[UNB] UNB’s *ASMR* ?! Japanese Food Mukbang with Korean IDOL ! “오나도(OND)” EP.6

Hello, we are UNB! UNB shook Osaka with their PERFECT stage The first successful fanmeet ended with fans’ cheerings After the fanmeet was over… Great job, everyone!! (Bye, Osaka~) So shocked that so many fans came to see us! We couldn’t really imagine it! Actually, for me… I was expecting it! (LOL) It’s been 3 years since I visited Japan There were so many fans I have been missing and also new fans who came I felt very strange because it always felt like ‘a dream’ for me.. But now that we did our first fanmeet and concert, it feels real~ For me, I didn’t have lots of experiences in Fanmeet tour thing So I’m very nervous But all of you guys are watching with enjoyment and supporting us with love, So we really enjoyed it I did concert for small group of people like 7? 4? or 5? But now I did concert in front of tons of people, it was so exciting and since we are receiving such lots of loves, I want to try my best to repay them all I only have been imagine ‘would there be that chance to do oversea concert..?’ now that we actually did it, it just stunned me we always did concert hand in hand with fans, but this time a fan cried.. It really teared me up and we spent happy time together [It’s the first stage as UNB altogether in Japan] [Fans who came and waited for UNB no matter what] “We are very happy to have you guys…” You are with UNB in ‘Oh Na Do!!!’ [After Osaka, we are heading to Nagoya] [Arrived to service area to refill energy] Wow…so this is how it’s like at a Japan service area?? [Ta da!] They do sell a lot of healthy stuffs! It looks yummy~ So hungry… [Heading to Food Court Go Go!] Wow~ Look at these various types of menus! [Ramen, Soba, Karaake – All You Can have!] Just by looking at the menu, I can’t think of any! [Finally the menu came out!] Enjoy the meal~ “Itadakimasu~” It’s so interesting how the food comes out so fast! [Udon with Fried seafood and veggies] [Even the soup is pouring, gotta keep the speed] ASMR alert! [Disclaimer: these are the real noises of Boy Band Idols who enjoy their Japanese food…..] [Er…how long you guys will keep eating….] [At Japanese local service area, UNB is… having their express dainty food ceremony…] [intaking all the food at high speed] How was it? For me I always eat wheat noodles ‘in cold’ like Cold soba Now that I eat it hot, it tastes interesting I feel like this menu contains some history of Japan The culture of ‘noodles’ is relied in here The history of noodles? The taste and scent spread over my mouth~ I will dip the karaake into egg~ Wow, this guy knows how to eat well~ [The feeling is here] All I can see is…the wide beautiful garden! [Personal Taste] In this broad garden… There is a hen has layed an egg. [Hen?] Oh.. How can it be? A hen in a garden…??! No no. (listen first) Among all those eggs, one fell out At that moment, I am holding a karaake and I catch it! and I break it! Then eat together That freshness.. And with all these things together, it’s the most beauty of beauty.. [Daebak..] It was so excellent. Pass! Pass! Now it’s my turn! We are anticipating [Feeling the taste with my body..] Ah, you’re weird! So, he’s not here yet?! [Please wait a bit more…] “I see Norway… I’m walking on a sea…” [Norway?? Sea???] “As I walk, there are 100 salmons..” [Salmon? 100??] Pang! Pang! Pang! They swim and jump after me.. [Anticipation..] That salmon… is something I really wanna eat now! [NO WORDS..] [Unable to Train] Oh, so you mean while eating this, you crave for salmon Yeah, I realized that this is good but I suddenly crave for salmon.~ [LOL] He really needs it now! I really want to eat salmon.. [Clean!] It was so good so I finished all~ Wow, you finished all up! Clear~! Since we ate all, let’s clean up Let’s play some game What game? We’re gonna choose only 2 people to do Rock, scissor, paper game! If you win, just leave quietly And don’t do it slowly [Eui Jin, Kijung, Han Sol, Chan, Ho Jung – WIN!] BYE! [Jun, Marco – Quit the Scene Quickly] Hey, wanna do only one person? Why not! I knew it! [This time, I am definitely going to win!] [If there’s going to be one, that person is you] [I don’t care as long as it’s not me…] [In the end, who will be that one person..??] [Sorry Dae Won, I’m going first~~] Every time, it’s always me….. Bye Dae Won~ Why you say bye! Gotta go together!! We ate well~ Thanks~~ Shall we go~? Depart~~? Good luck Dae Won~ Hais..why so dirty! Hurry up! Ok.. Faster~ Alright.. [Dae Won silently cleaned up everything within 10 mins.] -End of Dae Won Cleaning Stage- [Completely Clean!] Finally they are given free time! [The amount of shopping budget will depend on their Karaoke points] [We will show you their singing abilities!] Who is going to win karaoke contest? Please stay tuned for next ep.!!

