Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com! Very very excited today my first time that I’ll be eating with my friend Derek Jacob is from the Dayton Ohio area! He’s going for his 25th when I’m going for overall win number 369! We are in Brandenburg Kentucky we’re at Jailhouse Pizza we’re taking on their Prisoners Pardon Pizza Challenge now this is a massive 30 inch pizza it is their Carnivore Pizza which you can get regularly but this is obviously a super-sized one it’s got six meets on it we’ve got one hour to finish many many teams have tried nobody’s been able to complete it. It’s sixty dollars if we lose but if we win we’ll get the meal free will each get t-shirts will be the first team on their Wall of Fame and we will get two hundred dollars cash! So are you ready? Oh yeah! Alright let’s get this challenge started! but our first time meeting together you Ready? Yes! This things got six meats on it I know for sure I see pepperoni there is meatball there is salami I know their sausage I think ham and bacon so let’s get it down -1, 2, 3 . . .Boom! but alright going to the middle first then get the outside Just over nine minutes then he’s finishing the last bit of the middle now let’s dominate the crust do you even need no team has ever lost the challenge in the world when both people are wearing foodchallenges.com ships for 20 minutes and still got 40 minutes left tons of chewy crust on this thing so the side to take a little bit more time but we’ll get it! Oh we got it! It’s no problem! Almost there! 41 minutes and 39 seconds the first team to ever wins the new record did you think of it? Good. yeah it first came out I didn’t expect that chewy that ending cross was going to be but we got it down all those meets the entire pizza was really really good but we’re going to get the $60 pizza free will be the first team up with the wall of fame will get two hundred dollars cash and will get sweet t-shirt that to our collection! Thank you Derek for being an awesome teammate he definitely ate his half which is much appreciated but awesome awesome meal so thank you to Jailhouse Pizza here in Brandenburg Kentucky well I think like my fourth or fifth win the state of Kentucky and then overall with number 25 for him! Thank you guys all for staying to watch thank you guys for watching! When I told you 20 minutes I wasn’t thinking about all this crust!

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