We ordered one of EVERY PIZZA ON THE MENU | Going In

We’ll be right with
you my friends. You said you were going to
throw me a pizza party for my birthday. What’s up? That’s why we’re here.
This is the Pizza Press. You’ve been to Pizza
Press before, but this is where the original
location used to be. It used to be this
small little place. Now it’s this huge Pizza Press
inside the Anaheim Hotel. And are we gonna
build our own pizza? Yeah, and the owner’s here.
The guy who started Pizza Press, the whole big chain. I’ve been working with him
on a pizza for us, for Foodbeast and he said if the pizza’s good enough, he’ll actually put
it on the menu here. ‘Cause all the pizza’s
here are named after big publications. Man, that’s perfect. We’re the stinkiest food
publication out there. I love it. So we’re gonna do
a stinky pizza. It’s all the garlic they have, the roasted garli-,
like so much garlic that it’s going to hurt, spicy red sauce
to make it spicy, caramelized onions just ’cause
I want people to eat it, feel stinky… Yes. and then continue to stink
throughout the day. I hope it’s good. We will see. It sounds delicious.
–We’ll find out. It does sound delicious. Want to split a pie with me?
–I want to split eight pies. One, two, three, four, five… That’s my guy. …six, seven, eight pies. All right cool so we’re
gonna order all the pizzas. A-, all the signature
pizzas you guys have. Can we get The Press
Cheese, The Herald, The Times, The Tribune, The Sun, The Chronicle, and The Daily. Oh, wait can we add the
garlic cheesy bread. And a cheesy bread please. Then we’re gonna
publish our own. The FoodBeast Stinky Pizza. Sounds great. All right perfect. [Music] Oh, this is more pizza
than I thought. Cheers bro. Cheers. Great. Ah…
God, I love Naughty Sauce. That’s the one. So, good. That’s the one. There he is. Hey, what’s up dude?
Dara. Nice to meet you.
Marc. Nice to meet you, Marc.
Elie, what’s up man? Long time. Thank you for… Yeah, man you went big on that, you went big. This is a dope location. This is not what I remember. Yeah, we went for something
really small to really big. Yeah. And this property is crazy dude. Uh, are we going
to eat this here? That’s what was the plan, unless
you have another plan? Actually, we have an
Olympic swimming pool here that’s crazy dude, you
guys got to see it. Let’s do it. [Music] You ready? Oh my God, look at
this Cheesy Bread. Oh, my gosh it’s bangin’. Here we go. [Whistles] Oh, boy! All in one bite. [Music] So every pizza you have is
named after a newspaper or a publication. Like what was the inspiration
behind Pizza Press? We were, uh, sitting around
trying to figuring out what we were gonna call it.
–Yeah. So we were looking
at the equipment and there was a dough press
and so it was like dude, that’s a pizza press. This is a pizza that we created, right?
This is the Stinky Pizza. Yeah, I gotta tell
you man, thank you. This is a dream come true
to have a pizza on a menu named after Foodbeast. It took us awhile-
we didn’t know what to make. I wanted something that stunk. There’s so much garlic in here. I haven’t even tried it yet. Okay, this is it. Oh, yeah he is going for
the first one ever. At the same time. At the same time. All right. I’m going for the smaller piece. Okay. Because I don’t even know what’s-, what’s happening. Same time gentlemen. There’s just a lot. I mean what you’re not
seeing is that it’s all… You can smell it. …trapped… It’s
all underneath. It’s all underneath. Cheers. Cheers. Oh, man it gets your… oh,
man, it gets you, dude! It gets you right there. Oh, wow. There’s so much garlic… I’m like not mad though. My tongue it tingling. Minced garlic, roasted garlic,
all the garlic. This is my favorite pizza. You are welcome. Wow! Yeah, thank you, I really
want to say thank you for suggesting this. That’s a good Foodbeast pizza. You gotta start designing menus. My nose is running a lil bit. You love beer too, huh? Oh, man. That’s what noticed at Pizza
Press is like you guys actually have a crazy
craft beer selection that’s like different
in different spots. Like you have Naughty Sauce,
like this is my favorite beer out of Anaheim. There’s a lot of
cheers on this show. Let’s go.
Cheers culture guys. Cheers culture. [Music] Let it go, let it go
it’s Going in! Why not, why not? Oh my God. Just let it go. [Music] This is a good day.
This is Anaheim. Where else can you
just go to Disneyland, get a pizza, sit at a pool…
I’m so thankful for what we’re doing right now. Can you keep opening
up by pools? Yeah, you know. Are you guys gonna jump in? [Music] Oh my God, this has been The best day… ever. All right, guess what? It’s official. The Stinky Pizza
is on the Pizza Press menu And for anyone watching: it’s
called the Foodbeast special. With a one-night stay here, they
can order the Stinky Pizza, they get the Stinky
Pizza for free, they get another pizza of
their choice to wash down the Stinky Pizza and then
you get Root Beer Floats that you can just
have by the pool bro. You can just live this life. But pizza floats not included. Thank you at Dara for
letting us order all of these pizzas. Thank you for Anaheim for
bringing the sun out. And Anaheim, sun always shine, baby. This is Going In. Going In. [Music] Bro, here you go. Gotta feed your friends, guys. That’s right.

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