We Ate That 7-Pound Pizza Burrito

– Oh my gosh. dude A seven pound piece of pizza that’s nothing to me. Are you Kidding me? Oh my God. Alright guys so it’s my
lunch break at Buzzfeed right now and I just found
a seven pound pizza burrito in New York. And I’m making a video out of it so I can get it for free and Buzzfeed can pay for it. Seven pounds I don’t think
I even weight seven pounds. The only problem is the place is an hour away so I need a car. – So why are you bringing me on this. – ‘Cause you’re the food guy you ate like the biggest slice of pizza. You ate the spiciest curry. You ate pizza ice cream and and you have a car so. – Alright so this is a
seven pound pizza burrito and we are splitting one? We are doing one each?
– One each. – Do you honestly think that you’re gonna be able to finish this?
– Easy. – There’s no way. You weigh what? Like 150 pounds? – Yeah. – Okay so I weight nearly
75 pounds more than you do. So a seven pound piece of
pizza that’s nothing to me. That’s like a huge portion
of your body weight. – You weigh so much more than me that you’re probably way more
conscious about your weight so a seven pound pizza is
like way more stressful for you than it is for me. – Right there. Russo Russo. (upbeat Italian music) – Everybody I pray that
I see somebody finish it. That would make me so happy
to know that it can be done. – It’s huge you need like six people. – Yeah, it’s bigger than you. – There’s a lot, there’s a lot in there. – I’m still feeling confident, I still feel confident. – Every time I roll it, it still makes me nervous. It’s gonna fall apart and all my hopes and dreams are gonna shatter. – Oh my gosh oh oh my gosh dude. – This is big. – I just want you to see how big this is okay so you can see compared to my body. It’s bigger than me isn’t it. Going for it. Oh yes. – I think you very often
forget when you see a challenge like this that it’s gonna taste good. – Tomorrow I’m gonna wake up I’m gonna have acne all over my face. Aren’t you lactose intolerant? – I am lactose intolerant. – Gonna be a poopy party over here. I feel like a lot of
people are gonna be like oh it’s a pizza do you
think it’s a burrito? – I mean it’s definitely a rolled up pizza but in the same way that a burrito is just a rolled up tortilla. I don’t know commenters is this a burrito? – [Man] How you guys doing over there? – Terrible. – This is great. – You think this is an easy challenge, you see all this pizza. Why does it look like I have so much more than you? – ‘Cause I’ve eaten so
much more than you do. – You think you’ll finish it? – Yeah.
– You don’t feel sick? – You’re really close. Are you kidding me? Oh my God no way, no way he’s gonna do it, oh my God oh my God. Did not no he’s not done. – [Man] Did you just eat it? – I’ve never known a
piece of pizza to beat me but this is ah I’ve met my match here. I’m not happy with how
this played out here today. (slow sad music) I forgot to pay. (upbeat music) Two blizzards, do you want a blizzard? – Yeah I want a blizzard.
– There’s always room for ice cream. – Are we gonna have to blur
at the name dairy queen? – No it’s not sponsored.
– We’re not sponsored. – Hey Unsolved is on a new channel And now your part. – [Men] Subscribe here. – That was my part.

100 comments on “We Ate That 7-Pound Pizza Burrito”

  1. Sophie xx says:

    “I don’t even way 7pounds” omg I cant 😂

  2. u no see me says:

    The all American snack

  3. colourmycosplay says:

    Give it to me when I've been to a convention the full day, I will finish that in a heartbeat. Also I stay in the UK so free health care

  4. A Random Stay says:

    Christian: I’m gonna eat this

    Matt stonie: I’m gonna end this mans whole career

  5. Sadun Sinan Etensel says:

    Nobody has finished this pizza
    Matt Stonie: Hold my beer

  6. cesar garcia says:

    Im half Mexican and I approve this.
    Any Italian that also approve this?

  7. Vexquoi says:

    Is this a burrito?

