WEIRD and GREAT Sushi?! Asking foreigners in Japan about their SUSHI experience

I always gotta get something with eel on it and always something with salmon. As long as it’s not a California Roll I am open to try it. Orange small balls, I don’t know what is that. They sell Sushi with Foie Gras. Hey guys this is Cathy Cat. What is your favourite kind of Sushi? That’s a question we will ask a couple of foreigners here in Japan. Let’s go an find out. What is your favourite Sushi? Maguro (tuna) I guess. There is nothing, anything special so… – So you just take Maguro?
– I try anything. But my most favourite is Maguro. Mine is in Shibuya, it’s called Uobe. It’s a place where you basically have a conveyor belt and trains are coming with your food when you order. What is your favourite type of Sushi. – I like the prawn.
– Salmon sashimi I love a really nice piece of salmon. Easy for me. Unagi (eel). – That’s a rare one.
– Really?! It’s always with sauce and it’s sweet, light and flakey. It’s my favourite. I always got to get something with eel on it and always something with salmon. I like the sweet tofu (Inari). At a sushi restaurant, what’s the first thing you usually order? I order the eel as well. Ebi (shrimp), tuna and salmon. I prefer Sashimi to Sushi. Why do you prefer Sashimi? I prefer the fish than the rice. – Tuna rolls. – You mean the ones with the seaweed on the outside? – That’s the best one. Tuna rolls.
– Tuna rolls. Crab salad. Japanese tempura broccoli on top of rice. It’s cucumber with shrimps. Tuna. Tuna sushi definitely. Salmon. I would say tuna too. The fatty salmon ones. You know which ones? I don’t know the Japanese name but they are like the most delicious ones. Vegetable things. Not with fish. I don’t like fish. What do you usually order if you go to a sushi restaurant? I don’t know the name of it. It’s with avocado or tomato… not tomato… [German] What’s cucumber in English? – Cucumber?
– Yeah. Something like that. As long as it’s not a California Roll I am open to try it. Why not a California Roll? – Too American.
– Yeah too basic. – California Rolls?
– California Rolls, yes. I don’t eat fish so I like everything vegetarian. Natto maki (fermented beans). When I was small I always ate it. I still love it. – But she likes it too.
– Yes, I am open minded! Classic salmon, fatty tuna, ama ebi (sweet shrimp). There is a lot of things that I think is really weird and I wouldn’t eat. Have you ever seen any weird types of sushi? Anything where you though you would rather not eat it. The one with horse meat. We went to a runnin sushi place and and there was one with horse meat and it was weird. Yes we have seen sushi with horse meat. It was strange. We didn’t try it! Orange small balls, I don’t know what that is. I don’t know if I want to try it. There is one, it looks like a circle and it has like little eggs they have that on top and they are like orange eggs. That looks very interesting. Don’t know if I’d try that. Those weird fish eggs stuff. I wouldn’t even put it in my fridge. I don’t like it. I think it’s the eggs too. Fish eggs. We saw a sushi with eggplant on top. It was blue and it looked weird. Octopus sushi with octopus tentacle on top. It was weird. I typically don’t like octopus. – Oh I love it.
– Yeah she loves it. The sea urchin. I don’t like as much. The thing I would be reluctant to try would be the fugu fish. Is there sushi with fugu, Director? [Director] There is… it is really expensive though. Seems like it’s very pricey. There is a lot of stigma around it because it’s dangerous with the poison. You need to have a certificate to actually prepare fugu. The natto one with beans (fermented). The yellow thing. It looks spongy. It looked like cheese but when you took a bit of it it tastes like fish. – It tastes like what?
– FISH! I didn’t know what it was but I ate it. In France we have sweet maki (sushi rolls) with Nutella. There is chocolate inside. They also sell maki with Foie Gra. That sounds like a terrible Sushi idea. It’s very good with bread but not in Sushi, I think. Anything with avocado on Sushi I am a bit like…. I mean I love avocado and Sushi. But that’s not really classic Sushi. It’s westernized. The only funny thing is that in all the restaurants they always have these plastic displays. They make plastic sushi. I think this is very funny. You mean the ones for display that you can’t eat? – Yes.
– That’s everything. Thank you. Looks like tuna and salmon were the top two types of Sushi that people liked. Many people did not like Ikura which are little fish eggs that come on top of sushi. Orange. Kind of squishy. How about you? What’s your favourite Sushi and which Sushi would you rather not touch? Leave us a message. Looking forward to reading it. We have asked more foreigners here in Japan so click the top right of the screen to find those videos. Looking forward to more messages. Catch you soon on Ask Japanese.

