Weird Things Pregnant Couples Do

(playful music)
– Come on, come on, show us some movement. – Come on, give us like a
hand or a foot, something. – Give us something we
can send to grandma. (laughing)
Who hoo hoo! There you are. – You ready to go? – Yeah. I have to pee. – Then you’re not ready to go. – Double cheeseburger, a large fry and a chocolate milkshake.
– [father] A double cheeseburger, a large fry
and a chocolate shake. – And can I also get a
couple of apple frit– – And a couple of apple fritters. – And you know what, give me a sundae too. – And a sundae too. (chomping) Nice! – I got sushi. – You can’t have sushi. – But you can.
– [father] I already ate. – Eat it! Slower. Yeah, that’s right. Can I get like one with the larger size. – Okay, scratch the 12, make it a 24. And can I also get– – Do they make like gravy that
they can put on the fries. Do they have any gravy?
– [father] Alright, this is weird, do you guys make gravy? Oh (censor beep)
– [mom] Ooo don’t curse in front of the baby. – Babies can’t hear what
I’m saying right now. – Um, yeah they can. (censor beeps) Stop!
(censor beep) Are you kidding me right now? I have to pee. Now try this one. – I don’t like this kind. – Just try it! – [Voiceover] As the baby head crowns, the vagina will experience
what some refer to as the ring of fire. – (sighs) Why did you make me watch this? – I don’t know. – I gotta pee. Wait, oh, oh, are they
still serving breakfast– – Are you still serving breakfast? – because I would really
like some pancakes. – Because she would
really like some pancakes. (horn) Sorry, I’m sorry. – Just hold on! Gees! Tell me how much you love it. – (sobbing) I love it so much. (coughing)
– Okay, I’m good. Thanks for that. I have to pee. (classical music through headphones) (rap music through headphones) Hey! (little farts with each step) (father laughing)
Stop, I can’t help it. – [father] Come on, it’s funny. – Can you believe it? – What? – In just a little bit there’s gonna be a real living baby here,
like a real, screaming, crying, pooping baby. – I know. And I can’t wait to meet her. Are you ready? – (laughing) No, are you? – I don’t think anybody ever really is. What do you think? – I think… I have to pee. – I love you babe. – [mom] I love you too. – You do? What’s your favorite album? Joshua Tree, Rattlin’
Hum, I really like Boy. – And the dad jokes begin. – Get used to it baby. – Baby’s gonna come out like a sailor. – Well, she was born of semen. – (imitates gun shot) Blah.

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  1. Zarry is real and all i need 1D girl says:

    Lol poor guy 😂it was so funny for us but sad for him

  2. Velkovska Sanja says:


  3. Amelia_is_awsome!!! says:

    Why does this remind me of my brothers football coach? 😂

  4. Amelia_is_awsome!!! says:

    My two fav parts are when he changes the headphones to his phone and when she walks she farts 😂😂😂😂

  5. Supergirl Number12 says:

    3:12 I Knew It

  6. Woof woof says:

    I have to pee

  7. Cece May says:

    When I was pregnant, me and my bf did this all the time!

    (I'm 17 and have a 7 month old)

  8. Kavita Kadiyam says:


  9. Sophia Ellis says:

    This couple is adorable

  10. Jessie Roath says:

    U can have shusi while pregnant

  11. Caramel Yummy says:

    I Love the sushi sences lol

  12. midnight cheesecake girl says:

    0:54 omg I actually laughed lmao

  13. Emma Carey says:

    Was she actually pregnant when all these were filmed

  14. TheLifeOfMason Tv says:

    if my wife was like that i would leave her so fast

  15. Ashley Williams says:

    “I think ………….. I have to pee”

  16. Clarissa Ashley says:

    I love sushi part lol

  17. Em Is For Music says:

    I love his STAR labs shirt in the end

  18. Abdulhakim Al-Muaili says:


  19. bonecrusher wattsup says:

    Hi you look nice

  20. kihara 111 says:

    This just gave me more reasons why I dont want kids

  21. Gymnast 2007 says:

    Her forcing him husband to eat is my parents forcing me to eat vegetables

  22. Little Samantha says:

    "I have to pee"

  23. Baby Ruger says:

    This is the amount of times she had to pee

  24. evi evi says:

    I saw that video 3 times and i still i am laughing i am mother of 3 now and she reminds me of me he he😁😀😂

  25. Cinnabonn says:

    shush i accidentally reread this as

    "Pregnant things weird couples do"

  26. Andi Mochizuki says:


  27. clare prv says:

    The movement of the baby in the belly is scaring

  28. Alyssas Gacha world26 says:

    i have to pee

  29. Anna Things says:

    Oh my gosh he wore a star labs shirt!

  30. Mia BTS says:

    I’m 14 and a virgin. Why am I here?!

  31. Humayra Ahmed says:

    The women has a dakota johnson vibe

  32. song quỳnh says:

    When they're out, you want to shove them back in 😂

  33. xXGachaMeXx 123 says:

    I think…

    I have to pee

  34. KawaiiGirl7O7 says:

    Why could she not eat sushi?

