Weekly Japanese Words with Risa – Food

みんな、こんにちは、Risaです。(Minna, konnichiwa, Risa desu.) 今日のWeekly Wordsのテーマは… (Kyō no Weekly Words no, tēma wa…) Food. ケーキ(kēki) Cake 誕生日にケーキを食べる。(Tanjoubi ni kēki o taberu.)
Happy birthday cake. バースデーケーキです。(Bāsudēkēki desu.) ケーキ、大好き。(Kēki, daisuki.) んー、何でも好き。(Nn, nan demo suki.)
(Demo chokorētokēki ga suki kana.) ご飯(gohan) rice 日本人の主食、ご飯。(Nihon-jin no shushoku, gohan.) Rice. ご飯、ご飯。(gohan, gohan.) パン(pan) bread. パン(pan) パンかご飯、どちらがよろしいですか。(Pan ka go-han, dochira ga yoroshii desu ka.) あー、どっちも好きだな。どっちも好き、迷う、迷う、(Ā, dotchi mo suki da na. Dotchi mo suki, mayou, mayou) その時の気分で決めます。 パン、ご飯、パンもおいしいよなぁ。(Sono toki no kibun de kime masu. Pan,
go-han, pan mo oishii yo nā.) 今日はパンが食べたいです。(Kyō
wa pan ga tabetai desu.) 今日は、でも白いご飯も、おいしい、あーどっちも、どっちもいいな。 (Kyō wa, demo shiroi go-han mo, oishii, ā dotchi mo, docchi mo ii na.) 次、ドローン、ジャンジャンジャンジャン。
(Tsugi, dorōn, janjanjanjan.) 豚肉(butaniku) pork. 豚肉(butaniku) 豚肉、牛肉どちらがよろしいですか。(Butaniku, gyūniku dochira ga yoroshii desu ka.) 豚肉、pork (butaniku, pork)
牛肉、beef (gyūniku, beef). Beef or pork? お菓子(o-kashi) sweets お菓子(o-kashi) あなたの好きなお菓子は何ですか。(Anata no suki na o-ashi wa nan desu ka.) お菓子 (o-kashi)、sweets いま私は、クッキーが食べたい気分です。
(Ima watashi wa, kukkī ga tabetai kibun desu.) クッキー、ビスケット、ポテトチップス、んー、おいしい、おいしい。
(Kukkiī, bisuketto, potetochippusu, nn, oishii, oishii.) では、今日は、ここまでです。
(Dewa, kyō wa, koko made desu.) みんな、好きな食べ物は、何でしょうか。
(Minna, suki na tabemono wa, nan deshō ka.) カタコトになっちゃった(Katakoto ni natchatta.)
(Atashi wa, abogado daisuki.) アボガド (abogado) パイナップルも大好き。(Painappuru mo daisuki.)
(Ato wa, hōrensō mo daisuki.) じゃあ、みんな、ヘルシーにね。
(Jā, minna, herushī ni ne.) じゃあね(Jā ne.) Bye bye. Stay healthy, bye.

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  1. Карло 17008 says:

    I love these videos ^_^

  2. MasterQuestMaster says:

    okashi = sweet, okashii = strange
    It's all a matter of the pronounciation :v

  3. Zoe _ says:

    I like learning the foods cause then i would know how to say/ order food. I love the other videos as well!

  4. Sonny Huynh says:

    Oh..Lord here we go again…can not remember one single word….thanks Risa!

  5. Red Bull says:

    how about write for example like this"genki desuka?" and in japanese letters.

  6. TRiniLukey says:

    displaying romanji on the screen really would help too lol

  7. madsami says:

    Lmao りささんは面白いなぁ

  8. doggybag71 says:

    好きな食べ物は、ええ、いっぱいあるそうけど鮭やきとかすしとかパスタ好きです。キャア!おなかがすいている、朝ごはんを食べたい。じゃね、すうたち xD

  9. Nizmei says:

    Thank you, Risa. 

  10. Michael Lee says:

    Happy time 🙂

  11. marikaefer says:

    Haha, I love avocado, too <3 Japan has such great avocado burgers >_<

  12. Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com says:

    NEW Video Lesson! Weekly Japanese Words with Risa – Food

    In this lesson Risa will teach you five food words, only she doesn't know what they are yet! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos! http://youtu.be/OSeIarLhV8M

  13. Sakura says:

    Can you write like the translation os pronunciation too! Please pronunciation is not my best haha

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  16. Michael Hernandez says:

    any chance of spelling out the pronounciation of the word below the english translation of the flash card?

  17. swatteam2002 says:

    Oh God ! <3 .. I need a Japanese girlfriend 🙁

  18. Nero Trinh says:

    what kind of idiot can dislike such a wonderful lecture, hmm other JPPot101 lecturer maybe hahaha properly jealous.

  19. Rob D. says:

    I wish I had a little bit of her energy 🙂 I love the videos lol

  20. twodimensionsjhr says:

    I really love your energy Risa! You seem like you're having a lot of fun! to be honest, whenever I meet a Japanese girl they're not as energetic as you 🙁 

  21. Nick Yang says:

    does Risa have a personal youtube channel?

