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  1. SUPER Girl says:

    i did not mean to send it sorry

  2. Michael Mcclinton says:

    I've read the negative comments about the brothers dish I've also watched his video several times and not once did he call his dish a new Orleans gumbo! we know gumbo originated in new Orleans as well as a lot of great food however culinary is a art and a art can take on different variations smmfh….. stop all the hating because Ive cooked this dish and it was simple and delicious…. I know we gonna allow people too be creative apparently this is why the brother calls himself KING!!!!

  3. Michael Mcclinton says:

    Campbell makes a gumbo an you say nothing too Campbell nem😂😂😂😂 the brother make one an all hell break loose!

  4. Tamlyn Guillory says:

    Everybody does things differently and gets to the same result. I boil the chicken and veggies (onions and green peppers) together in water, then make the roux and pour it in. Then add sausage, shrimp, and crab. Same result in the end.

  5. R Carter says:

    I'm allergic to most of the ingredients you have in the gumbo but it still looked amazing!

  6. ddavid122 says:

    Is that plastic handle on the pan tempered or treated for oven use?

  7. Gina Garrett says:

    Just subscribed to your channel, love your voice and chief jacket, presentation on point, can u make lemon pepper fried chicken wings. Thanks

  8. robq91 says:

    That sir. Looks fucking awesome. Fuck the haters. Very good cooking.

  9. Desiree Grayson says:

    omg wow this looks so good . funny and entertaining to watch new favorite show!!

  10. Bb King says:

    It looks good hometeam. Tell all these haters to fuck off with the negative comments. That looks like its str8 fie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Carrie White says:

    Wow! A lot of people are angry about it not being gumbo. Calm down!

  12. charry verhage says:

    I love this 'i'm eat'in TODAY

  13. lexi lou says:

    jeez, why all the hate? It's a delicious plate, that's all that matters. if he wants to call it gumbo, so be it. People getting all fucking emotional and booty hurt these days. Take your fucking panties out of your ass crack… and if it's not gumbo to you, then go make your damn gumbo your way and stop being so rude.

  14. G Money says:

    I don't care what it is can a nigga get a plate😆🍜

  15. Glenisa Parker says:

    it's too watery man look's like sea food soup

  16. Jordan Grant says:

    It's a gumbo, not traditional but it is a gumbo. I'm from Texas 15 minutes away from Louisiana. I'd most definitely give this a taste! I bet it's good too! Do you G

  17. Robert Mayson says:

    I agree with Reina. Please call this anything you want but this is not gumbo.

  18. eyezpopmusic says:

    not only does it look great make you want some lobster but its really joyful puts you in a good mood 🙂

  19. Howard Johnson says:

    Any reason not to use BACON grease rather than oil when making roux? If not, why not?

  20. Howard Johnson says:

    Whycome anyone want to throw LOBSTER in anything? I want them just the way they come off the tree. I don't want them mixed in with ANYTHING?

  21. Bugman Chops2 says:

    What up Master King Chef, Thank you for the video it came in handy when I made it. I'm here in Kuwait for the last few year and people love my Gumbo. I don't know how u got it so light. When I made my roux it was like dark chocolate. I followed your style up to the roux than I used my grandmothers style for the roux. People here in Kuwait love that soar cream corn bread. Nice job mane, keep up the good work.

  22. Keith Turner says:

    Cornbread looks delicious!!!

  23. Ivan Drago says:

    I will eat this in your country before I die.

  24. Dark Dragon of Gaming says:

    I'm gonna have to make this at some point! Fittingly enough, I actually made a gumbo today with chicken, cod, sausage and a whole pound of crawfish tail meat.

    Not going to comment on the roux as the lighting was probably making it look lighter than usual, but man, I wish could smell that cooking because that'd probably be as amazing as it looked! I'm definitely going to subscribe, and I'll see you in your next video.

  25. Lorraine Harper says:

    You put your foot in that….yummy!

  26. Natasha Frye says:

    Love your videos this looks delicious cook this when I come to visit please lol

  27. Righto Joe says:

    Bro… you are making a Vegetarian revert! Day'um ….. Looks so so good.