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  1. nimz zzz says:

    What jun and daewon do😂all of them looks so tired and hungry

  2. chan yza says:


  3. Exxjin Lxx says:

    Never fails to please💕🤣👍

  4. Anon 97 says:

    Poor daewon ….. 😅😅

  5. atassya aa says:

    After watching this I'm hungry

  6. Romeo Tulagan Jr. says:

    Im still hoping to have English sub title so i can enjoy it more and more. 🙏

  7. Hi Hi says:

    yeag lec

  8. Roses City says:

    im busy streaming 4 black heart now u drop this…. omooo my heart cant take this … huhu

  9. hanie nz says:

    The world in peace when Jun is eating :')

  10. 박경자 says:

    재밌당~~~♡♡♡사랑스런 내새끼들~~♡♡♡

  11. UNB U says:

    Unb احبكم 😍❤

  12. amron A. says:

    Love UNB to the CORE…. tnk u PocketDol Studio.

  13. GSelle R says:

    I'm really happy seeing them happy 😊💞

  14. yingfaa says:

    Support UNB to the fullest. The better their outcome the longer they can promote together. Their contract can be extended just a little bit longer than what they have now. We all know they have other groups to go back to at the end but lets help them grab their first win.

    Oh and Pocketdol…. waiting for those subs patiently. Ill watch it regardless lol. Because I love them.


  15. Firda Hidayatullah says:

    I dont understand but i love it

  16. Firda Hidayatullah says:

    9:36 Hansol gummy smile😍

  17. K YJ says:

    even without subtitle,I'm still laughing so hard😂😁

  18. Dee Avian says:

    I just ate lunch but now I'm thinking of a bowl of ramyun 🍲 … what a good diet 😩

  19. Pinky Calalang says:

    It's cute that they changed the opening.

  20. Eleena Hasbullah says:

    UNB Fighting!!

  21. Carsy Lee says:

    Aahhh poor uri Daewon.. feeling proud of you, dear 😊😊

  22. Kyungsoo is so precious says:

    ❤️ I hope their contract extends

  23. Ayza jaja80 says:

    junnie aar…wht are you talking about..seem funny to me..😁😁😁😂

  24. Melody Zzzz says:

    Im trying to ignore this to stream more but i can’t…babies enough being bad boys hahah return to being beagles😍😍😍

  25. 현화율 says:

    맛평가하다가 연어등장

  26. Joy_lin says:

    Chan looks tired and out of it 😢

  27. Fazz unMe says:

    What the dramatic paper,rock,scissor…hahahahaha
    Poor daewonie

  28. Fazz unMe says:

    What the dramatic paper,rock,scissor…hahahahaha

  29. Susanj09 says:

    Stan UNB. Their talents are no joke 🔥

  30. feat_w8nhyuk says:

    I hope these moments will not end.Please stay like this forever.But even if that time will come when you need to part your ways you can always go back to us,UNMes.We'll be always here for you coz you're our one and only UNB.I LOVE Y'ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK!

