“Unexpected Ramen Prank” from Japan (English subs available)

The first person to get his prank broadcast was… “King” Nakaoka He thinks he is there for an online show about empty ramen restaurants “I heard the way you drain hot water off ramen was unique. “Yes, we have our special way called Tateyoko-giri.” “Never heard of that.” “Alright, I will start working on it.” “Yes, please.” 3 minutes later Ramen is boiled enough “Alright, I’m ready.” “Please go ahead. I’m excited!” Shit, it’s hot Damn! Killer-technique: “Tateyoko-giri” Up-and-down (tate) to left-and-right (yoko) The bottom of the drainer opens and he gets it right in the face Shit, it’s hot Damn! Next up is.. “Alien-punk” Kotouge We prepared different pranks for different targets “I am from Fukuoka and, I grew up eating pork ramen since my childhood.” But this restaurant is famous for its.. “Here it is, Hong Kong noodle.” “Oh it looks… Very Hong Kong reaction It’s HOOOOT! He gets it right on the forehead Just like an action film Kojima, by the way, was.. Hey guys, it’s Kojima He was funny until this moment We made the floor slippery and prepared tables and chairs that easily break in case he falls “They are known for their unique way of draining water, and it’s really overwhelming” “You can come in from here if you want.” “Can I come in?” “Yes.” “Can I come in?”

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