Unboxing Ramen noodles and helpful fixes with Ramen Noodles and Wenis!

[Wenis] Oh, hey everyone yeah yeah! Wicked one here wicked Wenis Yeah Yeah. [Wenis] Glued to the big dummy next me! [Enus[ Sup bros! [Wenis] Yeah, so as you can see the big dummy that’s glued to me here. [Enus] Stuck I’m stuck! [Wenis] Yeah see he’s stuck, he’s stuck in a rut. [Wenis] Apparently [Enus] No I’m stuck to you. [Wenis] No you’re glued to me. But he’s stuck in this rut. [Wenis] It’s called PP get a GED or whatever. [Enus] I got PEPPD it’s really serious Wenis! [Wenis] Yeah, whatever he said look anyway, so I’m just tired of like… [Enus] People are sad about Endgame. [Wenis] I’m just like tired of…. [Enus] Endgame [Wenis] Dragging him around and stuff… [Enus] I’m really sad. [Wenis] you know and like kind of puts a damper when I’m trying to put the moves on my bae over [Wenis] I love you bae. [Enus] So awful. [Wenis] So I uh uh… [Enus] The guy whose beside a cardboard cutout and stuff it’s the worst! [Wenis] So anyways there’s this like miracle cure apparently going around like on the internet [Wenis] and it’s like this amazing thing [Wenis] It’s supposed make everybody like better and just like [Wenis] it does like it’s like the multi-tool for like everything, right? [Wenis] So like I checked on like BillyMays.com or whatever and boom here it is. [Wenis] So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna kick it old-school. [Wenis] I’m gonna do a classical [Wenis] Uhh we’re gonna do a little unboxing here just for everybody for old time’s sakes [Wenis] You know, I’m gonna talk about the nice packaging and stuff [Wenis] It’s nice and bright and like orange as you can see or blue or whatever it is, and then uhh…. [Enus] I think it’s purple. [Wenis] I’m gonna figure out how to use this to like cure the big dummy next to me. [Wenis] Ok so here we go. [Enus] You’re Talking about yourself their Wenis? [Wenis] Your beside yourself in dumbness? [Wenis] Got to be careful when you open the packaging. [Enus] Yeah just put that all in your mouth there Wenis. [Wenis] Ok so here we go OK! [Wenis] So check it out you know, ok when you unbox it. [Wenis] Oh just like gonna try catch all the little crumbs here like on your apron. [Wenis] Give some to the little dogies cause they’re kind of hungry. [Wenis] I don’t know if you can pick that up George. [Wenis] But you know all little doggies need to eat to. [Wenis] See look at ruff ruff ruff ruff [Wenis] All the little doggies want to eat, you know… [Enus] I feel fine Wenis [Wenis] So then so apparently you’re supposed to like use this like ramen thing [Wenis] and you’re supposed to like cure someone just like that see. [Wenis] Look he’s all cured. [Enus] You don’t have to look at him sad anymore. [Wenis] He’s cured perfect right. [Enus] You’re the worst Wenis [Wenis] So anyway just remember to like and subscribe. [Wenis] And when you to also find like Billy Mays amazing cure all product. [Wenis] Make sure you use that to all secure all the big dummies around you. [Wenis] And uh like and subscribe and uh… [Wenis] We’ll catch you here next Friday when we release a brand new video for all you Enus and Wenisers. [Enus – The pansy bitch moan of a million braindead Marvel fanboys]

28 comments on “Unboxing Ramen noodles and helpful fixes with Ramen Noodles and Wenis!”

  1. Crimson Films says:

    So many opportunities for ramen these days

  2. tripod13mc says:

    Dis ams beautiferr.

  3. Jonathan. says:

    surprise pewdiepie didn't put you guys on his show

  4. HeyJay says:

    This made me want ramen 😭😭

  5. Versatilenetwork says:

    Lmfaooo… Y'all really switched that up on me. I wasn't expecting that at all. 😂😂
    Great Job!

  6. Samantha Aimee says:

    I hope you're sharing the noodles with those babes! 👌🏻😂 always a fan of your apron and now I want noodles.

  7. Sez Francis says:

    Another great video; you two are hilarious! =)

  8. Kasey Ma says:

    Lmaoo you guys are hilarious

  9. PlayCONtent says:


  10. The lazy side of life says:

    I love some ramen noodles from now and then!

  11. Naté Théat says:

    Haha! Too funny! Your ladies are gorgeous !

  12. HSE Tech says:

    Hahaha…Nice video…

  13. Hip Shake Fitness says:

    LOL I like your doggy apron. I'll have to go get a box of those cure all noodles

  14. Royal 1 Graphics says:

    Hi, pretty cool video bro
    Once again well done yo
    Keep it up though

  15. Laura Side Street says:

    Catch all those crumbs lol – you guys are so funny

  16. Asia Turner says:

    And here I was thinking these were bad for you. smh Now I want to make some ramen noodles. lol

  17. Tyler Days says:

    Lol the cut outs.

  18. DannymikReacts says:

    I LOVE you stud muffins!! Have either of 2 ever thought of trying goo gone? I think that it would a cool video for you to review. You might even heal a few things! Keep rocking the awesome content and for making our guts hurt 🔥👊💥

  19. Bargain Bites says:

    Thanks for sharing how versatile ramen could be😂

  20. Wayne Milbourn says:

    😂😂😂"I'm Stuck" Funny stuff. Noodles are still an all time classic food. Yes he's cured👍

  21. PulpChristian says:

    Welp looks like I have been eating my Ramen wrong this whole time!!!!

  22. Andy Wah says:

    Think y ou got to cook t h e 'remen lol funny stuff

  23. Kita the Explorer says:

    Nice video! I hope this works!!!

  24. CFB says:

    Don' you have to cook 'em an like dump 'em on his noggin for it to werk?

  25. Mr. Zeke and The Crew says:

    Unboxing ramen lol…. were you surprised it was… ramen? 🎵Pour some chicken ramen! 🎶In the name of love!🎵

  26. Blair Greene says:

    Ha! This gave me quite the laugh. I loved this!

  27. Becca Halm says:

    lol y'all get some interesting ideas

  28. Ashley Rolland says:

    Plastic wrapping is definitely a cure all. Love watching you guys and can't go wrong with Ramen noodlez 🙂

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