  31. Roses City says:

    Jun n deawon weird explanation about ramen.. I wish i can help our cheonsa clean the table… poor deawon.. huhu

  32. Nam Balloon says:

    japanese fans seemed kind to them, and you can tell they enjoyed themselves 🙂

  33. Joshua Benedict says:

    I wish that UNB can stay forever in the kpop industry.

  34. joan woo says:

    I'm seeing lots of U-KISS bodukan 2014 edition light sticks XD KISSmeJapan are so loyal.. makes me cryyyyy

  35. Nice day says:

    Thanks Japanese UNMes for supporting UNB. It makes me happy too !!!

  36. 21grain says:

    오나도 끝나고 유앤비 음방활동하는 브이로그도 올라왔으면 좋겠어요ㅠㅠㅠ

  37. Joongki 27 says:

    RIP english subs

  38. 다빈 says:

    잘먹는거보니 기분좋다ㅠㅠㅠ

  39. 리린Liri says:

    What i worried is when they will have hiatus as UNB in 6 month after this 2 comeback promotions, and will together again next year. Members who have group and agency can back to there company. But i don't how Daewon will doing. I wish KBS or MBK still manage him, or he will get signed with others agency's. For me i wish Around Us Entertainment will get him and his group, but i realize that AU just for Highlight. But i still wish the best for Daewon.

  40. Kartika Ningtyas says:

    I started crying when Hojung talked about Hotshot's Japan promotion and idk why 😭😭😭😭

  41. ChishuMisuzu says:

    They made me so hungry T-T 🙆🙆🙆

  42. Lú! says:

    ahahaha I'm at the point that I don't care that much if there are subs or not. I'm just happy watching them have fun! 😅

  43. Vladimir Sebastian says:

    wishing for the eng sub T-T im from philippines!

  44. sintwix says:

    no idea wht theyre sayin but its aight

  45. naeun taeun says:


  46. Rasyidah Channel says:


  47. Al-J Gul says:

    That U-KISS Bodukan 2014 ed. Light stick everywhere. Thank you so much Japanese Kissmes for supporting our U-Kiss maknae in this UNB promotion. 😭😭💞💞💞 💞💞

  48. 여행보니커플 says:

    Wow unbelievable!! Amazing video I really really like it❤️❤️❤️ If u have a time you can watch my video Thank u so much!!❤️❤️❤️😆

  49. Richard Lomibao says:

    Huhuju theres no eng sub. 🙁

  50. Mita 99 says:

    translate Inggris pleased

  51. 참행복 says:

    의진이 멋있다~~♡

  52. coco 코코 says:

    마르코 노래 기대기대 ~!~!

  53. vivid dream says:


  54. 大建Andrew FLORA says:

    4:16 호뭉이 코끝에 화상입었어요??

  55. calandrinia ayu putri yuwana says:

    Oh my, Hojung's messy hair is made me crazy just saw him like that 😂

  56. Ylva I says:

    06:00 I love how he mentioned Norway out of nowhere😂🇳🇴
    Come visit in the future please😂🇳🇴

  57. sunyu kim says:

    진짜 잘먹는다 !💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝 대원이 마무리깔끔하게 잘치우는거봐 😉💝

  58. Fazz unMe says:

    Unb's Yoo jae seok is Daewon..both of them always lost during rock paper scissor game..hahahahaha

  59. mandu cube says:

    i hope they come to Malaysia before their disband…

  60. mivkyfin says:

    Wait hojung performed a concert in front of a few people before? 🙁 this makes me so sad but really happy for him now

  61. Nur Sabrina says:

    i love you the most!!!!!!

  62. neocturnal 127 says:

    poor daewonie..

  63. Nurgül says:

    Daewon ♥

  64. Priya Minj says:

    I hope they always remain happy.

