44 comments on “UNEXPECTED happenings in Japan! Foreigners tell their shocking stories”

  1. Jeffrey Russell Jr says:

    How is Japan dealing with the coronavirus threat?

  2. R g says:

    Instagram tourists

  3. Doc says:

    Don't get deceived by a Japanese smile. They have one thing in their mind and Speak so nice things and smile. It's amazing how this channel only covers the good side / kawaii side of japan. Interview some residing foreigners , not the tourists.

  4. Kc Vegana says:

    I ❤ CathyCat!

  5. シノ says:





  6. bogardandy says:

    People use the word "like" way too much …

  7. Shirou luffy says:

    wow fascinating.

  8. Sidney Lock says:

    Agree with the Japanese customs. I actually got searched for the first time despite going to Japan annually since 2017 but they were nice about it. Reason was probably I was just carrying a hand luggage and nothing else….LOL.

    The worst custom is the Dutch! Despite presenting my hotel details, address and the hotel number, the fat custom officer got the cheek to tell me its not good enough! Then what the heck do you want me to do? Bring you along to the hotel? What an idiot!

  9. 由妃 由妃 says:

    サムネを自動再生してるときは、日本語字幕が見えるのですが‪( 'ω' )


  10. Courtnesaurus says:

    Director knows how to get people's attention 👌👌😂

  11. Stephen Tutton says:

    I have the Corona Simulator

  12. kon takt says:

    I didnt expect 5 ft girls at a Baby Metal concert mosh to be so savage😂 / hot fridges in convenience stores were 👌 / Shinkansen toilets having electrically warmed toilet seats and a bidet 🤯 / japan has more english language signs and verbal announcements in their cities and infrastructure than Canada has in the province of Quebec (only french, no english allowed) / fashion is very understated and almost nobody wears bright or “loud” clothing / customer service is annoyingly good and polite to the point i wish i would get ignored by the hotel staff front desk when i was passing by (they always greet you, lol)

  13. Stephen Tutton says:

    S Korea no bins. No prices. Japan arifsto guzimas. Gaigin its different.

  14. Stephen Tutton says:

    This girl is babo/baga.
    Has she read ex pats pats accounts.
    Gaigin Smash a blzck teachets accounts of teaching in Japan. Ps Uber eats sux dont buy from uber eats. Its time to fast pray.

  15. Zealot says:

    Can you please make an all about Cathy Cat video? I am curious about your well spoken English where did you learn it? Did you live in the U.S. at some point? How long did you live in Germany? Are you with anyone and can we see him? We want to know more about you <3

  16. Tobias Falekulo says:

    Eyyy my UK sisters

  17. Th1cC_ HuNteR says:

    Now I want to see what the director looks like

  18. Robert Sadler says:

    Moonie Cathy Cat although i have not been to japan yet but due out in November I wonder what i will come across when I am on my Travels out there!

  19. ねぎ玉ねぎ says:


  20. cbilljones says:

    I got randomly stopped by police, i was just walking to my hotel – but was in a very residential area. I was drinking beer and probably looked out of place 😛 It's ok, because in my country i would get a fine just for enjoying a drink 🙁

  21. josephskiles says:

    Other than him being a lot heavier I swear that first German guy she talked to looks like he could be a part of my family, I knew from DNA tests as well as family records that my lineage is over 90 % German but it's still shocking when I see people from there that always resemble my family so much. I wonder why she didn't just interview him in German, I always have subs on when watching her content anyhow?

  22. josephskiles says:

    It is seen as rude to eat while you walk 🤔? While running with a piece of toast in your mouth is encouraged right 😏 LoL?

  23. Gemgem says:

    So you can't walk and eat but can you walk and drink?

  24. Nyan Nyan Sensei says:

    while I was in Osaka some Chinese dude was yelling in Cantonese at these cops who were hauling him into the police car… he was resisting arrest and the cop was yelling "Nani Kore!?" at him… it was a weird moment… but not gonna lie, I kinda enjoyed it…

  25. dinshi az says:

    デイレクター くび!!!

  26. Nintendo fanguy Rules #1 says:

    I love your fur coat.catty cat it looks gorgeous on you

  27. 絶望ガール says:

    Black people have a tendency to attribute everything to racism.

  28. MrSayonara88 says:

    that's so true, Japans airport security/customs are so friendly and helpful, unlike the US…they're like a bunch of grumpy rude douches who hate their jobs…

  29. R2robot says:

    "like" quota exceeded by 100,000%

  30. Boston Tracy says:

    Ugh! Oh man, I’ve noticed how bad customs usually is! I’ve never been to Japan to visit their customs office.
    Through you, of course, I’ve heard how clean Japan is and I’d be very surprised to see people litter there! Perhaps that’ll encourage Japan to put a few trashcans on the sidewalks. As a man in these States across the pond, I can confirm that we have trashcans along sidewalks and it’s not nearly as dirty as you’d think (trash strewn elsewhere); at least not here in Oklahoma.
    And as always, you looked pretty today.

  31. Marissa Martinez says:

    Wasn’t expecting the warmed toilet seats! America definitely doesn’t have those and I was sad to return home to a cold toilet seat lol…it’s always the things you take for granted that you miss the most LOL. Convenience stores also 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🖤. So much variety!! And the seasonal foods!! Uhgggg!! Don’t get me started on that lololol…I was surprised at how many dresses and skirts the women of Japan wear. Definitely shocking for a casual pants wearing American woman~ 😅

  32. MrDboydeluxe says:

    Anybody happen to know what the Youtube plaque in the office background represents? I'm kind of a old guy with not the greatest balance anymore and I had a Japanese high school girl in uniform offer to take my suitcase down the subway stairs, I politely declined… not that old yet!

  33. dlamp8852 says:

    as a white American with no knowledge of race relations in the uk, it was really interesting to see how the girl at 2:52 who was being laughed at on the train felt about the experience. I feel like some Americans would react differently in that situation.

  34. Karen Haircut says:

    Japan treat foreigners very well but western countrys treat Japanese or asian people very bad

  35. Kevin Moppett says:

    Has like anyone else like noticed like how much like people like say like??

  36. dhathor says:

    I’d say my most unexpected thing would be some Japanese I meet mistaking me for being a fellow Japanese. XD

  37. Ninomiyaオージ says:

    I don’t think eating something while walking in Japan is bad thing
    But it’s not good for digestion and you want to have foods with being relax

  38. louloulouable says:

    A new Zealander! So exciting!

  39. TheEyeofMobius says:

    I saw a, not-at-first-glance, robotic horse in Shinjuku Station once. Also Saw a life-like info desk robot on display in Odaiba.

  40. ageguyera says:

    She needs to dual wield microphones for the first two interviewees!

  41. adam lorden says:

    Where is the first guy from? Quite unclear!

  42. Chihiro says:

    i wanna go to japan sooooo baaaaaad

  43. Aeron Sumilong says:

    1:12 damn they’re gorgeous

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