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  1. James' MLP Fanfic Fetish says:

    I love the taste of vertical seafood taco and o shaped edible portal holes

  2. Ern says:

    why did you change your name??😢😢😢

  3. Marksman Industries says:

    Hello, Mr. Lobster. I am Jose Hernandez, and I am the manager of a seafood restaurant in Morocco. I would be very interested in using this song for some of our promotional material. We at Jose's Hot and Squishy Goodness are very proud of our seafood tacos, and this beautiful song perfectly encapsulates what we are about! Please contact us at [email protected]

  4. CheshireSmear says:


  5. Mag Magnet says:

    This was the first sexualobster video I ever watched, and it got me hooked for 5 years LOL, thank you greasy tales

  6. Smegma Lasagna says:

    pastasaus indeed

  7. Lunathica Astur says:

    Do an instrumental versión pls

  8. Mine0Taur says:

    The Part 5 anime is looking pretty good.

  9. Braeden Hamson says:

    If I ever get a yacht. I'm naming it essence of man whore. And you'll be invited on it.

  10. Lane Blanchard says:

    Pass the salt

  11. Mercer Alex19 says:


  12. Oliver aka Sparda says:

    Lool awesome^^

  13. Oliver aka Sparda says:

    Im not gay… But i love Fernando with bis… OHHH

  14. Oliver aka Sparda says:

    Besteht Musik Video 4ever !! !! Fernando 4ever !! !!

  15. Assassin 426 says:


    They say from Monaco
    A special kind of taco
    Made up of creatures from the sea
    You might think it smells fishy
    And looks unpleasantly squishy
    But it tastes alright to me

    Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah
    Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah

    It's either raw or fried
    Under the prawn inside
    Vertical Seafood Taco

    Hey there, it's me.
    No not him. It's Fernando, remember?
    Hmmm. Now you got it.
    Pass the sauce.

    Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah
    Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah

    Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah
    Woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah

  16. Oriana Technologies says:


  17. He Ka says:

    A squishy taco from Monaco. Sounds legit.

  18. xxAbcelxx says:

    I like the part where he says (Woah)

  19. fryfry377 says:

    1:08 roommate walks in

  20. Ajaax Xix says:

    I'm sorry you lost your channel name 🙁

  21. DroNe Alone says:

    ….a woe woe woe woe woe woe woe woe-0000… now you've got it

  22. zipp-e nipz says:

    i thought you were talking about poontang, or coin slots, or furburgers, or flappy foldy holes, or twats, or axe wounds, or pee pee's, or chilli dogs, or any other word that describes what im talking about.

  23. The Cashiest Money says:

    How do these videos not have millions of views

  24. Batman Bra says:

    Thats Art man

  25. Sad Satan says:

    this is beautiful

  26. monsterhaunt says:

    Fernando is a good lad

  27. michelle amy templetonn's stepdad says:


  28. Izuna Uchiha says:

    Can we talk about how goose man kicked a shark over 275 meters in the air under water

  29. Daniel Petrucci says:


  30. Dat King says:

    I love that Gooseman can just punt a shark to space from underwater. I’m conflicted on whether I like this song or Tobey Maguire better

  31. Star Strudel says:

    perfect for karaoke night at the pub

  32. Vixorous says:

    Well that was stupid.

  33. Inshrektor Gadget says:


  34. Jaune Ork says:

    Love how everyone sposed ta think its bout vg, but its really honestly actually bout fish Taco's.

  35. Nojatha says:

    Oh, well, would you look at that. I’m gay now.

  36. Earl Harewood says:


  37. Loren Garms says:

    I have a unique emotion I only feel when listening to this.

  38. asspounderify says:


    Can I get a genius episode to explain the meaning behind these lyrics

  39. Ginger Snape says:

    Why do I blush whenever I see Fernando?

  40. epicghandi says:

    pure art

  41. green beedrill says:

    XD OMG

  42. Lukas Weiß says:

    This is the picturiced meaning of "totally disturbed".
    But i love it🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Papa Bear says:

    After all of these years I still ponder on what seafood refers to… is it like a fish or a mermaid or something… knowing the author the song is probably about Walrus pussy.

  44. EchoOfGames says:

    who voices fernando ??

  45. 9ko3 says:

    I made this my ringtone

  46. Barnesrino Kripperino says:

    I just sent this my girlfriend
    hope this works

  47. AquanSFM says:

    Even something completely unrelated to my life is bringing out feelings of misery. I wish I was the same age as when I first saw this video. Since I am too depressed I will let autocorrect do the talking:
    Hello just wondering the same thank meo-to the doctor's it's not the named recipient please delete.

