haven't had it for so long! Other than that, just noodles with soy sauce and tomato ketchup; it's surprisingly tasty!

  26. That guy you never knew says:

    Ramen, the life blood of uni students everywhere

  27. Samuel Cha says:

    how bout rice noodles?:O

  28. rararuru says:

    udon is my ichiban ♡

  29. BBrostik says:


  30. Yuna Aya says:

    Team Ramen! ^w^

  31. Haruno Sakura says:

    Pasta is not noodle FUCK OFF !!!

  32. Kooei says:

    i'm italian and i really love pasta but maybe just because i eat it since i was a child i prefer udon…of any kind! But really don't know :/

  33. jin chen says:

    this video channel is nice.but why i can't see the subtitle on the screen.i love japan.but i don't understand japanese.lol.hopefully you can put english subtitle next time.ganbatte.

  34. Yu Jeff says:

    I can eat ramen udon or soba everyday cuz pasta or spaghetti is fatty and more oily also dry. Ramen and udon soup bases are sooooooo rich and warm =w=

  35. the quin says:

    whos more beautifull, the asian women or the ginger girl.

  36. Jonathan Diaz says:


  37. catpaws says:

    I love Chinese la mian, followed by ramen

  38. beteljuys km says:


  39. nick lindsey says:

    udon is my favorite

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