23 comments on “We Try To Make A Real Pizza Using A Play-Doh Pizza Maker”

  1. Alex J Brimmer says:

    Does Rhett call him Charles??

  2. Matthew Chaulklin says:

    Is GMM releasing food doughs? That would be amazing.

  3. Rebecca Levy says:

    Link's pants 😍😍😍

  4. alby says:

    "thats doughy"
    "Joeys here?"
    i laughed more than i should have

  5. josh greg says:

    I'm too empithetic I was actually told to be more selfish.

  6. TUmaDO says:

    i love this show

  7. Kyle Boise says:

    So they do plan who wins?

  8. Micah Philson says:

    22:09 Hahaha, they totally forgot they were supposed to react!

    Seriously, their faces don't even move for like 30 seconds!

  9. Ashley S says:

    Random but a thought…
    For a video, you should do an ASL theme (American Sign Language). Have a d/Deaf individual on. Maybe play, “Guess That Sign”? I think that would be awesome.

  10. mojo says:

    I love rhetts hoodie and links trousers

  11. Jennifer Bureau says:

    I said this during the actual episode and I'm going to say it again… y'all HAVE to stop saying "Real Doh." Please. Google it.

  12. Sophie Geale says:

    It's weird seeing Rhett and Links legs…

  13. Lady of Darkness says:

    Now I want them to react to all of Kiki's compilations!

  14. Renée Dubuc says:

    I’d like to see Rhett and Link buy more kids’ toys and then miserably assemble them 😂

  15. Rman Nayr says:


  16. Kendra Riley says:

    Did Link have on pajama’s?

  17. Shannon Howell says:

    Omg Rhett has the same sweater as me!!! :O

  18. Adam Golan says:

    I was mentally asking Rhett to quit the bit way earlier than Link.

  19. Aldo Parziale says:

    "Yeah, but what have they been shaking?" Lol

  20. Kimberley Johnson says:


  21. Nikki Atkins says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if Play Doh makes a edible doh.

  22. Jordan Carti says:

    “Thanks for not ending it” got me emotional

  23. The Man the Myth Jordan says:

    Does ANYBODY know where Link got those plaid pants from? So serious.

  24. Aiden Nelson says:

    Bring Obama Back

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