  28. shaquandra grier says:

    this looks great but next time use a bigger pot but great job chef

  29. Drei Ecken says:

    No salt, baking soda or baking powder in the cornbread? How does it rise?

  30. Barney Fife says:

    If you made a dark roux it would be perfect. Normally you cook the vegetables longer to soften them and add your broth before chicken or any other meat. Let it simmer for awhile before you add your meats… AND, let it sit in the fridge for a few days to infuse the flavor. Not being judgmental-just good cooking techniques. Other then that you are funny and entertaining! Keep up the good work! Do you and do what you do!

  31. Barney Fife says:

    You should go to cooking school. Your presentation is awesome

  32. Vickie Warren says:

    B e a utiful. The way you put the rice around the platter. So creative.

  33. dawnye C says:

    roux too light skin

  34. Yvonne Dallas says:

    Hey when making this can you remove shells?

  35. 3 boys and a mom says:

    You must love Emerald Lagasi cause you use all of his quotes lol!!! I'm a huge fan you inspire me to get back into the kitchen especially with the seafood Mac and cheese 😋😋😋 I need to get an invitation!

  36. MaryLu Harmon says:

    OMG! Looks delicious!

  37. roderick collins says:

    Man i cook this gumbo dish it was fire

  38. Farrah Jay says:

    Great job chef! The roux was light, but like you said that's your version of gumbo. Overall it look so good. Keep these videos coming I love watching them.

  39. Tonio Yendis says:

    Ain't never seen gumbo made in such a small pot in my life!

  40. Lnorris N. says:

    Kudos…. looks Yummm and delicious.

  41. ecoyt1 says:

    That roux should have been brown. I would use blue crabs.

  42. ciennagirl53 says:

    How much corn bread did you use and what kind of cornbread did you use

  43. Sweet P 2000 says:

    Omg I’m about to jump out the window!

  44. Glamorous Taee says:

    I'm definitely making this! It looks amazing😍😍

  45. Quan says:

    Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.
    This world has a really hard time encouraging one another.
    Very sad 😔😔

  46. Michelle Johnson says:

    This is exactly why I love making gumbo. You can make it the way you want and no 2 pots are ever the same. I love it! Louisiana raised!

  47. Shaunie Smilez says:


  48. Kaneshia Chatman says:

    Looking Good👅👅👅

  49. Nunya Bizness says:

    Helluva plate presentation.

  50. thelyingtruth says:

    The hate is real. Ignorant mfs will argue over any damn thing. My people… smh Anyway, looks delicious.

  51. NelNelBabi SoBlessed says:

    Looks good but how do you keep the okra from becoming slime?

  52. Darlene Burns says:

    hot mess, too cram pot, roux wayyy too light, I mean WHY????

  53. mikey brown says:

    This looks good I will be trying this. And for all of yall talking about this not New Orleans or Louisiana gumbo. The title says Ultimate seafood gumbo. I'm just saying.

  54. Abbigail says:

    Chef Jerod -Please Do Veggie Meals.

  55. Free2BMe says:

    That looks amazing. You need a little larger pot, however.

  56. Thug Thanos says:

    Didn't let the flour brown enough and used all water instead of a broth.

  57. Angie J says:

    Chef J….I need your recipe for crawfish ettoufee for Christmas!! Hook me up please…

  58. White Lasondra says:

    Looks good making this for Xmas!!

  59. Beatrice Jackson says:

    The oil that you added, was it olive oil?

  60. Beatrice Jackson says:

    A lot of people commented this is not the way ti make gumbo, did y'all not hear him say this is "HIS" way he makes gumbo? Everyones gumbo is not gonna taste the same, this gumbo looks tasty enough to eat.

