Weekly Japanese Words with Risa – Sushi Items

Hi everybody. Hi everybody. Today’s
lesson is Sushi. Let’s go Sushi, Yummy, yummy! マグロ(maguro)
マグロ(maguro) is tuna. マグロはお寿司の定番だ。
(Maguro wa o-sushi no teiban da.) トロ(toro)
トロ(toro) means fatty tuna. トロは好きですか。(Toro wa suki desu ka.) サーモン(sāmon)
サーモン(sāmon) is salmon. サーモンは海外でも人気です。
(Sāmon wa kaigai de mo ninki desu.) ウニ(uni)
ウニ(uni) means… What was it? Sea urchin. ウニ(uni) is Sea Urchin. ウニは高級食材です。
(Uni wa kōkyū shokuzai desu.) The last one… イクラ(ikura)
イクラ(ikura) means salmon egg 子供たちが大好きなイクラ!
(Kodomo-tachi ga daisuki na ikura!) おいしいですよ、ぜひ試してみて下さい。食べてみてね。
(Oishi idesu yo, zehi tameshite mite kudasai. Tabete mite ne.) See you next week. Bye bye.

28 comments on “Weekly Japanese Words with Risa – Sushi Items”

  1. S Seiei says:

    I love sushi!

  2. Nguyen Laughing says:

    You are so cute.

  3. Alex N says:

    Im studying Japanese at the moment and these videos help ^^

  4. Kragorin says:

    この美味しいレッスンを頂きました! ^_^

  5. skyllo says:

    i like uni. it looks a little gross but i like the taste.

  6. PcMast3Rac3 says:

    ikura also means how much?? isn't it??

  7. Ray Lee says:


  8. HerroKerushii says:

    このビデオを作ってくれてありがとうございます! もうmost of the単語が分かったけど、まだ面白かったですよ! 毎週、「weekly words」というビデオが楽しみです!!! お疲れ様〜

  9. The other John Smith says:

    My favourite is うなぎ, which means eel. Very tender and tasty!

  10. PumpkinMozie says:

    she's sooooo cute omg ;_;

  11. Sissou says:

    すしはおいしすぎる。(+o+) 好きだよ!

  12. John Galois says:

    Fatty tuna?? Haha ^ O^

  13. yasumi07 says:


  14. Hamed Hijazi says:

    Thank you for your efforts i have leaned alot from your videos keep it up this is my fifth language and i want learn it because one day i want to live in tokyo that why ♡

  15. Berkay Deniz says:

    literally mean children love salmon eggs?

  16. Jessika White says:

    So..Iruka= Salmon eggs and Naruto= Fish Cakes..hmm…..I wonder Kishi…

  17. kickassboy58 says:

    Why too cute D:

  18. Chriper says:

    Thank you for another great video!
    However, the summary at the end seems misplaced; Glass cup, sweater, glass window, beer and pants are perhaps for the next video? waku waku suru!

  19. argiemerc says:

    She makes me want to learn japanese. Adorable. Cant she do more than 1 video a week ?

  20. Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com says:

    What's your favorite sushi? Can you tell us in Japanese?

    This week Risa will teach you five sushi words, only she doesn't know what they are yet! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos: http://youtu.be/SXCDY1jpu1E

    P.S. To learn more sushi words, check this wordlist out: http://www.japanesepod101.com/japanese-vocabulary-lists/must-checkout-sushi-items

  21. Aezo says:

    うなさ Which means eel sorry guys but I like Eel sushi.

  22. Ying Horio says:

    Yummy yummy :3

  23. SpiralPower says:

    cant c the note when she put it in front of the camera

  24. LIFE Tabutiman says:

    She is beautiful これからも世界の方に、日本語のレッスン頑張ってください

  25. kim corpuz says:

    I always watching your video and its help me a lot… specially now i study hard japanese laguage.

  26. Ingus UIM says:

    Why are these words spelled in katakana? When I learned them in my class, they were spelled with hiragana? And this was after we already learned katakana.

  27. Junith Maro says:

    risa she is very cute when she smile and talk.

  28. Tim Larsson says:

    Children like salmon eggs in Japan? Here in Sweden, fish eggs are considered an adult taste.

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