Uncle Tetsu’s Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake Is Now In Times Square | Line Around The Block

(upbeat music) – [Lisa] The fluffy
wobbly Japanese cheesecake has taken the world by storm
in the past couple years. You’ve never had one quite like this. Uncle Tetsu’s has been selling the signature dessert in
Japan for over 30 years. People have been lining
the streets of Times Square to get a taste at its first
east coast storefront. – I saw it on social media
and I wondered what it’s like. So I passed them when they first opened, I saw a huge line. Waited a few days and I
was like, I have to try it. So I did and it’s really good. – Uncle Tetsu first opened
up shop in 1985 in Japan selling jiggly airy fluffy
Japanese cheesecakes. And since then has sought
to take over the world, opening up shops in
China, Pakistan, Canada, and they are finally available right here on the American east coast. And of course, the first
shop that they opened up was right here in Times Square. So naturally I had to go check it out. Now, Uncle Tetsu isn’t the first souffle cheesecake in the game. The concept has been around
since the 70s in Japan. And in New York alone there are more than a few bakeries dishing
out wobbly cheesecakes. But with about 75 shops across Asia, Uncle Tetsu’s is a
household name overseas. With an airy structure
that melts in your mouth like cotton candy, these
desserts make for Insta-gold. Just look at that jiggle. – [Lisa] And it’s all completed
with a signature touch. – This is Uncle Tetsu’s face. Uncle Tetsu actually looks like this. I think Uncle Tetsu became
such a global phenomenon because no matter where
you go people love sweets. Every culture loves sweets. Uncle Tetsu’s dream was to
always open in New York, since New York is known for
New York style cheesecake. He’s teaching people and
allowing them to understand that Uncle Tetsu Japanese
cheesecake is not as dense and heavy, it’s kind of a
fun whimsical type of feeling that brings out your inner
childhood even as an adult. – I’ve always wanted to
try the Japanese cheesecake that everyone’s raving about. So I decided to come by, and
stop by before I head home. – [Lisa] What about it drew you in? – Everything. The videos of how they
make it, the fluffiness. – [Lisa] What are you most excited about? – Trying the first bite. (laughing) – [Lisa] A mix of
perfectly fluffy meringue, and a traditional sour cheesecake, an Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake begins with 30 eggs whipped to stiff
peak in a giant mixing bowl. Then the chef gets to
making the cheesecake base, butter, cream cheese, and milk. The chef puts on gloves that reach all the way up to his shoulders, in order to fold the batter by hand. After ladling the mixture
into lined cheesecake tins, the cheesecakes are popped
into the super high-tech ovens Uncle Tetsu had imported from
Japan for precision baking. Ensuring perfection
with every single batch. They’re packed up right out of the oven. But not before each cake
is carefully branded with the seal of approval, the jolly uncle himself
smiling back at you. – Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake
is the best cheesecake because it’s not to
heavy, it’s not too light, it’s the perfect balance in a cheesecake. – It’s good.
– Yeah? – It’s so light. It’s so fluffy. Tastes like a cloud. – This feels crazy. It’s like stable but it also feels like it’s going to die in my hands. I’m afraid to hold this it’s so… It’s like nothing I’ve ever held before. It’s like, uh. I’m gonna put this down now. It’s like dessert and a toy all in one. My hands are covered in it, but I’m like also having fun, it’s very strange. Is it weird if I just eat this like this? No, okay. – [Man] I think that’s
the only way to do it. – Okay. Oh my god. Stop it. Stop it.
You don’t have to chew that. It just like… You don’t have to chew this at all it just disintegrates in your mouth. Oh, this is good. It’s the airiest thing
that I’ve ever eaten. This is wild. It’s so light and squishy. This is food. This isn’t play doh, this is food. That’s nuts.

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  1. Amador Figueroa says:

    You misspelled spongecake

  2. JAYSON says:

    Please don't disappoint me and tell me this stupidity costs any less than $30 per thing

  3. surfer 182 says:

    Cool, jiggly cheesecake ….. I want to try this !!! 😁

  4. gypp3d says:

    they are shit cheese cakes but ok cakes

  5. cissé-berger ana says:

    03:29 she didn’t like it 04:18 she didn’t like it either…

  6. Henry Tan says:

    This maybe the most jiggly cheesecake but it definitely not the tastiest.

  7. 758joca says:


  8. sunny gupta says:

    Why uncle tetsu didn't open a store in india???

