vocna pizza – fruit pizza (eng sub)

welcome to the homemade kitchen for beginers 🙂 today, for you, we going to prepare a sweet fruit pizza for this recipe is needed:
– 1/2 kg fluor – cherry jam
– 1/4 yeast(5g) – one apple
– 5 tablespoon oil – 100g white chocolate
– pinch of salt – list of fresh mint
– 50g nuts Put the yeast to grow in 1 dl of lukewarm water add a teaspoon of sugar and flour, leave to stand for 10 min to lift off the yeast raised yeast in half kilogram of flour, add the yeast, five tablespoons of oil and a pinch of salt Well knead the pastry kneded pastry left to stand for 10 min stretch pastry to the pan in which will bake Grease a baking dish with oil put the jam cherry on the pastry chop apple into thin slices and put on to the top of jam cherry put thesugar and chopped nuts on the chop apple Bake at 220 degrees 15 min white chocolate put on a hot pizza add to pizza fresh mint leaves decorate with a cream enjoy your meal 🙂 🙂 🙂

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