Wegmans Foolproof Seafood Al Forno

I’m always being asked for a new or different
way to cook seafood. This is a fool-proof way to cook seafood without the mess. So,
I think it’s a great weeknight recipe. We call it “Al Forno,” and it works for any kind
of seafood that you like. Today, I’m going to use salmon but you could easily use scallops
or shrimp, swordfish. Today, I’m going to use salmon and just a few quick steps. I’ve
got four beautiful salmon fillets here. I’m just gonna go ahead and season them to taste
with salt and pepper. And, I’ve got an oven pre-heated to 450 degrees. While I’m going
ahead and doing this. So, it’s a perfect thing for you to take care of as soon as you get
home from work. I’ve got 1 cup of Panko breadcrumbs. And I’ve got 1/4 cup of basting oil and you
know the drill. It’s got the thyme, it’s got the garlic, and it’s got the parsley. A lot
of really good flavor. And, I’m just gonna go ahead and mix all that together. I’m essentially
making a crust here. And, I want that oil to go ahead and just saturate all those Panko
breadcrumbs. So, just give it a quick mix like that. You can see everything nicely and
saturated. And, all I want to do, is, I want to go ahead and separate this out among my
four pieces of salmon. Again, any seafood you want. This is going to be, any recipes
going to serve four. So, you just go ahead and divide this into four different parts
and top whatever seafood you’re making with one fourth of this mixture. Perfect, all right
that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Now, just get in there with my hands. I just want
to spread it out. I want a nice, even layer. The beauty of this technique is that you get
that nice crispy crust from the outside. But, clean-up’s gonna be a snap. And, it’s going
to cook very, very quickly. Again, a hot oven is going to give us a nice crispy exterior
but the interior is going to be nice and soft perfectly cooked fish. A 450-degree oven,
it’s going to take about 10 minutes. And, wait until you see what it looks like when
it comes out. So, it’s been about 10 minutes. And, I’m feeling pretty good about where we
are. But, I still need to temp this to make sure that it’s cooked properly. So, I’m looking
for 130 degrees. Just go into the thickest part. Perfect, that’s exactly what I want.
I’m just going to go ahead and I want to let this rest for two minutes before I eat it.
So, I’m just going to go ahead and transfer this over. All right, to a platter, just to
let it rest. And 130 degrees for seafood is exactly where we want it. I’m going to show
you in just one second why and what we’re looking for. OK, this last piece on here.
Perfect. All right. 130 degrees is going to give us a nice pearly interior okay. So, I’ll
show you, just look right in here and see right in there? That’s exactly what I’m looking
for. You can see how it’s nice and opaque still the fish in the center. Properly cooked
seafood is a revelation. It was a revelation for me the first time that I ate it. 130 degrees.
Use an instant read thermometer. I guarantee you; you’re going to love seafood when it’s
cooked properly. This is great. It’s delicious. Crunchy on the outside soft on the inside.
But my favorite part. I used parchment paper. You can use foil. But the best part about
this whole thing is now; I’m pretty much done cleaning up. Al Forno seafood, you gotta try
it at home. Perfect for a weeknight.

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