  61. Ms.christmas says:

    this lil ass pot that all im going say

  62. BalancedObserver says:

    I wanna Twerk ur recipe😊

  63. Tiffany Paskel says:

    how do i miss all these shows of yours

  64. Kayla Simone says:

    Smellavision!! 😂😂

  65. Jerry Henry says:

    People roux's don't have to be dark! I like the peanut butter color roux…

  66. Leon Glover says:

    OMG I want some send me a plate ♥♥♥♥

  67. Katrina Chandler says:

    I’m going to try your recipe looks good

  68. ayecaron says:


  69. John Tadlock says:


  70. Connie Strauss says:

    I’m from Louisiana you New Orleans put some type tomato 🍅 but we don’t our roux is much darker too. Not saying one is better than the other just different. I would definitely give yours a try lol. Looks yummy

  71. yahrise onelove says:


  72. Diamond Lil says:

    I had to second line in my kitchen on this GUMBO, if you are from NO you know what I mean, ooooooooooo

  73. linda parker says:

    A blonde roux. My first!!!!

  74. linda parker says:

    Nice presentation!!

  75. Brandon Lawson says:

    Man idc what people in these comments say.. u did a great job! Only thing I think u should do is NOT cook your lobster Sooo long smh

  76. LFuzzy says:

    this looks amazing 😀

  77. Misplaced Cajun says:

    Brother, I want you to know that you can cook whatever you want to, however: Gumbo is REQUIRED to have a dark rue. Gumbo CAN NOT include Tilapia (that are farmed and feed on human waste) nor lobster. Again, I understand you can cook whatever you want to. This would be like me putting peanut butter and jelly on white bread and calling it spaghetti and meatballs. Gumbo is holy in southern Louisiana. We take this very seriously. Much luck.

  78. Tikila Nichols says:


  79. Niqua B says:

    Excuse me but this is not a gumbo, I was born and raised in New Orleans and this is disrespectful to our gumbo….. I will fly to you and make you a real southern gumbo….

  80. Saja Berry says:

    Yall it may not be New Orleans style gumbo. Its gumbo his way, i think he did a geat job. 💯💯💯

  81. DeOndrea Walker says:

    I put butter pecan creamer and Cornbread also 💞💞💛

  82. Tony2Ton says:

    Gumbo!!!! Oh hell yeah!!!

  83. K Patton says:

    Looks fuckin amazing!

  84. K Patton says:

    I'm not a fan of green peppers other than that this looks amazing and I will b trying to make it step by step!

  85. K Patton says:

    And I will add scallops

  86. Brenda Terry says:


  87. lucinda talton says:

    Yeah..nice but not gumbo im use too seeing but looks yummy

  88. J. Dub206 Rainystate says:

    Trash not gumb

  89. Callie Graves says:

    very nice can't wait to try…

  90. cayogator says:

    that's gravy , not gumbo


    No criticism from me bruh, almost wrecked my tv trying to get a bite!🤣🤣🤣! Keep doing you! Im gonna try it your way! Ultimate seafood gumbo!


    Also, it’s beyond annoying when folks try to criticize YOUR WAY of doing a thing because its not the “authentic “ way THEY and OTHERS feel it should be done! Creativity comes from being able to go against the grain sometimes and trying a different way! I like that you birthed a Gumbo from your own creative ability and knowledge of cooking and I am sure the people you serve enjoy YOUR recipe. Im sure based on all your videos that if you wanted to make it the “authentic” way you could do it with your eyes closed! Bruh keep doing your own thing and never mind the authentic cooking police that refuse to see the light in you doing it YOUR way! Its YOUR way from YOUR heart and I feel you can’t get more real than that! 💯

  93. Bri Bri says:

    That look good

  94. William Robinson says:

    That was a blonde roux gumbo roux looks like chocolate also the gumbo file is not added to the end erase this whole video and watch some gumbo videos and do this agian because this is a hit mess and we dont put fish in gumbo

  95. J Andrews says:

    This is a hot mess this not gumbo people!

  96. Culture Freedom says:

    This would be healthy without the flour. Why not just make a traditional African okra seafood soup?

  97. Shantell Simms says:

    No no no to the hell naww naw u supposed to boil them shrimp heads for ur roux fish lobster don’t go n gumbo take hrs to cook I luv ur other food but this ain’t it

  98. Shantell Simms says:

    Seafood soup 😂🤣😂😅🤪

  99. Jane Smith says:

    God Bless you too

  100. Lenore Hamilton says:

    Looking so delicicious!😉🤗😊🍸🍾

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