oops forgot to turn that music down thats pretty loud right? boop ba doo doo doo boop ba doo doo doo 420 bLaZe It and it goes downhill from here uhh bad idea youll see no psizzle then clean it? so youll clean a knife but not the mincer…. youre making things harder on yourself THE FIRST STEP?? IT WAS LITERALLY PUT SOME OIL IN A PAN the bird couldve made this recipe better than u we know ew wait for iiiiiitttt there it is omygodomygodomygidfidso;f ew u suck i eventually got it out with a spatula if you were wondering the fate of the soy sauce top smell it? thats what SHEEE SAIDDDD oih mi guoid we been knew plop laffing at the plop noise like a true 12 year old confidence is key folks KEY or dont ew who likes those u know like their like rubbery and taste like a fart how long are u gonna go on about cooking an egg blublublubdbufluh thats what u shouldve said from the start hideous voice … QUIRKY U KNOW WHAT they say sorry i didnt mean to yell i didnt realize caps lock was still on dont quit your day job BAHA WHO likes this>>?? i hate creamed corn well hate is a strong word but i really really really dont like it in the trash can dont tell anyone but it was completely sealed and i rinsed it for good measure u just said menu instead of recipe she likes corn wrong confidently the water is about to boil over watch the small one not the big one that would be horrible here it goes CAT like reflexes CHEFS AND COOKS OUT THERE I AM KIDDING I DONT REALLY BELIEVE THIS I THINK CHARRING IS DIF THAN FORGETTING ABOUT YOUR FOOD IN THE OVEN 🙁 bitc pls rule follower absolutely not “cooking with some dum bit” this is true annoying yor small pot ive never boiled spinach before have u? actually probs just rough chop them true did a spin beeeeeeeeEEEEp tea what im wondering is…why would u film this if u didnt need to eat it HA ew get ready for a lot of talking but please stay and listen its not really that important i just want my watching time to go up im kdding i really do want u to hear it legend sure hes not a food critic or anything so it doesnt really prove anything how….sweet? fancy words really convincing now no one will do that a LEADER bye bebes

15 comments on “VEGETARIAN RAMEN- SO GOOD!!”

  1. PartiikiddJay says:

    You should make a veggie burger or an acai bowl c:

  2. Jennifer Cilley says:


  3. Whitney Clark says:

    Martha Stewart who?

  4. michelle says:

    wow i am LIVING for chef ansley 😭👏🥚

  5. Tantrum says:

    You could name this: I have no idea how to cook. And anything you cook would be amazing! I want to try them one day for my brother who's allergic to milk!

  6. CTCs Uncle says:

    welcome to The Adventures of Ansley and the Exposed Outlet

  7. Jake Roland says:

    Love you! So proud of you

  8. Jake Roland says:

    Ateing food with Ansley

  9. Katie Jones says:

    I am loving these cooking series! 😁 You could try vegan tex mex burgers sometime? 😊

  10. cavecanem says:

    This is my favorite content on YouTube))

  11. cavecanem says:

    Can you make a vegan dessert? Like a cheesecake, pie, donuts or something 🙂

  12. Caroline Leigh says:

    You should make vegan mac & cheese or a black bean veggie burger!

  13. Illeana Figueroa says:

    Vegan Alfredo 🖤

  14. Cheyenna Jennifer says:

    Please make your favorite dessert for us!!!

  15. Carolyn Faye says:

    "Ansley's cookin'!" you're funny girl and the recipe sounds tasty. Bon apetit' Jake!

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