  35. Random Fandoms says:


  36. Winnie the Pooh says:

    I think….. I have to pee
    I love u
    U do

  37. dangerous_styles says:


  38. angel R says:

    they remind me of Pam and Jim

  39. amazingnothingness says:

    Why do I love this couple so much

  40. Laney Winslow says:

    2:07 I love it so much 😂😂

  41. Olivia Animations says:

    I obviously don’t know what my parents where like when my mom was pregnant but I think this is accurate

  42. Olivia Animations says:

    If I get pregnant I will make it listen to Gorillaz, Hamilton, Heathers, dear Evan Hansen, be more chill, les miz, vocaloid, anime ops, and bts and will watch all my fandoms so it can become fandom trash

  43. Bella&Brayleigh nursery says:

    This is actually funny 😂

  44. Tango Mango says:

    Omg now I can’t wait until I’m old enough to have kids!

  45. Egg says:

    3:17 where do you get a STAR LABS t shirt

  46. Nathan Richards says:

    Am I the only one who realised the dads S.T.A.R. Labs Shirt at the end.

  47. Music Lover says:

    So they really are a couple? No acting? Beautiful!😍😍

  48. Greg Constadoni says:

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  49. olivia victoria says:

    Cant wait to become pregnant :))

  50. Leslie Craig says:

    This is Too cute, im a mom of two i love my kids .

  51. Urvi Mande says:

    2:33 😂😂😂OMG that got me!😂😂😂

  52. larwhoe says:

    Is she really pregnant? Or not?

  53. Luna Lovegood says:

    That sushi part though

  54. Judy p says:

    lol omg

  55. Jalyne Hernandez says:

    My favorite part was the farting💩💩💩💩💩💩

  56. Татьяна Пупынина says:

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  57. #UNICORN LIFE says:


    I have to pee…..

  58. FaZe POoP yee says:


  59. Sam Jones says:

    I. Have. To. Pee.


  60. The Sophie Things says:

    “You can’t have sushi..”
    “But you can.”
    “I already ate!”
    ”eat it.”

  61. Nivine Sh says:

    Whenever I eat junkie I throw up! Guess my baby knows best 🥴

  62. Ellie Benson says:

    Why I have this in my recommendation I don’t kno

  63. Adrina Russell says:

    Pregnant women can eat sushi people

  64. missxpanda says:

    Pregnant "couple" sounds so weird lol

  65. barzah zafar says:

    she’s actually pregnant right?

  66. Reyta Bonita says:

    I feel like, I see myself on the future 😅😁

  67. Shahd Hussein says:


  68. lily bex says:

    So true

  69. Alexis De Bruyn says:

    Poor guy when he's crying cos he has to love it

  70. Nelmaries says:

    Where are this guys? I loved them so much

  71. Hiori Higurashi says:

    Me: Typing this comment..
    Also me: I have to pee

  72. Danica Siobhan says:

    Are they actually a couple

  73. BEDO PANDA says:

    It’s actually normal for any couple ❤️

  74. selfless diamond says:
    my pregnancy journey

  75. Star_playz YT says:

    Baby’s can’t hear
    Yes they can

  76. AlsoSomeVideos says:

    for parents facing a crisis of… drinking:

  77. Jiyonggg says:

    as someone with tocophobia (fear of giving birth) this just feeds my fear tho i’m a virgin-


  78. saeid kh says:

    Babies can actually hear from the mother's belly…. 🤗🌹

  79. Alexis Sosa says:

    That last joke got me to scroll up and confirm that I liked this video 😂

  80. Young DG Vlogs says:

    sorry . i have too pee

  81. Barry Allen says:

    Can we all just really appreciate the fact that he is wearing the flash merchandise

  82. E Lisa says:

    Putting headphones on the pregnant belly is not healthy /pleasant to the baby, an obstetrician told me! They can hear music played normally at a medium volume with no headphones.

  83. baltazar Samra says:

    I never understood why pregnant women can’t have sushi, japanese women eat sushi when they are pregnant.

  84. lucia lycops says:

    On 3:22 the man wears a shirt of the flash

  85. Formiam Gotten says:

    You lost me at buzzfeed….

  86. jtothehooope says:

    That pun at the end😭

  87. Naila Farhan says:

    Tell me how much you love it

    I love it so much crying


  88. Mia Hala says:

    1:36 and that’s why i won’t be pregnant.

  89. Iwan Putra says:

    Aku kate lahirno yo engkok tak deloe

  90. Anipanini says:

    I’m 11 why am I watching this

  91. Maka Albarn says:

    The biggest mood ☆

  92. Kayee says:

    They’re sooooo cute!🙈❤️

  93. Rohini Jayasena says:

    OMG that farting one killed me 😂😂😂

  94. SC2point0 says:

    "And a sundae t-too." 😂

  95. Ruby Panda8 says:

    Star labs shirt!!

  96. LA Layla & Addison says:

    Her:don’t curse in front of the baby

    Him: babies can’t hear anything

    Her:yes they can

    Him; ***************

  97. SyberP says:

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  98. A.R.M.Y_SugaryPlUm JImin says:

    Actually women in japan still eat sushi when pregnant and their baby is fine

  99. Crusty Crab says:

    Actually what me and my boyfriend do minus the sushi part 😂😂


    Francisco Hernandez and you

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