Wasabi Crab Mac & Cheese with Meyhem Lauren – How To

one of my favorite things one of my
hidden treasures that I’m about to share with the world was sabe crab mac and
cheese it’s the type of mac and cheese that we’ll be dancing on Soul Train we
live we live we going back in the building
oh look it’s sauce Tom you throw that butter in we’re gonna let this melt you
just wanted to have a delicate kick a little accent of wasabi that’s a fair
amount this is an infusion process the last time I made crab meat macaroni and
cheese I was at a close friend of mine house and he lives close to a sushi
place that we love and it was either I cooked crab meat mac and cheese when we
get sushi so just the fact sushi was in the back of my mind I’m like oh let me
throw some wasabi and the crab meat mac and cheese and that way damn just this
wasabi and butter is just permeating in the atmosphere right now smells amazing
I’m gonna add some flour to this you’re not picking it up a little bit see now
we have like a beautiful buttery wasabi ass paste
I’m gonna add some milk to this and here we go
whisking away make sure nothing burns make sure I think it’s stuck to the pan
looks like the swirling water is ready we’re gonna use the shells because I’m
incorporating crab meat I figure we keep it ocean oriented you know aquatic
motion it says on the box about 11 minutes we’re gonna go nine because
we’re gonna continue to cook this one bacon in the oven turn for more milk you
know you got to keep whisking because it gets crazy with lack of whisking this
starts to stick together and takes up and that’s now we want it we need this
smooth spread across evenly I’m gonna drop some asiago in here I’m gonna add
more milk to it – what a beautiful smell oh look more cheese we have a sharp
white cheddar they’re both good flavorful they’re not overpowering like
you don’t want to drop a Jarlsberg in here
something because that’ll just throw it off when in doubt on how much she is to
use the answer is a lot but feel free to alter my recipes at the end of the day
of the life’s about changing things so if you want to use another cheese
it was another cheese just don’t use yellow American I hate that please and
we’re gonna give it a peppery kick I’m drinking I mean orange you know I’ve
got a big one orange wine sake it might be my type of choice white red rosy no
orange I’m trying to fight a bull I don’t know if that’s exactly how they do
it that’s not the type of rush I’m in so this would be a good gift whoop but now the steam is ruined the interior
of my watch looks like this is ready now we want to shop the pasta shop the pasta
shock the pasta it’s in shock right now oh look it’s sink shells crab meat I
know certain restaurants where they still don’t do seafood and cheese but
this is the New Testament we do things a little different now crab is actually my
favorite crustacean despite popular belief even at a spot that has a lobster
roll you know if they make a good lobster roll they make a better crab
roll crab is just the superior crustacean so it’s what I’m here doing I
may not use it all I may save a little on the side for myself only seasoning
needed in this recipe old bay we want the Obey to hit the crab directly which
is why I didn’t put it in the sauce because there’s a bond between crab and
obey and we’re not gonna dilute that with sauce of any sort it needs to stick
to the crab stick to the shells Who am I kidding am i saving any crab that’s perfect as this looks I feel like
something’s missing well that’s amazing we have the best
cheese sauce you ever seen in your life look at that ha ha and you could just
smell that wasabi the blend of these two cheese’s make sure every little piece of
crabmeat and every shell it’s kissed with the right amount of cheese we’re
gonna leave this in the oven for 20-25 minutes for 25 perfect oh man this is so
crazy but there’s still levels to this so we’re gonna start putting the rest of
the cheese on top to make an amazing crust there’s been several times when
I’m in the kitchen and I do this recipe and I think am I gonna go Penco or am i
going traditional today we’re going both let’s start with
traditional just to give it an extra crunch on top it separates it from a non
baked macaroni and cheese and then we’re gonna panko panko gives it a really
special crispy crunch on top and I kind of feel sentences wasabi related panko
straight out of Japan we know we’re gonna keep going with the theme here you
can’t neglect the corners at the end of the day everything always goes right
back to the corner now I’m gonna put this back in the oven
I say about 10 minutes we just get this crispy pull it out let it sit for a
minute perfection look at it bubbling
look at the texture the complexity the magnificence
Asiago wasabi and obey hit me in the face like who’s ever smelled a
combination before ten minutes later we let everything cool off and solidify
truth be told I wish I could put birthday candles in this guy’s this is
better than any cake I’ve ever received I’m gonna go right to the center right
to the belly of a beast it’s outrageous it should be outlawed
this is the type of dish that could start and end the war that wasabi gives
it the kick that it needs it’s perfect it’s a perfect blend but you know don’t
trust me delve in for yourself for the recipe click the link below you’re laughing this is a serious
process I need a middle of crazy man in a
colorful sweater with a little spoon in his hand but you know I know I know what
I’m doing

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