  65. Carolyn D says:

    Daewon is so unlucky 🤣

  66. ReveLuvly says:

    When hojung said, if you win, just leave quietly in 7:27 when in the end he's the first one to reacted so happily hahaha

  67. Hope says:

    But we ALL know that Chanshine could have eaten all of their portions

  68. Iffah A says:

    btw, Feeldog has been accusing Euijin about him and his books but I guess Euijin does read. You can see him bringing a book once in a while like here 7:41 *I hope it's not just for visuals XD

  69. IVEELIVE M says:

    Even here daewon receive punishment 😂😂 its okay daewoniee 😘😘 we're here to support you 💗💗

  70. Yua Scarlet says:

    Whenever I watch their beagle moments, I realized that I'm already grinning ear to ear 😂 saranghae unb <3

    They can make your day anytime!😂

  71. 농땡이공주 says:


  72. Melody Zzzz says:

    Thanks for the team sub UNMEs❤️

  73. Melody Zzzz says:

    Daewonnie 😅 as always

  74. Rosemary Gurak says:

    i hope their company realizes how popular they all are overseas and contracts a company like Studio Pav to bring them to NA – i know so many kissmes, mad people, only ones, choices, and even SMRookies fans would love to see them in the USA.

  75. irsahyun-2.일사휸-2 96생 says:

    can I know how long are UNB and UNI.T contract lasts…? because i feel attached to these 2 group togetherness… 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  76. koreoke says:

    lol after stanning ACE every time i see ASMR i'm worried

  77. Dani Networks says:


  78. Sophie Stocker says:

    I want UNB on a cooking show!

  79. Arisa Aroha says:

    Poor Daewon😢

  80. Endz Production X3 says:

    Nyahahah..Jun's food expression are so fascinating. Like those on anime.. i love it. <3

  81. zep zizi says:

    daewon the poor soul…i havent watched all of their tv shows,but he lost to most of the games! gosh…😆

  82. Lol Loo says:

    poor angel daewon

  83. E-Tion's Smile says:

    feeldog drew a smiley on his hand, he really is obsessed with it xD 8:27

  84. ANNIESFX makeUP says:

    Dae won is too nice to be with these guys😂😂

  85. Castle Byers says:


  86. Isabela Betancourth says:

    그들이 미국에왔다면 나는 100 % 의심의 여지없이 갈 것입니다!

  87. ch0e____ ha3 says:

    U guys all have to come to indonesia and try indonesia tradisional food..like sate,nasi padang,andd~bubur ayam!that taste was so gooddd..i hope u guys come to indonesia,because i want to meet u guys..LOVE FROM INDONESIA~🖤🌸

  88. [ 유앤미 ]뚜비 says:

    독이 손에 스마일이 그려져 있당💓

  89. sharm Morante says:

    UNME Here from Philippines 🙋😍
    Loveyou UNB ❤

  90. cosmichai says:

    I don’t know why I am watching unb eat at 11pm 😂 now I’m so hungry…

  91. Jessa Gaviola says:

    feeldog really reminds me of Jackson of got 7 i think they had a similarity in the voice a little and looks too

  92. cellovescoffee says:

    i dont really mind asmr its not klike i hate its just not the type of vids or stuff like dat i like reaction vids dis vids and i love animators and like some yt do some like original content

  93. white g says:

    Ji hansol is so quiet all the time

  94. Tayts T says:

    i love you daewon

  95. Arianna Lerma says:

    I was wondering if they come to America or not but they disbanded.

  96. muselylove says:

    Hansol is the only good boy silently eating lol

  97. JaMmYlOu dUdErO says:

    😍😍😍😂😂😂 we love UNB so much!!!! So very entertaining even off cam! Keep it up guys!!!! 😘😘😘

  98. Ade Laide says:

    I notice that Hansol if not with Marco he's with Jun. Is this love triangle (?_?)
    3:15 that look Hansol gave coz Marco and Jun are sitting together lol

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