  8. Free Robux Scam says:

    I hear he's lactose intolerant and I'm like yo the people that have peanut allergies see a peanut and their like oh no get that away from me but people who ,like me, are lactose intolerant are like "Hold my phony while I chug this milkshake!"

  9. Urayji Ali says:

    Matt stonie:
    hold my beer

  10. Hermione Ginger says:

    kinoshita yuka can definitely finish that

  11. Papphase says:

    7 pound pizza burrito aka. Matt Stonies Lunch Snack

  12. Mahogany B. says:

    That first is a messy mess!! Just completely thrown together because they know they would still eat and pay more for it…im getting CONSTIPATION VIBES FROM THAT PIZA

  13. s t a r s G a c h a says:


  14. Alexis Wood says:

    “I don’t think I weigh 7 pounds”

  15. Kelly V says:

    "I don't think I even weigh 7 pounds."

    Me: ahhhhhhhhhh

  16. • PixelChu! • says:

    Where’s Amethyst when you need her?

  17. m says:

    HE'S CUTEEEEE 😍😭❤️

  18. m says:

    "So I'm making a video of it so I can get it for free and BuzzFeed will pay for it."


  19. thicc panda says:

    Matt stonie should try to eat that

  20. lol uew says:

    I would just eat 10 bites and I'm done period.

  21. Elizabeth Carire says:

    he must carry lactate milk chews in his pocket. those are awesome.

  22. kendrick shakur says:

    So a hole pizza with a bunch of topings folded in half and cut in half?

  23. Neethelap says:

    Good 👋🏼👋🏼 for 👋🏼👋🏼 you 🤘🏿

  24. Rashanna delaghetto says:

    Man: No ones finished it
    Matt stonie: hold my appetite

  25. Boo the Mango. says:

    You guys got nothing on your local homeless person that is starving and hasnt eaten for 2 weeks

  26. ツMavric says:

    It isn’t a pizza or a burrito it is a pizzarito

  27. Mujibur Rahman says:

    All I see in the comments section is "Matt stone"

  28. ur mom is fat says:

    i just wanna eat this.. im literally crying rn… it looked so good tears are literally coming out of my eyes.. i can finish that. definitely

  29. Forwardbackwardpeckingorder OneAboveAll says:

    Where pizzaeita

  30. KingInTheNorth says:

    Matt Stonie has joined the chat

  31. RAETOOREAL says:

    I can finish that I know I can

  32. Yigit Turkmen says:

    Matt stonie destroys it easy

  33. Peace Keeper says:

    Call matt stonie

  34. athina didoun says:

    Italien here 🙁 thats not pizza)

  35. Margaret Kelley says:

    Those things are the size of BABIES

  36. The Neon Apple says:


  37. Monroe Robbins says:

    1:55 that’s what she said.

  38. Lone Libra says:

    We need Matt Stonie

  39. David Myrick says:

    I dont consider that a 🌯

  40. Janiel El Lobo says:

    Estupido video

  41. Lana Sučić says:

    Why didnt anyone call Trish?

  42. sf_shadow_funtime foxy says:

    Aaaaa i need this

  43. Thảo Nguyên Nguyễn says:

    this is actually a BURRIZZA

  44. Allen Ma says:

    these guys are gonna be living on the toliet after

  45. quwh0t lyrics says:

    We need kinoshita yuka here😂

  46. Roxana Romero says:

    I could finish it

  47. Marvin Plays says:

    Why don’t you unroll it

  48. Carter Nguyen says:

    0:22 how do u weight less than 7 pounds?

