Undefeated DONAIR PIZZA Challenge in NOVA SCOTIA!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel,
“Atlas” and i am very very excited tonight because i’m going for overall
win number 610 in Nova Scotia! I’m in Sydney, Nova Scotia
I’m at the Sydney River location of Alexandra’s Pizza I am with my friends
Mr. Magic Mitch, we came all the way from Detroit this morning to meet up with our
friend Joel, go ahead introduce yourself. Joel Hanson
I’m on YouTube as Anybody Nutrition Find me on Instagram as Lord Father
Joel and he is the one winner of the six pound donair challenge that I’m doing
in a few days, but tonight we’ve got 30 minutes to finish their team pizza
challenge! Now this thing is 30 inches in diameter! It is about 12 to 13 pounds
which is crazy, but with the three of us I think we’re gonna dominate! Only one or
two teams have tried none have won so we’re going to be trying to be the first
team to win, but we have to have five toppings and because we got cocky we
went with six, but we got two meats there is some donaire meat, which is a mixture
of lamb and beef then there’s chicken, and then a whole bunch of healthy
vegetables, along with all the cheese and the sauce and then the dough of course,
but there is green peppers, tomatoes onions, and then mushrooms, but like I
said we’ve got 30 minutes to finish, if we fail it’s going to be about $80
Canadian dollars, we do not want to do that, but if we win we will be the first
team to win and we will get the delicious pizza for free!
You guys ready? Let’s get this challenge started! All right Mr. Magic Mitch over here he’s
got his Michelangelo hoodie and then Mr. Muscles over here Mr. Fitness Model is
cramping my style but we’re all in for the pizza, but nobody’s beating this
thing so we’re just going to try to dominate, and I forgot to awesome prizes! Number one not a prize but two people are able to try this challenge and you
have 45 minutes to complete it and if you win, the winners each get a free
sweet t-shirt, and each winner gets a $75 gift card to use later here at a
Alexandra’s Pizza location, but nobody’s won this thing let’s dominate you guys
ready? Ready to rock! All right 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! All right going to eat some middle first, then crush this thing. Four minutes and 15 seconds in, this
pizza is going right down, it is so delicious! So many toppings and the
cheese is helping at all go down and really quick but we are dominating
let’s get the win, it’s almost like a salad with all these vegetables on it. There’s a chance we might break 10! [Joel] Good! Nine minutes in 46 seconds, the new
record! Crust was great with the sauce and cheese, but lots of toppings! Thank
you to these guys! It was a delicious challenge! Overall win number 610! Thank
you guys for watching!

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