  22. Larry Salaets says:

    I like the way that you introduce ご飯 ^^
    Always enjoy the lessons, Risaさん!

  23. Michael Weston says:

    Another fun well done lesson.

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  25. TRUNKS Manga says:

    Your thumbnails are amazing! Did you use a certain program or pressure sensitive tablet to draw the pictures and write the words?

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  27. Diana Dentino says:

    Nice singing voice!

  28. Golden Eldorado says:

    Pan is bread? Same as in spanish. That one is gonna be an easy one to learn…watashi wa sopeinhitodesu 🙂

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  30. Tiger Lily says:

    Can you please write how the japanese word would be spelled in English, when you are saying them? For example if you are using the word dog. When you translate the word "dog" can you please write inu. So I would know how to pronounce it in japanese. I hope this made sense😂 but otherwise your videos are really good!!

  31. russell schaeffler says:

    In French it is painful to eat pain, because the pain becomes rock hard after one day.

  32. Dio Jean-Baptiste says:

    Funniest part for me, — Happy birthday ..CAKEEEEE!!!!!!!!
    love it. 🙂

  33. Will Johnson says:

    When are you going to start your singing career?

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  35. Sunbyul says:

    肉棒を食べたいですねー(^・ω・^ )

  36. s3xyScorp says:

    Buta is pig,right ? so butaniku literally means pig meat..lol.

  37. David K. says:

    Are Japanese people able to say 'F' because it's kinda like she's saying "HuUuuude" ^^

  38. Matheus Ramos says:

    RISA-CHAN! ! ! Omendento ! !
    "Y.A.S.A.I. love you, so and I love you ! ! ♥"
    — 愛を込めて, キリン

  39. Kalon101 says:

    Tisa is so kawaii

  40. chickpea05 says:

    Onaka ga suitaaaaaaaa😫
    Okonomiyaki ga TABETAI!☺️

  41. Cam C says:

    シュークリームが大好き(*≧∀≦) 日本に留学してた時、大体それしか食べなくて、だいぶ体重が増えちゃったw まあ、2, 3年間前の話ですけどね。

  42. OLMNMD says:

    I love you, hope one day I get to visit you

  43. Kita Nguyen says:

    I looking for a Japanese tutor at home. I'm living in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

  44. Naij Dliz says:

    Risa chan wa totemo kawaii desu.

  45. Rageypeep says:

    I wish you guys would also include Romaji, its so helpful for learning.

  46. Hassan Rizwan says:

    i don't know why but i'm falling for her..

  47. ☠💀 Ms.Discombobulator 💀☠ says:

    Hey Risa how do I say I do not eat fish & sushi in japanese please

  48. S. timur says:

    you are soooo sweet

  49. Wayne Milbourn says:

    pan is bread and gohan is rice? so is goku cheese or what

  50. Au Somers says:

    =) I just love her. She's so pretty, so nice.

  51. VoteFoPedro says:

    Risa is so kawaii!!

  52. Benjamin Saravia says:

    I dnt kno how you did it, but you made me blush like a little school girl lol

  53. Friendly Otaku says:

    when my mom said to look up to speak Japanese I said "I need to figure out all of the food"

  54. Asad Khan says:

    why you didn't write Japanese words in English it will be more easy for us

  55. Troy Collosus says:

    aistheru risa desu 🙂 egao ga sutike ne 🙂

    watashi Troy Collosus Caramat desu 🙂

  56. Shin Tuxedo says:

    うらにわ に オバカド が ある!

  57. jokyng says:

    Risa is so kawaii

  58. •A m y• says:

    what did she mean when she said kibun?

  59. TyOrca 5 says:

    Interesting fact, the Japanese word for bread is パン (pan) because the Portuguese word for bread is pan, and the Portuguese were the first to introduce the Japanese to bread!

  60. Carlos Resendiz Garcia says:


  61. trang himachal says:

    risa sanがだい好きです

  62. Ryan Steele says:

    Sweets is おかし?I learned from my textbook and jisho.org sweets was あめ (I know it can also mean rain).

  63. Aakriti Ramesh says:

    How do you say '' I am vegetarian and I don't eat eggs meat and fish

  64. Jens Sveen says:

    "Beef or pork? hihih" Hahah awesome.
    Serious question: Is bread "Pam" or "Pan"?

  65. 66berserker says:

    Hey, Risa!

    You are a little bit 雑.

  66. Ostekagerne8D says:

    私の好きな食べ物はフルーツです。 Is this correct? 😀

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    I love your voice! and you too.

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    So the U is silent in Pōku ?

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    I can't learn from this – I'm too distracted by the sheer loveliness that is Queen Risa ! x

  71. ねこさりは says:

    Love from japan

  72. Kamalakannan A R says:

    The "stay healthy" sounded so genuine, everyone feels like adopting a healthier lifestyle.

  73. Antonio G.P. says:

    Rice and bread are names taking from Dragon Ball characters… If you know what I mean…

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    1:12 probably the cutest thing in the known universe

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    I start to find RISA in Weekly japanese discouraging. She speaks to FAST & therecis no ENGLISH SUB-TITLE

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