Vegan Maui — Ep. 001, What Do Vegans Eat?

Hello, and welcome to “What Do Vegans Eat?”
A new show that will show you all the best foods around the world. Right now, I’m in
Maui, Hawaii, and I’m going to show you some of the excellent restaurants I discovered
on this island. “Hangry” isn’t a word in Hawaiian, so
get some food as soon as you arrive in Kahului. Next to the airport you’ll find Whole Foods
where you can shop for fruits, veggies, and other vegan staples. The store even has at
least three different types of vegan sushi. If you are headed to Lahaina, check out the
Choice Health Bar that prides itself on serving “local and organic fresh food.” It has
an assortment of vegan soups, salads, desserts, juices, and smoothies, that you will find
delicious, including bowls, curry kale salads, soba noodle delights, and chocolate treats. In the town of Paia, vegan options abound,
but traffic and parking can be a headache. Beyond Paia, you find dramatic coast line,
and upcountry you find two great vegan options in the peaceful town of Haiku. The Maui Kombucha Café is all raw and all
vegan all the time. You will find it on the west side of the Haiku Market along Kokomo
Road. As soon as you walk in the door, they’ll tempt you with desserts. They also serve lasagna,
salad, and, oh yeah, more desserts! Also in Haiku, you’ll find a vegetarian/vegan
café called Veg Out. They have a taro root burger that hits the spot. The menu is diverse,
with dishes inspired by cuisines around the globe, so everyone in the group can probably
find something that they would like to eat here. The road to Hana is a beautiful and winding
drive. And, it rewards you with spectacular views at almost every turn. On a hot day, you’ll want to stop at Coconut
Glen’s vegan ice cream stand located at mile marker 27 ½. They have wild flavors,
and old standbys like peppermint and coconut. I hope you enjoyed that look at delicious
food on the island of Maui. If you enjoyed this video, hit “like” and “subscribe”
at the bottom of the screen. And, have a great day. Aloha!

3 comments on “Vegan Maui — Ep. 001, What Do Vegans Eat?”

  1. vshvideo says:

    Nice job, Lee! We'll share this on our Facebook page today!

  2. Chiquita Mita says:

    I Love Hawaii! Ive been to 2 islands, can't wait to check out Maui! All the food you showed looked amazing! I subscribed for more! I also make vegan videos, would love if you could check out my channel too 🙂 Aloha!

  3. Lee O'Connor, Author and Filmmaker says:

    I am planning a second episode to describe how I make six salads at once. I am looking for a nice tablecloth to put beneath the finished salads. What are your favorite table cloth styles? Are you into the traditional gingham-style, or something more avant-garde like surplus parachute fabric?

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