Versova Koli Seafood Festival 2017 | Food Vlog |

we add fresh kokum(Garcinia indica) pulp in it then take fresh coconut and grind it, also add water, then the same pulp is squeezed further by bare hands to extract coconut milk and then keep the water aside after that make masala- add garlic, chilly, salt and little sugar taste it and add coriander

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  1. Sunny111 says:

    I'm happy that I finished my dinner before watching your video. I think being a bong this festival of fishes is heaven for me. Really want to visit someday. 💖💖🐟🐟💖💖

  2. Robin Singh says:

    your eyes I loved it

  3. Vipul Kalra says:

    Akankshaaaaaaaaa babe was waiting since too long. where were you 🙈
    Nailed it again. 💝

  4. Ride With Raj says:


  5. kalpana eye care says:

    nicely done …its always graceful to watch you and your work !! and yaa u took really long time since the last upload 🙂

  6. Shraddha Keny says:

    I always visit here as even I m koli n I love this food

  7. syed shariq says:

    Beautifully presented. Liked the way you vlogged at such a crowded place with so much confidence.
    Your videos are lively as always.
    P.S – 💕👉👀

  8. jams6279 says:

    Thumbs down 👎🏿 for making non vegetarian vlog! 😀

  9. vahsir artapaham says:

    0:12 teleportation

  10. Raman Rohit says:

    I guess every nibble has an unfeigned taste of Indian cuisine @akanshaarya

  11. Chandan Singh says:

    i am vegetarian but I watched the whole video just for YoU 😉

  12. Sanjay Scindia says:

    This made me hungry again…. Good one keep it up

  13. PRAYAS MESHRAM says:

    wow.. it's amazing.. to eat seafood with music of koli (maharastra)….. so delicious food they are…. i also want a bite yar… you are really doing a great job.. thanks for this recipe….. take care

  14. B jagdish Kumar says:

    yummy…felt hungry after watching the video.. 🙂

  15. AATIF UZAIR says:

    Amazing video

  16. bharath Kumar says:

    visit my rajasthan once. do a blog there

  17. Travel With Z - Gentleman G says:

    Awesome Vlog, Now I wanna have some sea food!

  18. Harshvardhan Nigam says:

    Aakansha i stumbled upon your channel last month only and can say you have become my fav indian vlogger. really enjoy your vlogs . Please continue doing them . all the best

  19. Rupsa Bhoumik says:

    Akanksha di am in Cairo now.. watching your vlog cause I just can't miss it 😍😍😘😘

  20. sojjwal raul says:

    eye's goddess 💓

  21. Vishal Koli says:

    Respect & Much Love <3

  22. Beast Babu says:

    m a Bong n I can't see u eating fish like this…m jealous m hungry m crying :-p

  23. sarry William says:

    I am planning to vist Mumbai so this video is helpful for me …n yaa already subscribe in

  24. jamesbond070 says:

    very nice video….u r looking so pretty

  25. Yash Desai says:

    Have to admit, you're the most pretty Vlogger in India! My absolute Favourite. Waiting for your next video❤️❤️

  26. Prateek Chawla says:

    yummy yummy 😋

  27. Raj Desai says:

    Feels good watching your vlogs after long time..lots of love being a foodie :p

  28. nitin singhal says:

    nice video…I love your presentation…

  29. Yash Singh says:

    OMG! This vlog made me hungry. Headed to Mahesh lunch home right now !

  30. rajjbt says:

    good work

  31. siddh s says:

    Nice vlog Akanksha.. you look very pretty.. 😊👍

  32. raj singh says:

    Your Eyes is Very Beautiful 😃

  33. sounav sutradhar says:

    Want that festival in kolkata also.bdw your all vedios are awesome,i always wait for your new vedio.😍😍😍

  34. Patrick Sathyasheela says:

    Please let us when this festival happens…!! we want be there !!! thank u

  35. mehul kantharia says:

    Nice akanksh did

  36. Hitesh kumar says:

    did they have lobster?