  49. Len Uchiha says:

    I probably can if I am very hungry

  50. Alabama Bear Grylls says:

    i feel like these challenges wouldnt have to be challenged if everyone attempting it was stoned

  51. Emily Morrissette says:

    This just makes me sick 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  52. Ney Mar says:


  53. Leecy says:

    Lol awww the chef looked so happy and then it turned to a frown 2:24

  54. Min Jo Byun says:

    Rolled up pizza? Lets get Mark Iacono of Lucali's judge if it's a pizza or not lol

  55. mtm14 says:

    I feel like I could do it if I wouldn't be thinking about the calories the whole time, lmaooo

  56. Low-key Emo says:

    The dude is so honest its funnyXD

  57. Alex George says:

    Give this to Matt Stonie

  58. Leykook • says:

    is it just me or does he kinda look and act like pete davidson? i think i’m delusional

  59. Axzte says:

    I gained 30 pounds just watching this video

  60. ikasii says:

    That little bite he took
    I can take a bite like a shark 😂

  61. Mahabul Alon says:

    I came here to see Triggered Mexicans lol

  62. Cailin Patton says:

    I would eat that 7 pound pizza and gain 7,000

  63. AceTrainerJ says:

    Its an Italian burrito

  64. Sanskar Tiwari says:

    1:40 Matt stonie, help him

  65. Sanskar Tiwari says:

    Everyone in the comments thinks, they could've easily finished it

  66. Yeah293939 - says:

    Shouldn’t that guy wear gloves ?

  67. Victor Tulk says:

    When you want to see people get diabetes but you have to click on a buzzfeed video

    The hardest choices require the strongest wills

  68. Cris I1 says:

    I would want to see matt stone finish that

  69. Sol Aum says:

    Wow. A rolled up pizza. Not a burrito

  70. Gamebomb says:

    I hope Matt stonie can finish it

  71. Poster Dirosahislamiyah says:

    ITS a rolled pizza -_-

  72. ganga chana says:

    its more like a calzone

  73. jaycyn40 says:

    Oversized calzone

  74. henry geronimo says:

    Its night time and I feel hungry

  75. Sophie Springer says:

    isn’t i basically just a calzone and not a pizza burrito?

  76. Cobraz XD says:

    I think i could do it maybe

  77. Lord Meatball says:

    its not a burrito its a rolled up pizza with pasta inside

  78. sollzy says:

    Looks like a calzone

  79. Safa Pebbles says:

    If I starved myself for two days I think I might be able to

  80. im a hedchog ite says:

    I remember when I ate that .

    Then I turned 9

  81. Gab Soco says:

    So buzzfeed has to pay for it free food lol

  82. The_Flash0328 says:

    “ 7 pounds!!! I don’t even think I weigh 7 pounds”

    Coincidence I think not

  83. matea stojcevska says:

    Omg why does he look like Cameron right now😭😭😭😭

  84. ivy says:

    give me this on one of my binging episodes id beat the challenge sksksksksks

  85. DILNED Smith says:

    Horrible 😂🤢😍

  86. Jiya Shah says:

    where is matt stonie

  87. Alysa Grimsley says:

    I'm 6 months pregnant so this looks good right about now

  88. Fiona Foodie says:

    Maybe if they leave it flat and cut into slices I think a lot of ppl could’ve finished it

  89. Mathew Jeon says:

    Hello matt stonie I need you to eat 7 pounds! yeah yeah ok you’ll be right there right? Ok

  90. Allheart8705 says:

    Matt stonie has entered the battle

  91. Goatie The demon says:

    bro just stuff it down ur throat smh

  92. Confused Kookie says:

    Uhm my backpack was more heavy than that on the last day of school….

  93. •michh.///i• says:

    That's like 50x what I eat in a day xD

  94. FatPanda says:

    Matt Stonie should do the challenge.

  95. NerdyGirl 45 says:

    Boi I’ll eat this on my period like it’s nothing

  96. Steel/Shade LOTPAH says:

    I can finish it !

    If I am hungry for 15 hours straight
    I am also not American

  97. Stop Clickbait says:

    I bet amethyst can finish it like she did with the other one

  98. Enderplays2007 says:

    isnt it a calzone

  99. alifilos says:

    Pasta is not a topping, pasta is a dish

  100. LemonDrop says:

    steven universe anybody?

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