Vegan Ramen at T’s TanTan inside Tokyo Station

Hi everyone. Today we’re in Tokyo Station
and we’re going to go to one of my favorite vegan ramen restaurants. It’s called T’s
TanTan. I’m excited to see what new stuff they have to offer. Let’s go. Oh my God, here it is. It looks so good. I
got the shiro tan tan with the special curry, and Elton got the midori tan tan with the
side of soy meat. Everything was amazing! Definitely come here when you’re in Tokyo.

5 comments on “Vegan Ramen at T’s TanTan inside Tokyo Station”

  1. karin koala says:

    I ate there on my visit to Tokyo, one of the best ramen i ever had

  2. SKazclaw says:

    Yep it's an awesome place, the spicy ramen is especially good.

  3. Sandra No Sekai says:

    Ohhh I'm def gonna go here when I get back!!

  4. Nelson Louis says:

    yes I ever eat at here it is So DeLiCiOuS

  5. Emily S says:

    Ohhh…I ate here when I was in Tokyo recently…it was amazing! So delicious! I'm trying to find their recipes!!

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