31 comments on “WEIRD and GREAT Sushi?! Asking foreigners in Japan about their SUSHI experience”

  1. freedom says:


  2. Musti .Toshiro says:

    2:08 And he didn't even realize that Cathy is German. 😀

  3. 三吉窪太郎 says:


  4. djrol13 says:

    Well here in U.S we don't have all the "og" sushi (well not where I live at least. Too americanize.) so I don't have a favorite. I am open minded to try all kinds of sushi at least once, but like I said it's americanize here and it's hard to do.

  5. amityofyouth says:

    i love all sushi but im not SURE ABOUT SHIRAKO SUSHI

  6. MrChocopic says:

    My favourite sushi is Maki Tuna, ahh, I love it <3
    When I was in Tokyo, I tried a type of sushi that was Maki with fish (don't remember what was exactly) with melted cheese! UGHHH IT WAS DISGUSTING D: xDDDD

  7. Cherise says:

    I don't like fish in any shape or form, so I tried vegetarian sushi and it turns out that I don't like seaweed either (tastes just like fish to me). I feel so bad for not liking something so amazing :c

  8. Zack The Great says:

    Cathy Cat did you understand what the guy said in German or was that a guess? I think I remember hearing in a previous video you are from Germany, but I can't remember for sure.

  9. NazaticNoob says:

    What do Japanese girls think about dark skin people/boys

  10. basisti94 says:

    Horse meat sashimi is pretty good though.

  11. Mauricio B says:

    This is a interesting channel. It was nice, two days having fun and watching. Cathy Cat looks a very interesting person and have nice eyes. Congratulations to all! It's a nice channel.
    If one day i visit Japan will be so much more fun after i saw these videos

  12. TheSombrerero says:

    tacowasa ヾ(´∀`)ノ

  13. Rebeka Porter says:

    I don't ever want to try fish eggs! That's just a strange idea to me! I enjoy watching these videos! They're very insightful into the Japanese culture and how it differs from foreign cultures!

  14. Flastew says:

    I would have to agree with most of them, I like the tuna and salmon sushi the best. Love your outfits Cathy Cat, your so cute. The Japanese cuteness has rubbed off on you too.

  15. Cracked Tea Cup says:

    The sushi place under the target in SF makes their own tamago (unusual in America) and I always order some to encourage them to keep making it themselves.

  16. DarkStarsInTheSky says:

    I absolutely adore eating unagi and ikura! Unagi is my favorite sushi next to salmon. <3

  17. DrProfessor756 says:

    I've heard tell of places where you can eat sushi off a woman's body…not that I've ever done that, nope. Thought never even crossed my mind. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Lavux says:

    I like the fish eggs one haha 😁

  19. Mecks089 says:

    No one has probably heard of this one, but I like the San Antonio Roll.

    I guess it might be considered "Americanized" but it seems more like a Spanish/Mexican mix to me instead.

  20. Mwoakill09 says:

    Do you think its possible to ask Japanese elders about anything.

  21. 臥薪嘗胆 says:


  22. paul forster says:

    kanimiso is one I don't like so much. Aburi Salmon is a definite winner in Australia.

  23. Bljed Kas says:

    il touch ur face

  24. Satoshi Matrix says:

    I'll eat any kind of sushi, but my favorites are unagi (eel), ika (squid), ebi (shrimp), or meguro (tuna).

    My least favorite? is any kind of spicy sushi. sushi should be able the flavor of the seafood, not spices.

  25. 無名旋律 says:


  26. Kooei says:

    OMG! The french guy said they have Nutella in sushi! my my my O.O (i'm italian) i love ANY kind of sushi and i love nutella but…TOGETHER? O.O
    i'm a brave one, i would try BD

  27. sugarindust says:

    ah… my favorite is Ikura…I know many foreigners feel the fish eggs are gross..

  28. bjrn2010 says:

    Ikura gunkan maki so good tho, but I also like Tobiko and Caviar so…

  29. Sea BelowMe says:

    The guy who liked the Unagi has my taste buds, but I would probably try the fugu if I had the opportunity.

  30. Kazuaki Flowerdeliverer says:

    Vinegared mackerel! This is too yummy. In Osaka it's called Battera and In Nara it's Kakinoha-sushi.

  31. ジョンスノウ says:


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