  9. Asmajabeen Sayed says:

    That Japanese cheesecake is my favourite desert ever to look ♥️

  10. Perfectly Sliced Egg says:

    "It tastes like a Cloud" oh and you would somehow know that? which style of Cloud is your favourite?

  11. Sir Jiggy wit it says:

    😷.. Corona cake 🍰

  12. Ash says:

    These are pretty good. But have you tried Japanese cheese tarts? They're on another level

  13. Aditya Gupta says:

    Shiz cake

  14. Loni Corbray says:

    Is that a giant ez bake oven ?

  15. Dextha says:

    This taste like egg….. not like any cake .. it’s not sweet …. I wish I could get my money back.

  16. it's that one kid says:

    So is the coronavirus

  17. SURFER BY BLOOD says:

    Welcome to Asian Cuisine. The Creators of Foodies. White people you're 10,000 years behind.

  18. Crump Family Values says:

    Her face while she was describing it makes me want to give it a try 😋

  19. Presca From BC says:

    They have Uncle Tetsu here too in a mall in Burnaby and yeah, the first few times it opened there were lines.

  20. Midnight Cravings says:

    Gettin Jiggly Wit It 😂

  21. chris sandoval says:

    well, now i have to go to times….square.

  22. Wayne Palmar says:

    epic stupidity
    followed by epic fail and food waste..

  23. Anniekins MishkaMouse says:

    This is just a chiffon cake. I used to make them completely by hand, no mixer, for my Nana. It was her favorite.

  24. The Winter Horizon says:

    This is why America is the best country, we get every culture of foods because of diversity

  25. P.M. Williams says:

    She's just wasteful!…

  26. Death Painful says:

    Good job on dropping half of it. Idiot.

  27. Mike Jones says:

    There’s 2 of these locations in Toronto & both lineups goes around the block. The cakes usually go for about $12 but if seen people resell them for close to $100 (they only make a certain amount and they sell out fast)

  28. Adam Othman says:

    Original New York style cheesecakes are the best

  29. David Jones says:

    looks like a spongecake .

  30. Perfidio 96 says:

    “Look at that jiggle!” Rocks cake back and forth

  31. Anas Ibn dawood says:

    I had it here and in Japan. It’s good. But nothing beats the original New York style cheesecake

  32. Jun dooz says:

    Plastic forks. Pass.

  33. Rahadianto Putra says:

    Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake is MAGICAL

  34. Isabella Purdy says:

    Please don’t tell me they’re charging that much per cake! They’re small and $40????

  35. Orestis Iona says:

    I have try it at the Honolulu shop. But I have to say it looks much better than it tastes. Honestly it isn't all that good

  36. أخبار نجوم says:

    🚨🚨svp abonné dans ma chaîne pour le 1000 abonné svp 🚨🚨

  37. Johnny says:

    90% air or maybe more

  38. C says:

    Disrespectful the way she tossed it on the floor.. Guaranteed she was not the one who cleaned it up

  39. Aniya Raine says:

    Cheesecake isn't supposed to be super thick,weird or bouncy.

  40. Xirz X says:

    This lady made one of the worst food review I ever saw in my life

  41. Dee Kay says:

    😲 the upgraded oven from Diner Dash 🤦🏾

  42. 콩새댁Kongsedek's K-food says:

    There should be the fluffy pillow souvenir at the shops

  43. M4GN3TIC _ says:

    I thought you meant the the Times Square in hk

  44. Jadon Hung says:

    This was already in California before nyc

  45. Maisha Zui says:

    But how much does it cost

  46. Dominant Shark Squad says:


  47. Zen Yorkfield says:

    These cheesecakes are very airy, they're OK at best.

  48. Tracey Lafontaine says:

    It's in Montreal Quebec Canada 🤩

  49. Kathy says:

    I LOVE THOSE they r so friggin delicious my dad would always get them from someone they are really yummy

  50. kyle0091000 says:

    Tried it but I still prefer my cheesecake to have some weight….otherwise you’re just eating air….not worth the price.

  51. kjj moo says:

    Any country:”We made some food!”


  52. Swxft says:

    My mom works there but they’re almost out of business

  53. tb11212 says:

    I had to go all the way to Chinatown to get it from another shop and nowwww Uncle Tetsu is in Times Square 😩

  54. Ryan David says:

    All the narrow-minded calling it a "sponge cake" need to travel more. A sponge cake has not cream cheese. So, this is a cheese cake.

