Vegetarian Ramen in Kyoto Station – Japan Vlog

We’re just going out for dinner We spotted a place earlier in Kyoto Station That says it does vegetarian ramen Which is really unusual So let’s hope it actually is We were going to go to Chabuton Which is the Kyoto branch of the one I went to in Tokyo Which was really good But they didn’t have any vegetarian ramen the other day So hopefully we’ll find some tonight We’re in Kyoto Station It’s pretty cool If you make it all the way up to the 11th floor You get to… The Happy Terrace! There’s no one there at the moment Here’s my ramen I went for the miso soup And it’s got some sweetcorn It smells really good, it’s smells a bit garlic-y actually And Phil’s got the tsukemen dipping noodles We’ve just been for ramen in Kyoto Station They’ve got a whole floor of ramen restaurants It’s on the 10th floor Below their other floor of restaurants And there’s one that has vegetarian options And there’s a choice! It’s says on the outside “We have vegetarian noodles” You place your order on a touchscreen Or vending machine They’ve got meat ramen as well For the vegetarian options, you can choose from a miso based soup Or a soy based soup I went for the miso And there were options within that You could have vegetables, plain or egg And I went for vegetables And it was really good I thought it might be like a miso soup on noodles But it wasn’t as over-powering as that It had other things mixed in There were some spices And it smelt a bit garlic-y And it tasted really good One the top it had Bamboo shoots Spring onions Some sweetcorn Some cabbage And quite thick ramen noodles When you order on the touchscreen You can set it to english So it’s really easy And you pay outside A ticket comes out And you go into the restaurant and hand it to the staff And they make it up for you then If you don’t want vegetarian ramen They had normal meat ramen as well And the restaurant is part of a chain Which was started by the man that invented tsukemen dipping noodles He’s known as the grandfather of ramen So you know it must be good! The portions are pretty big Both on the meat ramen and on mine And it was really good value as well Mine was 1040 yen Which at the moment Is about £7.50 So if you like ramen and you’re in Kyoto This is in Kyoto Station It’s on the 10th floor The 11th floor is all restaurants as well And the 10th floor is all ramen restaurants So go up the escalators And it’s really easy to find

15 comments on “Vegetarian Ramen in Kyoto Station – Japan Vlog”

  1. snrk maiden says:

    This is very useful to know! ^^ There isn't a great deal of information about vegetarian/vegan food in Japan and it really worries it's going to be real a struggle when I visit

  2. GlitzDa Cat says:

    I can't watch it's making me hungry 🙂

  3. Hai Dinh says:

    Nice video! I make vlogs on my channel, hope you can check it out 🙂

  4. MeowToby says:


  5. ApplicantQuisling says:

    Is that price suppose to be cheap, expensive, or normal for something like ramen?

  6. tasingp says:

    Oh wow, what time where you at Kyoto Station? When i was there last month, the stairway display was packed full of people!

  7. Paulo Garcia says:

    There are a lot of CC (Creative Commons)under your videos. Have you monetized them?

  8. FRANK HERZER says:

    All dishes are looking delishious. 😋

  9. Kakibot says:

    Aawww Kyoto station looks amazing at night – is it always like that or is that a seasonal thing?

  10. Miu Mau says:

    so would the ramen be vegan if you don't have an egg with it? or are there some other animal products being used? 😮

  11. Tm Dvy says:

    thanks, really helpful!

  12. Claudia Daniels says:

    Thank you so much! This makes our lives much easier!

  13. Tam says:

    Thank you for the recommendation to Yamagishi Taishoken. My wife and I are vegan and came here and presented them the vegan card just to make sure and they said that they don't serve vegan ramen. Luckily the one diagonally in front of it had vegan ramen. The restaurant is called Menya Iroha. It was on the salty side and tasted like 2 minute noodles but we didn't care as we were hungry and happy to support a place that do serve vegan options.

  14. Nyx Nyx says:

    Hi there just to confirm, I choose to not have onions and garlic right? As I cannot consume those

  15. Travelling Bea says:

    Kyoto Station looks Amazing !

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