Welcome to Doozy – From GO! Cartoons Only on Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

You are so cute! I could just eat you right up. But… Not yet. Ah!
– Mm… Food… Hey!
– Hands off. I spent all night making these for Skeletim. Once he takes a bite, he’ll know just how I feel, and we’ll laugh, and dance, and smooch forever… Ew. You can have the rejects. – Sweet sauce! I don’t see why you need to make all this effort. You’ve got a second degree blue belt, and you have me as a best friend! – Yeah, but I’ll never get to use taekwondo at work. So, I gotta make a splash with lunch. – Well, if you really want to impress him, maybe the bento could use some more… pizzazz – Okay… Alright. – Geez, that is a lot of steps. – And… Voila. – Didn’t you need to smash some eggs or something? – Eh, whatevs. I got the gist of it. See? – Aw, thanks, Lou! – And remember– It’s not paperwork,
it’s paper-fun! – You’ll be mine, come lunchtime… Mm, there! – Yay! No, no, no, no, no, no, no… Enchanted milkshake, dancing in my tummy… So, have you blown Skeletim’s mind yet? – Lou! The riceballs… have gone… crazy! – Uh, apparently, if you don’t perform all of the steps, the spells turn into curses… – Then get over here and finish it!
– Uh oh… – What?
– Don’t worry, Mama Lou’s gonna fix everything… …I was trying out this new cereal.
– Oh yeah? – Oh! …Hi. What was that? – Uh, nothing! Nothing at all, it’s just… the maintenance crew, they… – My paperwork! Aah!
– Woah. Alright. Oh yeah!
I’m coming, Ex. What is that thing?
– It’s… my lunch. – Don’t worry, folks! Mama Lou made this mess, Mama’s gonna fix it. Turts. Lou! We need a plan. Guys! We’re gonna have to eat it – to beat it! – Woah. That’s actually a great idea! – I know. Wait… Am I a genius? So how do we get close?
– Oh, the fireaxe! Wait!
– Hack it to bite-sized pieces! Oh no! Remember how I said I’d never get to use taekwondo at work? – Yeah?
– Well, I guess I was wrong! Sweet sauce! Everyone, open wide! Eat up, everybody! – Mm, so tasty! Everyone, go home! So I can do my… paperwork. – Hey. So do you wanna, like, get a soda… Or something? – Oh! I…
maybe another time? – Okay… yeah. Respect. See ya… Aw, man! Here.
– Sorry I messed up your lunch for Skeletim… – No worries. It actually worked out… pretty okay. Hey!

100 comments on “Welcome to Doozy – From GO! Cartoons Only on Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode”

  1. Cartoon Hangover says:

    6 shorts down, 6 to go! What did you think of Welcome to Doozy?!

  2. Eos Zelich says:


  3. Chris p says:

    When some random ass youtuber makes better cartoons than some companys… cartoon network's teen titans go

  4. Winter Fisher says:

    A skeleton just used the phrase "Respect." I love this cartoon

  5. Penny Cat says:

    So much potential for a cartoon series

  6. Joshua Gonzalez says:

    The Bravest Warriors Was Better

  7. Whatthe Suck says:

    What is that outdo and intro musix

  8. ranger 2600 says:

    Mister Spooky Scary Skeleton has a bone to pick with you.

  9. Frick boy Johnson says:

    This is like a cartoon network cartoon XD

  10. Амина Убилава says:

    I love it

  11. Feature Length says:

    Where does she even work? My guess is the bear lady is independently wealthy and hires people so she can watch them fill out paperwork.

  12. Reimu and Cirno says:

    Interesting cartoon.

  13. Evilcatshow says:

    it was okay i guess

  14. yOUNG dIARRHEA says:

    2:52 I like this part a lot

  15. Japheth Box says:

    Anime on crack.

  16. yOUNG dIARRHEA says:


  17. Canafa says:

    i'm a big fan of this.

  18. Fishpond Flowers says:

    Bro I say “sweet sauce” all the time wtf???

  19. supersmily5SS5 says:

    That Racoon's just the right amount of lazy to be believable without coming off like an idiot. Instead he just comes off as really well written.

  20. supersmily5SS5 says:

    The 2nd step was to mumble your darkest secret. Outside of Abra-Kadabra, could anyone figure out what Lou said?

  21. Beau Rafferty says:

    cute animation and characters

  22. LPS Weird says:

    *when Skeleton looks like JD*

  23. Tom Karpati says:

    The best part is when you look up what she needs to do for the magic XD It's brilliant, I could watch these two for days.

  24. DokiDoki Animations says:

    I like these jelly filled donuts

  25. DokiDoki Animations says:

    Am I a furry now?

  26. Mr.Unfunnyic says:

    Ok but what? I dont undertand. What is this? Please make the suffer stop my brain hurts what is this? WHAT THE FRICK IS THIS???

  27. Creative Dreamer says:

    Those doughnuts look great, Jelly filled are my favorite! Nothing beats a Jelly Filled doughnut.

  28. Jayhawk 590 says:

    I love this short I just wish they had a full series

  29. Doge boi says:

    She got white stuff in her face

  30. LaChauntis Washington says:

    cute episode, i like it.