  55. Doris Tsai says:

    Can’t believe that cheesecake was shown here like
    I LUV THAt cheesecake
    It’s the best !!!

  56. Erin Thai says:

    OMG I love this store

  57. Alin Wasfi says:

    I eat it a lot it’s SO GOOD

  58. FitAussieAngie says:


  59. Omnipotat0 says:

    There's one of these near me. It's good

  60. JusTiff 808 says:

    Why is this not in HAWAII 🤷🏻‍♀️

  61. Puff Of Smoke says:

    3:53 how stupid people handle cheesecake.

  62. Robert Klein says:

    Keki Modern Cakes is the exact same thing with 2 locations in Manhattan and no lines.

  63. Phoenix Chen says:

    she tore it open like a foam sponge oh hell no

  64. Phoenix Chen says:

    These descriptions are the best thing ever. Y’all remember when they said that the ice cream cut like butter

  65. monkeeCnDew says:

    uncle tetsu cakes taste like cardboard. there are far tastier options

  66. Susan Kwan says:

    Japanese cheesecakes are unique not only because of its airiness and texture but also it’s barely sweet. We have Uncle Tetsu in LA (in Arcadia). The first time I had it, I thought… wow, this would be great served with something savory like a beef stew. 😂

  67. frilink says:

    Does it comes with bat flavour?

  68. 1000 sub Challenge says:

    It is also in b.c Metrotown mall

  69. Minh Carter says:

    I don’t like Japanese cheesecake. The texture is off putting to me. It’s beautiful, though.


    Cake epicly awesome I like

  71. TheOutsidersPost says:

    Leave it to “food insider” to have to read everything in half. For literally not reason.

    Oh look the weebs in line are one step closer to being Japanese.

  72. Justin H. says:

    Oh God.. the way she just handle the food 😬 yikes!

  73. Caff Giraffe says:

    Finally, something from food insider that I've actually tried before. 😩

  74. ardi yuliansyah says:

    Disgusting, with a nail like that, she need to get train about proper hygiene habbit, and shes just waste a realy nice cheese cake

  75. Sir Jiggy wit it says:

    😷..they served this at our Quarantine camp….it's to die for..🤐

  76. Lilly Beullah says:

    How many of u want this cheese cake in india

  77. Frank says:

    I have had that and it’s not all that great, it’s like what ever

  78. felix patikawa says:

    the way they are eating it, without cutting it properly is barbaric

  79. Jocelle Rebollar says:

    That lady is wasting her food. I hope she finish the whole thing since she already touched it all

  80. Mazequax says:

    The guy who saw the camera and went into the store to get filmed though 3:58 😂

  81. Aifa Sakri says:

    My favourite cheessecake brand😍

  82. AnoniMouse Lie says:

    Is just air

  83. Kiera cox says:

    “sToP iT”

    Cringe 😬

  84. Ethan Vo says:

    Japan: cake exists
    NYC: Hippity hoppity, your cake is now my property.

  85. TheTraffic247 says:

    Surprised they don't have any places in Dubai. Folks there would gobble it like crazy.

  86. Allie Purple Pixie says:

    I need this to come to wigan

  87. M says:

    Times Square is a cesspool of commercialism that most New Yorkers avoid like the plague. Only gentrifiers and tourists will be eating it..so, it’s probably a good location for them.

  88. 5abi Gabroo says:

    😂 it’s just 🧀 🎂

  89. Miku Hatsune says:

    She did not have to rip the cheesecake in half… So wasteful

  90. Franz Müller says:

    3:06 the oven says "BACKEN" which means "BAKE" on German!

  91. Franz Müller says:

    4:40 this woman doesn't know how to handle food respectfully!

  92. Cooking with passion says:


  93. DrIsshan’s Free Time says:

    Did she just play with the food????? 🤦🏻

  94. DrIsshan’s Free Time says:

    People trying to say this is not a cheesecake not really knowing it was originally originated in Greece and it looks very different from what a “typical NY cheesecake” is 🤣

  95. Bryanna Lam says:

    The way she broke it in half while holding it with her hands I’m DEAD

  96. MrPariah says:

    Great series need a new host, this one is complete trash

  97. Celine Mak says:

    I live in Canada, so I got to try it way before most of you did, ha ha!😝

  98. Camila says:

    When she threw it… Rme

  99. Chepe Pancho says:

    Cheesecake is supposed to be dense and heavy. That is just a cream cheese flavored sponge cake

  100. agung andy says:

    It's called bolu in Indonesia

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