[vlog] AMAZING Revolving Sushi at Kura!!!

hey guys welcome to another episode of
teenager who cooks today we’re going to be doing another vlog like episode and
we’re gonna go to a special revolving sushi bar so a quick bit of background
we actually went to this place last week but there was like a two-and-a-half-hour
wait so event goes today I made a reservation online and now our
reservation time is almost up so we’re heading up put it down there so cool there’s so many selections so awesome oh this is like a seared salmon Japanese
male let’s try it guys oh wow this almond like melts in your mouth
it’s so good guys we’re gonna get a spicy garlic
popcorn mess it up here order one and also cause the sushi doughnut a cool
thing is once you’re done their plate you’ll just slide it down there but this is some sea urchin I’ve never
had this before Wow really very light but also like heavy
seafood flavor I really like guys the special delivery has fun epic nice is like my favorite thing here the
golden crunchyroll it’s so good amazing right here we have some let’s try the fish ate Oh got Frank Bowman this is a really good
guy way it seems to be like a Naruto lanyard
that’s a great food Wow it’s a naruto lanyard so guys we ordered a hand roll oh wow
that was happy I’m bridge your hand rules you just have
to eat it with your hands let’s try Oh Wow we order a ramen from up there there’s
an animation going over them and came in like a really compact container it actually looks like really high quality ramen like the broth is really thick
let me try one of the noodles mmm really good noodles too oohh the broth is very good we’re not in the order of the certain so
this one looking really good that has ice cream cheese strawberry and red
McWhorter another I wasn’t really closed off like clear
mochi with this awesome sauce so cool all right this is what it looks like in
real life it’s so cool oh my god so much sweetness let’s try so I’ll try this one first I think what
we do is we take a big piece of this clear mochi dip it in some of this
powder prosper please stop and think you guys are
watching this episode of teenager who cooks
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5 comments on “[vlog] AMAZING Revolving Sushi at Kura!!!”

  1. Anish Jayant says:

    Sorry in the middle of Arizona rn

  2. Billster says:


  3. Aidan Zhao says:

    used to be called kula

  4. Aidan Zhao says:

    the salmon is not as good
    as the orig kula

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