  37. TheDorkyDorcas says:

    this was so cool! and there was so much good food geez lol

  38. siddharth deopa says:

    you have really big eyes…

  39. Jeff says:

    Amazing video didn't knew you were in or else would have come and said hi😉 didn't call raj

  40. Mithil Koli says:

    that drink is called 'Solkadi' made of kokam pulp..

  41. Nazeer Mulla says:


  42. Dhir Sankhe says:

    ur eyes are so Beautifull .i like ur voice keep exploring😊

  43. Abhishek Dongrikar says:

    I saw ths video​ and I like it because I m thr in your video in blue jacket and I love ths video

  44. Shaikh Yusuf says:

    in which month this festival held???

  45. mahi raj says:

    you……beautiful… yar…enjoy..

  46. Rizal Maarof says:

    More Food Video Please

  47. sarvesh m says:

    what the f…………….hahahahahaha @5:55 super fast, mirchi lag gayi..haha

  48. вααηι кιĻĻєя says:

    video ka to meko pta na chlta lekin akansha arya me tmhari wajah se dekhta tmhari videos or esi liye channel sbscrb kia tha tmhari aankhe bht dngr h 👍

  49. sameer saiyed says:

    beautiful eyes akanksha

  50. Sid Bakshi says:

    Why is the fish all burnt? It's not tandoori chicken. Fish takes 5 mins to cook!

  51. Abhiraj Sinha says:

    great food great video

  52. NILOFAR Shaikh says:

    which date of sea food festival in versova

  53. NILOFAR Shaikh says:

    i love sea food

  54. Rahul Thakur Advocate says:

    You look like actress kagal agrawal

  55. imran hossain says:

    i am watching you

  56. Abhishek Bamane says:

    When is the next festival

  57. Abhay Singh says:

    You are pure Aryan. Look at your eyes same as my grandmother eyes .People like you are hard to find in Indian subcontinent .You are definately from our ancestory proud of you .

  58. Jagdish Dhaygude says:

    wow… it's mouth watering… thank you for showing us around ✌😍

  59. nitin berde says:

    Zinga masala ek number my fevrait dish

  60. Tejas Bhosale says:

    Tu bohot hot,item hai yar

  61. Sarfaraz Nawaz says:

    i love seafood ur video was xelllent

  62. Online Earning says:

    Its our festival…….Eat fish and EEENNNJJJOOOYYYYYYYY

  63. Devil Thavai says:

    Agri koli is king

  64. DINESH GADA says:


  65. Pradeep Shinde says:


  66. farhan ansari says:

    Ye festival kab hota hai koi batao yaar

  67. farhan ansari says:

    Mujhe bhi jana hai

  68. Arhamm Sirkhit says:

    akanksha tere pet me dard hota rahe up to next koli mela.
    ye meri pet se duaa hai…
    nice vlog yaar. kiss from dubai

  69. Neeta Koli says:


  70. Philip pip says:

    nice videos from uu i loved those food items

  71. Manoj Kathe says:


  72. Sayed Fahad says:

    Interesting loved it👍✌

  73. FU DU says:

    amazing, I will visit it now as I am a great fond of fish and you are so beautiful.

  74. Darshan Mhatre says:

    It's not versova it's vesava

  75. lord brahmadeep says:

    At what time of year it is organized??? Someday I want to be there !

  76. Jackie Pandya says:

    Hey akansha ur vlog is so int and what even u show the food that too int but one suggestion that u should eat more and show more vlog

  77. malek tahir says:

    Owsome sea food item yaar..

  78. Nayan Dabhi says:

    I love ur eyes miss akanksha…

  79. KuLdEeP cOoLu says:

    When is this festival celebrated???

  80. ashdev99 says:

    Sorry akansha Brahmins in Bengal savour fish in their daily life so fish isn't should be considered non VEG

  81. Im reva says:

    1000 tooo much yaar

  82. Raut food Ravi says:


  83. Manash Kalita says:

    please Guwahati aao ek baar dosto ke saath…. achaa lagega tumko

  84. Love Sharma says:

    Where are you now?

  85. gopinath gopinath says:

    A A make sure u call me next year drinks is on me thanks

  86. gopinath gopinath says:

    Before 2moths of this festival ok

  87. mlm best says:

    Very nice

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