We tried out the world’s fanciest McDonald’s | CNBC Reports

This might not look like
a McDonald’s, but it is. Okay, maybe asking for a wine
list was a bit of a stretch, but when visiting the world’s fanciest
McDonald’s, who knows what to expect? This is McDonald’s Next, a new concept
being tested out in Hong Kong, offering everything from quinoa to
matcha sundaes served on a waffle. As many say, it’s always better to be overdressed
than underdressed. Well, I’m not taking any chances. At this McDonald’s, almost everything you’ve known
about the golden arches is thrown out the window. When in a fancy McDonald’s,
go for brioche. Carmelized onions? Truffle-flavored sauce. You can just add grilled pineapple,
crispy wood bacon, more cheese. The fries seem a little bit standard,
I would have thought they’d have like sweet potato fries or truffle fries. There is a lot of drink options. The burger, fries and salted caramel
latte add up to just under $9. For McDonald’s probably a little
high, but still good, I would say. For me, the kiosk is taking
a bit of getting used to. See this kiosk… Cancel! Ah, no don’t cancel the whole thing! It’s a bit too complex for me. No! This, I want this. Kiosks are increasingly popping up
in McDonald’s around the world. Not only do they reduce labor costs, but also customers
tend to spend a bit more when ordering on a kiosk. Since I’m getting the burger,
perhaps I should get a salad too. You have a choice between
two different lettuces. We’ll do California blend. Shredded mozzarella or shaved parmesan? Obviously, the shaved parmesan. There’s
quinoa, crispy bacon bits, let’s do pineapple. Crayfish egg mayo? Let’s give it a try. The salad cost me $11.40. After 6 o’clock, they do table service
at this McDonald’s, which means you have a number and they
come to you which is quite nice. First, it’s the soapy water, give
it a scrub, then you rinse. And then automatically, the
paper towel comes out. Whether you’re ready or not,
the experience happens. It’s very fancy. It came on a cutting board with a real fork, a real knife
and it’s like one of those hip places you go for brunch. And even the ketchup
here is delivered. This is the salad that just came. This McDonald’s even has wireless
mobile chargers and USB ports. As full as I am right now, I think
I need to see a dessert menu. Ordering one of their fanciest desserts
can only be done behind the McCafé counter. Are the cakes made onsite? Yes. Yes, they’re made onsite. Here, the coffee beans come
from different regions. It’s so proud of its coffee, it even sells its own
coffee beans to make it yourself at home. For dessert, I opt for the sweet
potato-flavored sundae waffle, and I pair it with a mochaccino,
coming to about $7. Everything is quite fancy, except
it came on a plastic tray. There’s some inconsistencies in this experience.
For example, a plastic fork with a salad, but nice utensils with the burger. So will this fancy dining experience
combat declining restaurant sales and satisfy the increasing trend toward
more health conscious eating? Will McDonald’s start more
of these around the world? I wonder if I need to leave a tip.

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  1. Mustafa Abdillahi says:

    They have had this kiosk and tableservice thingy in my McDonalds since 2015…

  2. tdot22 says:

    Wait …… they’re piloting new McDonalds concepts in China ?!? What does that tell you about where McDonalds sees higher profits ?!?

  3. avcomth says:

    Fancy McDonald's is still garbage, I'd rather eat at Mos Burger if I wanted to have a fancy burger meal.

  4. *21 Savage* says:

    Why are u wearing a suit to a damn McDonald’s wtf some people…

  5. Diego Sgrò says:

    Well, most of Mc Donald's in Italy are like that. Nothing new

  6. Prince Orphee says:

    Can u imagine eating a burger with a fork…THE HORROR!!😱😱

  7. XxTrixtaxX YT says:

    Can I get a burger please ?

    Excuse me ?

    I mean can I get a mcburger please

  8. XxTrixtaxX YT says:

    Mom:let’s go somewhere fancy

    dad: 🙂 mcdonalds

    Mom:that’s not fancy

    Dad:just you wait

  9. Faryal Arif says:

    He looks like ayushmaan khurrana

  10. PeRuViAnRoNaLdO says:

    I’m going to Hong Kong soon….

