Weird Japanese Pizza

I cannot believe how obscenely expensive pizzas in Japan are. It’s Halloween and Pizza Hut has a Halloween Pizza special. I know some people are gonna watch us and think We’re not. There’s lots of great pizza, today we’re gonna try the weird stuff. This by the way is a medium sized pizza. So we ordered two medium pizzas, and that was three thousand six hundred forty some odd yen, which is roughly THIRTY-SIX DOLLARS!! I’ve had slices of pizza this size for like two or three bucks So the Halloween special came with two pizzas and one of them is like a sweet pizza, and one is a savory pizza And I got to tell you the sweet pizza right now smells M: disgusting
S: It’s so You could smell the sugar of it, so you’re thinking of kind of like a dessert like a cinnamon doughnut It’s a smell that you have but then there’s all the savory Creamy undertone of the smell It smells vile, so we’re gonna start with it I got my nose too close to that one. We have four flavors of pizza here today We have the Hottest Potay Mayo, the Mayo beef potato The Quattro Fromage and the Double Bacon Tomato So this whole crust is covered with a cinnamon sugar sweetness to it. Why? S: Why is that considered Halloween? This is not Halloween right here But this is the stuff of nightmares so maybe you’re on the right track starting with the cheese! Here we are going Oh, my gosh. This caramel crust is all like becoming a juicy moistness. This is really THICC! S: Here we go
M: All right. S: Let’s go. M: Okay. Let’s do it Mmm the cheese part so far is fantastic, but I still smell the caramel But that cheese is hmm really good cheese! It’s like a ricotta S: This is really dense cheese
M: This is fantastically delicious though You’ve never had a cheese pizza like this It really is an even spread of four different kinds of cheese, right? Isn’t that mozzarella blob amazing? M: I’m just getting more and more S: excited No, uncomfortable because as you head towards the crust You can smell it and you know how your smell is really important when it comes to eating food I’m gonna bite the cinnamon cheese crust. I’m going in What is it inside the cross oh, it’s the crust cheese, it’s not a real cheese Well, it’s not that gooey chust kreeze that you usually like Did you call that chust kreeze? I actually don’t mind this caramel now Can I just tell you we picked the piece that we thought would be the grossest? But I think cheese and sugar might be okay This cheese one is amazing. Let me just say I’m rather disappointed I really wanted to have a terrible response to this, but I really like this I mean wow The cheese is fluffy and creamy And it just matches really well The inside cheese is not like those stringy mozzarella It tastes kind of like a Almost like a puffy cream cheese melt The cheese actually works really well with the sugar because the cheese doesn’t have like a strong Distinctive cheese flavor
M: That’s what I was saying it’s like a ricotta pudding I’m sad this is yummy Could be because we starved ourselves before eating this This one has tons of meat on it the one right beside it barely has any like look at how much meat’s on this one And you really got the short end of the stick there you ever have pizza with a friend and they grab a slice and it got like four pepperonis on it, and then you grab it And you just got like half a slice of one pepperoni on it. And your pepperoni fell off and lay it on theirs they didn’t Give it back to you So that’s kind of what’s happening here – mine is covered in like this stringy meat And it’s got this like yellow mustard mayo all over it, this one might be gross. Let’s see My first bite was delicious!
S: This is– This is so good. M: It’s like potato. So good. Oh my god Come on, Japan! I thought it was gonna be like excessive mayonnaise and something gross, but it’s actually like they didn’t use dough It’s like they used potato instead, so it’s almost like you’re eating a thinly sliced cooked potato pizza with a tiny bit of Like savory and cream on top just I want to have these potatoes by themselves M: This is infuriating!
S: This is upsettingly good! I want my money back. I’m gonna be like Dear Pizza Hut your pizza was good, and I’m furious!
S: Yeah I just ate a little nub of that potato on its own for science. And it was so freaking good. So freaking good. Oh Okay, let’s try the next two pieces and just see So this is the sausage and potato one with a little bit corn on it Don’t like corn on my pizza. Don’t like corn on my pizza. Okay, let’s try it out. Oh my god S: That’s so good
M: Infuriating The sausage itself is fantastic Good seasoning and salt balance
It’s smoky Yeah, it tastes like, not like a breakfast sausage, and it doesn’t taste like a McDonald’s patty sausage It tastes like a sausage that you would cut and dip in mustard I mean cause they put mustard on top of it the mustard and the sausage work really well together I really wanted a video of us suffering. I think it’s fun to suffer on camera. It’s enjoyable Ready? Blueberry sauce pizza crust. Not enjoyable. Did you eat the pocket of cinnamon cream cheese yet? I did Why is there cinnamon flavor on my pizza? Okay time for the crust This might be one of the worst things I’ve actually willingly eaten in Korea but I’m just liking this too much There is no way that I would ever order this pizza normally. I would never say hey guys What about a sausage corn potato cheese filled crust covered with sugar? And everyone will be like oh my god? That’s totally what I have a hankering for We ordered this kind of on a dare To be like Should we or shouldn’t we?? This is like somebody say hey I dare you to jump off that cliff, and then you jump up the cliff then you discover you could fly M: Yeah, and you’re like, “What the heck?”
S: Aww, man! This is not the BEST pizza. It’s got a lot of things going on, and so, for those of you that like simplicity, like you just want pepperoni and cheese, this is not gonna be for you, because every slice tastes like a different thing. The cheese one tasted like having cheese sampling— S: Every slice tastes like heaven.
M: I KNOW! Dx It’s so good. Rr! Oh my gawd! M: All right
S: I’m so… I’m fed up. Do you hear me? Rrrgh! Dx M: All right, let’s try this.