  48. ben bundidsilp says:


  49. The Magnum Don says:

    I like mine horizontal

  50. Thunder Cunt says:

    I need the notes for this song

  51. Young Warrior says:

    This is the best ever song in anime

  52. L K says:

    What's with all the moaning in your vids. I love it!

  53. Adam Goldenstein says:

    Still looking for the instrumental

  54. Aikirob says:

    more funny songs please, dont care if they are animated

  55. taykito* says:


  56. adrisdsb says:

    It’s better in Spanish xdd

  57. lord james says:

    as is required no homo

  58. Cataclysmic Delta says:

    How tf had I never seen this channel

  59. Javi Me says:

    The vertical seafood taco is a lie

  60. zeldamage001 says:

    Epic song! Just wished there was a "zoooooooh!" somewhere in there…

  61. Barracks Asmr says:

    gooseman vs great destiny man

  62. Obsidianshark says:

    Vertical seafood taco is an inuendo, isn’t it. Took me way too long :/

  63. kono sausage says:

    I want this to play at my funeral

  64. Reece Slater says:

    Sending this to my girl whilst she is at work. Wish me luck…

  65. sPongebItch bObface says:

    Great now I cant go to captain D's without getting an erection.

  66. Masa's Pointlessness. says:

    Note: Not once do you see the taco.

  67. Bailey Bahr says:

    Good old Gooseman

  68. sPongebItch bObface says:

    I need this as my ringtone. Is it available for purchase?.

  69. Jaden Von Bat says:

    I can't speak for everybody else, but I personally don't care for the perverted overtones. I just come for the over-the-top action comedy and the music.

  70. Bones ss says:

    Gooseman has touched my heart

  71. Putrid Abomination says:


  72. Charles Pendragon says:


  73. Pedro Vieira says:

    That's some harpoon… xD

  74. Dream Wolf says:

    "I eat Dolphins" has two meanings.

    I can only post that below a video on this channel without people freaking out on me.

  75. Low Tier Squad says:

    A song sexual song that isn't about gay sex. I'm confused.

  76. DaddyJay says:

    Six years later, and much experience gained in my life, I’m pretty sure this video is about a vagina…

  77. POV NW says:

    Just put some Tapatio & and lime juice on it.

  78. Victor Robles says:

    Love it keep it up!!! OOOOOHHHHH!!!

  79. Zsands7 pinfish7 says:


  80. Zsands7 pinfish7 says:

    Send me a fr… if you want…

  81. Jesse O. says:

    This is from six years ago? Goddamn that went fast. It still tastes alright to me

  82. Cassius Deici says:

    I want to play this on the piano

  83. sPongebItch bObface says:

    The instrumentals could easily be on a gorillas record.

  84. Drumlin Drums says:

    i sang this on a bus in italy it was great

  85. SpecterSt says:

    Τhe woahs were 46 not 100… i counted…

  86. soulles FAUST says:

    And sudenly i find my self downloading this song

  87. Kageoth says:

    I feel like Fernando's face when he gives the thumbs up is a reference to some meme, but I can't place it.

  88. Mithallss says:

    fuck this is great

  89. Gooseman says:

    Wooow you have such an incredible voice! Did you train it so it could be that low and deep, or it had always be like that?

  90. Vander says:

    Eaten Raw Not Fryed

  91. The Leagueling says:


  92. SpartanSlayer420 says:

    I love how this was made 6 years ago and all the comments are from at least 1 month/two weeks ago

  93. TheEtherPanda says:

    ~Pass the Salt~

  94. NasirChamp says:

    Where can I hear the instrumental? I could get pregnant to this song.

  95. Gov.Lee-On says:

    Omg i feel so stupid for not realising instantly that this song is about pussy 😂

  96. cringeyboi .memes says:

    I don't remember when exactly I found your channel I know it was a while ago but I still enjoy your videos so thanks for that

  97. Severo Bastardito says:

    a classic

  98. Radoslav Balabanov says:

    My wife just came to me and asked me to explain what am i watching. I couldnt.

  99. Simona Stračinová says:

    The purest form of art

  100. Zander Henzmayer says:

    hey man, I'm learning to play the piano and of course I must learn this piece of art. got the sheets for it somewhere?

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