  11. Sajed Ahmad says:

    I thought ur the waiter 😂😂

  12. Westerly English Academy WEA says:

    At this point, it is no longer Mc Donalds!!!!!!

  13. TheMlgPizza396 says:

    i wonder what the toys come with the happy meals?

  14. Rajat Sinha says:

    That touchscreen is most dirty

  15. Shaun Mattice says:

    That has to look like the freshest burger McDonald's has ever served.

  16. Lone Traveller says:

    Hong Kong dollars right?

  17. no name boy says:

    When he said this I want this I thought of a spoiled kid

  18. Legend8818 says:

    My mans really wore a formal suit to Mcdonalds

  19. A Journey Like Never Before says:

    When CNBC pays for your vacation

  20. Jack says:

    I enjoyed everything but the person who is shown the whole video and his voice

  21. SIM says:

    when u thought that mcdonalds was the only thing that would be gentrification proof

  22. Wasted Warrior10 says:

    McDonald’s is from USA yet the Fanciest one is in Hong Kong? WTF!!!!!!!!! 🙄😏

  23. Haidar GK46 says:

    I will not be imressed if the serve gold nuggets

  24. Boubacar Barry says:

    That’s the last time imma ever see a perfect burger ever again 😭

  25. Tony Salazar Donjuan says:

    So its not a filet o fish right? Sub caviar

  26. bbyspace says:

    where i was born, mcdonald’s serves rice which is weird in my opinion

  27. JimijaymesGuitarist says:

    Australia was doing this year's ago. Don't know what your hype is about. It never looked fancy but making your own creation and having it delivered on a wooden board.

  28. Curious Molar says:

    I don't like cheap plastic. 😂

  29. Lee Clarkson says:

    Wonder if the consierge can sort owt a mcgang bang. Lol

  30. alfred belleza says:

    It doesn't sound expensive though. Its like normal McDonald's only they charge you 20 cents per food

  31. Joy Ahmed says:

    So if you get diabetes from this McDonalds is not as bad

  32. Im Smaller says:

    This dude is annoying

  33. Hector Nelson-Smith says:

    Saw the lighting and new where he wad

  34. Obsidian says:

    Thats boring

  35. Don Pablo says:

    Paradise when you are drunk and want to eat the whole menu

  36. o0o Jenhaug says:

    Here in Norway, some mac'donalds are so shitty, its like rats in the kitchen and stuff🤮

  37. Mutasem9010 says:

    Why is no one commenting on him paying 11$ for a salad 😱

  38. Dylano says:

    me going to the drive thru

    – Welcome to McDonald’s, what would you like to order?
    Me: Could I get an ice cream?
    – Ehh, I’m sorry but it’s broken atm..
    Me: yeah just like your hairline

    proceeds to drive away

  39. LoveRanger is Gay XD says:

    McDonald’s chipotle
    BUTT a technology

  40. Jeffy Jeffy says:

    It’s basically shake shack

  41. Subscribe for The N-Word Pass says:

    This will get an A+ from Gordon Ramsey.

  42. monkey butt says:

    I dont care how fancy Mickey D’s gets, just keep that McChicken on the menu. That’s all I ask.

  43. Super Fuze says:

    34.50 for a sharing box no thanks😂

  44. Niofy says:

    Bet the ice cream machine is still broken

  45. Heliosintos Clark says:

    1 Subscription to me=1 blessing to you!

  46. bish says:

    i liv in hk and i dont know this

  47. 10,000 subscribers without videos challenge says:

    The reason of the plastic cutlery on the salad is that no one actually wants to eat a salad at the shop and not what most people come for so most people have it at home or in the car ready for work or something

  48. SK7 says:

    Doesn’t every McDonald’s have a kiosk and wireless charging

    In the UK there is but dk bout other placed

  49. Travis Brider says:

    And he thinks he's in gordan Ramsey's restaurant
    I mean he's using a tie while the people are using normal clothes like imagine what the people in the background is gonna be like it's kinda funny

  50. António Paixão says:

    Did they forget to cook?