S: Mmm… M: Wow so many things in here.
S: The tomato in here is so sweet.
This is ridiculous. They chopped up what tastes like a fresh tomato salsa. Yeah, I mean look at these. These are like chunks of tomato It’s not just like that weird red sauce that you wind up putting on stuff that you THINK may be tomato But it kind of just like chunky ketchup What is this one’s supposed to be? Double bacon and tomato? So I thought to myself: isn’t tomato just tomato sauce? But it’s not! S: No They’ve actually done tomato sauce and then added extra to it Like actual tomato on this I’m just – I’m just I’m furious This is a good balance of crust to toppings because usually oh man I’m stuttering I’m so impressed by this all the toppings here are so generous yet Not overwhelming for the density of the crust this is science There’s a scientist that came here there needs to be a Nobel Prize for pizza. You need to calm down, okay This is too good, I’m angry! This isn’t the video that I wanted, this isn’t what I signed up for! Well, I give this a disappointing thumbs down Wow thoroughly disappointed ten out of ten Ten out of ten would order this for friends I think we should try the other one okay the other one I hope sucks What are your hopes and dreams for the second pizza? I want all the sausage to be like really really tough Yes, and chewy with those hard little nubbles in there which you think to yourself: This might actually be an unprocessed pig ear I definitely want to feel my stomach like evacuate you know when you eat something in and your stomach goes And it goes right into your intestines. I’m really looking forward to that I hope the whole thing is strange and unmanageably disgusting Please disappoint me, pizza. I wanna feel sad all right Pizza Number two has been in the oven it is nice and warm. That’s that problem It’s got saffron as we all know is a garbage thing to put on things Instead of cheese in the crust they have rolled in individual sausages, which I’m sure are gonna be terrible We have the deluxe and we have the cheese and cheese. the special uma bulgogi Okay, we have the tsuna mild Let’s – let’s do it. Let’s eat this and hate ourselves This feels really oily to start with this feels like Revoltingly oily
S: You know what this is too oily, Pizza Hut Here we go I don’t like this one at all. It’s way too salty, and it’s super oily I mean it’s not the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had but Well, did you try the crust? M: I’m gonna go backwards
S: Try the crust We just got hosed down I just squirted sausage all over the ground I’m just covered in Simon’s sausage My sausage juice is everywhere The sausage is actually really good.
S: That’s a nice smoky sausage Yeah, it’s really really juicy, it’s really really smoky But I don’t like this piece at all! No! So that one wasn’t the best one
M: No, in my opinion this one was just way too much stuff happening. It was salty, it was oily, the saffron – you couldn’t even taste it What would have made this a lot better?
Caramel sugar. Okay, I have room only for one more piece Oh, because you’ve been eating all your pieces!
S: because they’re delicious I just took a bite and then like examined it and put it back down again That is rank. This one is a tuna. You could see the tuna on right there That is some canned tuna So you ordered pizza with canned tuna on it, huh? **fart noise** It’s not that bad, whoa. But it’s also gross at the same time. oh, no, I don’t like that This is not just tuna this is tuna salad so the tuna has a lot of mayo mixed in if you ever get like those Tuna salads at Subway where they just do like those scoops of tuna, this is I think we can all vote together – should I put canned tuna on a pizza? Yes, no everyone in favor of no put your hand up I’m sorry. It is so overwhelmingly fishy and the mayonnaise got warm That’s like someone giving you a warm egg salad sandwich And you’re like
S: It needs to be cold and refreshing You want it to be like it did not rot in the sun for the past 25 minutes. You know why the first pieces were so good? Cause we were starving Nothing is quite as good for flavoring your food as hunger I disagree with you because that cheese pizza we had looked so gross, but when I bit in, it was fluffy, S: It was bombastic M: creamy cheese. Whoa. I don’t know how to feel about today. I feel confused I feel sleepy I need to take a nap Wake me up in a couple hours and I’ll come to a decision I need to go for a jog If you haven’t seen our previous pizza videos before we’re linking them in the playlist here and otherwise I want to know what’s the weirdest pizza that you’ve ever tried. We love trying out a whole bunch of different foods Even if we know that they might disappoint us I always think is gonna be a good story to tell I’m gonna remember this caramel sugar pizza forever I will, it might haunt our dreams. We might wake up and be like it’ll be like Szechuan sauce where we’re like I just want that caramel sugar crust! MM-Morty, do you– do you understand what I’m saying? It it just— blehh Really really need it I think that you gotta try out this caramel sugar Well, you’ve probably only got like a week left You’ll remember this forever. All right. Let’s go jog around the block. Let’s lift some weights. Let’s go have a green smoothie Um and get on with the rest of our day Burning up the pizza
S: I’m gonna go take a nap Burning off the pizza

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    We have an Pizza-Shop here in Bochum in Germany where you can buy an Pizza with an Fruit-Curry on it. It has all kinds of Fruits on it like grapes, pineapple, peach. There is also chicken and cheese on the pizza. I only ordered it once to try it, but since then i order it all the time. It is super Delicious. There is no tomato-sauce on the pizza, only the sweet curry sauce (like an indian curry).
    They also have some pizzas with an honey sauce instead an tomato sauce. They are good too.
    Also we have an pizza-shop here with an good pizza gallina. It has the tomato-sauce, ham, spinat, jalapenos cheese and an

    fried egg on top, which is delicious.

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