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Hi Everybody my name is Vrinda, you can call me Kuhu. I am 9 years old. Visiting Japan as a vegetarian sounds like
a BIG challenge. Before going to Japan, the first question
people asked my dad was “How will you eat? There’s no vegetarian food in Japan!”. But reality is, that there are plenty of options
for vegetarians. Of course, the options are much lesser than
regular Japanese foods, as most Japanese food contains sea food or meat, but, Vegetarians
can also have yummy meals in Japan. If you take egg, you can get more options! In this video, I will share with you, some
vegetarian foods that we tried and enjoyed! so let’s get into the video The first one is Vegetarian Ramen. Ramen is very popular food in Japan and it
is kind of a soup, noodle and meat based dish. You can find vegetarian options in certain
ramen shops. Most of the restaurants have picture based
menu and you can check and ask about dishes which look like vegetarian. Many places also have color codes for vegetarian
dishes on there menu, look for green. We had it at NIPPON in the popular Ramen Street
at Tokyo station basement. The second one is Japanese curry chain Coco
Curry. There are multiple veg options and certain
egg based options as well. Some of the veg options are based on Spinach,
egg plant and tomato. This is mainly curry and rice based dish which
is quite good for a single meal. You can choose the portion size and keep it
less or more spicy. If you are from India, You will certainly
enjoy it. The third one is Kushikatsu. Kushikatsu is a Japanese dish of deep-fried
skewers on a stick made up of meat and vegetables. The vegetarian options include Onion, egg
plant, lotus stem, okra, potato, green pepper, cheese and other seasonal veggies. This dish is mainly from downtown Osaka. While eating, you need to use soy sauce in
a particular way and dip your stick only once. You should ask for English menu to understand
different options and you will also find instructions about dipping. “No double dipping allowed!” as it’s
a common sauce. The fourth one is MOS burger. This burger chain originated in Japan but
now has presence in many countries. While in Japan, you can find MOS Burger outlets
almost everywhere. MOS Burger offers many burger options, in
which you can replace the regular patty with a soy patty. It makes a very good option for vegetarians! You can enjoy it with Fries. You can also suggest Rice burger to your non-veg
friends 🙂 The Fifth one is Tempura. It is a Japanese dish mainly consisting sea
food or Vegetables. It is a deep fried dish and you can also have
it as a side dish. Vegetarians can have veg tempura with soy
sauce & rice. It is quite crisp and tasty when served hot. The Sixth one is Conveyor belt sushi or other
Sushi restaurants. By nature Sushi is a non-vegetarian dish,
but you may get some veg options at certain places. We tried Smart Sushi near Higashi Shinjuku
station. It had veg options like soybean, tofu (INARI
sushi) and corn based sushi. The seventh one is Depachika. These are underground food halls below departmental
stores. All Depachika are not equal in size but they
are mainly food markets having many different vegetarian options as well. They usually have many different stalls for
many types of food items. They have stalls for bakery, salads, fruits,
deserts, international food options and of course many Japanese foods! We went to Shibuya Tokyu Departmental store
(right next to Shibuya crossing) and Shinjuku Isetan stores and had many vegetarian options. These meals are normally take-away. The Eighth one is Convenience store food. There are mainly 3 Convenience stores all
across Japan, 7-eleven, Lawson & Family Mart. Unlike other countries, We found food items
very fresh and you can actually enjoy them! For vegetarians, You can find Tofu curry and
rice at 7-eleven, it was one of my Dad’s favourites! You can have Egg & strawberry sandwiches,
Onigiri with egg or plain rice, Onigiri is japansese rice ball which you can have for
breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most of the names will be written in English
so will not have much difficulty in finding them. You can also try Salads, various breads and
some fruits. They are quite fresh and replaced daily with
new supplies. Oh, and you can get many desserts as well! 🙂 Bonus Tip –
So the bonus tip is an app which you can use to find Vegetarian and Vegan food. It’s name is Happy Cow and you can find
it on Google Play store or Apple App Store. You will be able to find some of the places
having veg options as well. If you know any more such tricks to find vegetarian
food in Japan, please do write in comments.

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