  51. Sean John says:

    does Donald trump know about this mcdonalds

  52. Mrshishkebab says:

    He’s the odd one out

  53. Hulphaids Stik'ieds says:

    Still tastes like shit.

  54. henry liu says:

    they get real beef while we in the UK are eating horse

  55. SDR Slick says:

    And here I am sitting in this crappy 2 star McDonald's

  56. EllaBella says:

    Does anyone know the location? I really want to know thanks

  57. brettduffy19992 says:

    Any free refills

  58. Luis Acosta says:

    Dude said “maCHA” sundae

  59. Jessica Bake says:

    I thought McDonald’s everywhere had kiosks, table service and wireless chargers?

  60. Stormy says:

    This is a Disgrace To Ronald McDonald.

  61. Ly Kim sovannith says:

    I bet the ice cream machine is still brokem

  62. Cities Gaming says:

    I love how the kiosks are "too confusing"? (They rn't in the Uk tho…)

  63. FlegSlav //JimDSB HardbassFanatic says:

    *Colonel Sanders has left the chat*

  64. unicorm dreams says:

    Check out a book called Amon Ibrahim on Amazon 📖 🌈 🍭 with yr mcdonalds meal

  65. Jashanjot Thind says:

    It’s still cheaper then the meal I buy at normal McDonald’s

  66. Ahmad A says:

    next video: fanciest dollar tree

  67. solidaudioTV says:

    Now that's better………………than Wendy's!. 🙂

  68. Henry’s Aviation says:

    I swear like a lot (not all) McDonald’s in Australia has table service

  69. Tim YT says:

    The fanciest moght have a broken ice crewm machine

  70. Scorest says:

    Next : a fancy taco bell

  71. Mr_ Noob says:

    Norway has just as fancy McDonald’s and they have sweet potato fries

    (Me is not a hater, I is just sayin)

  72. Bryant KANG says:

    Now these burgers look like the ones on commercials

  73. Samantha Si says:

    in Hong Kong!?where??

  74. Fortnight / piano Videos says:

    2000 Years later

  75. Tri ket says:

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  77. San Dog says:

    This is cringy……

  78. Future Vlogs says:

    That's not even a fast food anymore

  79. S'gelekeqe Es'focused says:

    So the main difference is that at the fanciest McDonald's, the burger buns are made out of plastic? Okay. Got it.

  80. Yoongi's Grandpa says:

    Gordon Ramsay should try this

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    when u add a basil leaf to ur instant ramen

  82. Miche says:

    Does hong kong people speak English?

  83. Iconic JPDJDL says:

    Who else got a McDonald’s ad before the video started?

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    Been there still sucked

  85. Kristoff Neil Cortez says:

    Did ronald just quit

  86. Travis Hailey says:

    Real question do they uber eats? I uber and will retire when I am 34 thanks to it🤔😍https://www.uber.com/signup/drive/deliver/?invite_code=3f8m8hgb1

  87. pootis man says:

    Who puts pineapple on a salad with cheese on it ?

  88. sUMo_gamez says:

    I'Ve mCfaLlEN

  89. Xuanyi Du says:

    oh that's luxury, hope it makes a profit

  90. Xuanyi Du says:

    the salad is quite expensive

  91. IzukuMidoriya Deku says:

    When I sit in a seat at the Fanciest McDonalds

    I’m 21th Century Queen of the french words

  92. The FireBlaster L0L says:

    Everyone just dressed normal but the dude dressed like he was going on prom or something

  93. Ginger Gizmo says:

    what texture pack is that

  94. Md H says:

    Healthy eating by McDonald's! Unbelievable but looking forward to it in the future.

  95. Thomas Walsh says:


  96. Rubentje says:

    did u notice the prices

  97. Hfaxsushim says:

    3:10 with 7 dollar i can buy in burger king 1 burger and 1 small fries

  98. AlexDoes Vlogs says:

    Finally a McDonald’s with the food that looks like The commercials

  99. Feroz says:

    Damn son where’d u find this

  100. michaela wayshak says:

    I like how you say crispy bacon bits then pick pineapple 😂😖

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