  31. BlueRaptor 718 says:

    Isnt frederator a childrens cartoon animator

  32. ΚΔRΜΔ says:

    Onigiri xd

  33. Remi Lalaque says:

    I don't know why but I was expecting the list to do the spell in the comments

  34. Esteban Ayala says:

    This would go great on Cartoon Network it's a compliment not insult

  35. Opel'sinka Sin'aya says:

    It's so good!!! (✪ω✪)/

  36. Ryan Cooper says:

    taekwondo I have green belt) me like it is cartoon. Good job. I want see it is my language, official in Russian) me like rabbit girl) main hero

  37. Няшка Соняшка says:

    It is very beautiful

  38. Vika Rollu says:


  39. hotkorrever says:

    Это очень круто, сделай больше серий этого мультика!

  40. ShiPapAlo :D says:

    Это очень мило :///з

  41. Anastasiya Chan says:

    Wow! so amazing

  42. Аня Бабушкина says:


  43. Hao P One says:

    Есть те кто от Содерлинга пришли поддержать пилот ?

  44. Соня Матвійко says:

    Sooooo cute

  45. Анастасия Коркодинова says:

    Этот мультфильм заслуживает выхода на большой экран!

  46. Ian Greene says:

    Ex kinda sounds like Diana from Little Witch Academia.

    (Notices she has the same English voice actress.)


  47. Nia Lapin says:

    I love this.

  48. Diavolo Grenadine says:

    The dog guy is so cute <3

  49. 《Sųgr Dřəqms》 says:

    4:98 you blowin' from stupid town?

  50. Tha Tinpraphea says:

    where did the bucket went?

  51. SILVER HAWK says:

    it’s a jelly filled donut

  52. Tarahji Cheatham says:

    Is it about furries

  53. АЛЕКСАНДРА Минакова says:

    Ребята, хороший сюжет. Почему не в прокате?

  54. Matthew Bradley says:

    I am really hoping a channel picks this up (probably Cartoon Network) becauseI really want to see this become a whole series.

  55. yokai mlp says:

    I can relate to the green fox

  56. Leszy says:


  57. Lily Raimey says:

    So, is it based in a Japan based world?

  58. eva nktn says:

    wow 😍😍

  59. Rigel Soria says:

    Delicious donuts

  60. ΓΞΤΤΞΠ says:

    Damn Skeletim, you lookin fine af

  61. Megan Sutton says:

    This looks so cute

  62. DESTRUCTOR 344 says:

    What is this do not be pro gay

  63. moose656 says:

    Ex sounds a lot like Lori Loud. Same voice actor?

  64. einstinscintist says:

    We must protect this from the vile scurge that is rule 34

  65. Brown Dick says:

    Am i gay now?

  66. Adam RJ says:

    Those jelly doughnuts looked great

  67. Hissing Kitty Cat! says:

    No one:
    Your creepy uncle: 2:59

  68. Alex Vinícius says:

    I loved

  69. supersmily 5 says:

    That moment you realize that a tub of vegetables in the fridge is labeled "Wolfie," implying the wolf is a vegetarian. Huh… Can that even work?

  70. Полина Поветьева says:

    more such serials came out

  71. Savannah Ninja Girl says:

    Cutest animation ever

  72. 금강역사수미산 says:

    태권도 유단자가 되면 디아블 잠브가 가능하구나! 우리 한민족의 무술이 자랑스럽다

  73. Screw B says:

    im going to beat my meat to that rabbit and there is nothing you can do to stop me

  74. Audrey Lai says:

    Wish this was a full series

  75. Dylan Levi Higginbotham says:

    Ex kinda reminds me of Fluttershy, if you even know who I'm talking about.

  76. Zapomni Menya says:


  77. Troptu ! says:

    También saldrá en Cartoon nerwork

  78. Странный Кофеёк says:

    Thanks for J-sUn )

  79. Ира Бондаренко says:


  80. Judy Chen says:

    Totally like star vs the forces of evil but with 2 girls

  81. Troptu ! says:

    Que esté en cartoon network porfa ya me encariñe

  82. Михаил Овчинников says:

    I need more!!!!!Please continued this cartoon,please!!!

  83. Forgive me I have sinned says:

    Lou is anime fan girls OCs in a nutshell

  84. Judy Chen says:

    Will this show be in Cartoon Network or Disney

  85. BTD Introoo says:

    Smooth animation

  86. Knight in Space says:

    Jelly donuts are my favorite.

  87. Sergio Llanas says:

    Lou is a girl ?

  88. supersmily 5 says:

    I feel like whoever made that spell was just trolling people.

  89. DeWd says:

    The clothes skeletim is wearing make no sense like what

  90. Mey Ty says:

    I don't know why, but this cartoon makes me remember the old ones with that great atmosphere and funny characters. Hope to see it like a full animation project soon !*O*

  91. {[radical_ ruffian]} says:

    This fits the twink asthetic pretty well, if you like anime and tight jeans, this is up your alley.

  92. Ria - says:

    О да, фурри.

  93. Grace Nemet says:

    Lou has cow legs! Plus when you get cow legs, it makes it difficult to walk!

  94. NekoDragon Animations says:

    Creeper? 4:50

  95. Иван Пупкин says:


  96. Иван Пупкин says:

    Было бы неплохо если он стал полностью мультфильмом на картун нетворге

  97. Анна Мелёшина says:

    Очень круто!!!!!!! Я хочу этот мульт 😄☺️

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