What a Japanese Family Restaurant is Like

[Aiko] Hello world! Where I’m from in Japan, this is what a family restaurant looks like. [A] It was raining, so this is where we put our umbrellas. [Dad] In some places in Japan, you’re not supposed to wear your shoes inside. [A] This is where we put our shoes. [A] You write your name on the wait list, so they know who’s next. [D] Yeah. So instead of a host writing our names down, we have to write our names down ourselves. [D] We decided to sit in a tatami mat room. [D] This is a more traditional Japanese-style room, where you sit down on a tatami mat with a cushion. [A] And this is where the chopsticks are. [A] You use this oshibori to clean hands. [A] Some of these menus are for “fall” food. [D] Yeah there’s about six different menus, and a lot of them were just special seasonal menus. [A] So this is for kids, and it’s a kids’ menu. [A] And all the stuff are cheaper [D] What do you use this button for? [A] To call waitress. Shin pressing the button. [Bell] [Ordering in Japanese] [A] When you press the button, the waitress will come with the computer… …and if you order stuff she’ll just put it in the special computer thingy and you can choose stuff. [A] If you order a kid’s menu, you can get toys and prizes. [Scratching Sound] [Shin] One point! [S] I got one point and I just did this for one time. [S] Yay! [Waitress Speaking in Japanese] [A] So this is Tsurukame Udon. [D] And what does it have inside? [A] Well, it has eggs, and some seaweed stuff. [S] I’m gonna eat the Okosama Udon, and in the Okosama Udon they have tonnes of edamame… …and chicken nuggets – two of them – and six or five fries, and we have tempura udon. [D] This is Ebiten Soba, which is tempura and soba. [D] Why are you putting everything into a small bowl? [A] I put it because it’s hot. [Slurping] [D] Oh I hear a lot of slurping. Is that okay? [A] If you do it quietly, it’s kind of good. [D] It’s kind of necessary to slurp? [A] It’s a sound of eating, so… [Slurping] [D] This is daikon, a radish, and you mix it in the tentsuyu, which means tempura sauce. [D] Then you dip your tempura in. [D] You have green onions and wasabi that you can put into the mentsuyu, which means noodle sauce. [D] Hey, what are those green things you’re eating there? [S] It’s like beans. [S] And if you put on ketchup, it’s so yummy. [S] Mmm! So yummy! [A] You mix the eggs when you kinda have a little bit of noodles left, it’s yummy. [Slurping] [A] If you order drink bar, you can drink as much as you want. [A] Ice. [A] (Naming beverages) So that’s mugicha, ice tea, Calpis soda, Calpis, orange juice, melon soda (Fanta) and cola and soda water. [A] And if you press it, it comes out. [A] And this is the straws, spoons and all the tea bags, and the sugar syrup. [D] This is the machine I usually use, and I got matcha latte. [D] Oh yeah. We forgot to show you, but there’s bench seating on the other side of the restaurant. [S] We need this, this cold thing. It’s so cold. [A] A gacha machine, if you put the money in, and just spin the wheel, you can get a toy and a gacha ball. [S] Open, and it’ll go in. [S] You just need this much. Next. [D] And we skipped right by the espresso machine. [S] We need juice. [S] First is Calpis soda. [D] And we forgot to show you where you can get water. [S] This is … *voice drowned out* [A] I don’t know why, but when he goes to the drink bar, he mixes lots of stuff. [A] And when I drink it, it was yucky. [D] And we also forgot to show you the green tea machine. [S] Next is (??)… And, done! [D] They’re smoking in the restaurant? [A] Yeah, in some family restaurants, there’s smoking places. [D] What do you call the drink? [S] I don’t know because I mixed a lot of stuff in it. [S] For real it’s not Cola, but it still tastes like Cola. [Bell] [Ordering in Japanese] [A] This is Sofutoanmitsu. [A] Yummy. [A] It tastes like nothing. I feel if you eat the ice cream beside the mint, it tastes minty. [A] I think pineapple and… peach. [A] So this is mango pudding. [S] Yummy. [D] What is that? [D] Oh Shin… *laughs* You’re so gross. [A] So this is Kokutozeri to Macha Musu. [D] Mmm. Hokkaido soft cream. I like this one. [D] And this one is… cheese cake? [D] Mmm! That’s pretty good, I like it. It’s matcha but it’s not super bitter. [D] I don’t know what that is but it’s very sweet. [D] Oh it’s black sugar! Ahh… [A] It looks dirty now.
[D] Let me taste it. [D] (??) Black sugar. [A] If you wanna do big, big parties, you can open the door and make the room bigger. So this you can use it for dividing the room or so like people can’t see each other. [D] This urinal looks a little bit funny, they’re not usually kind of a cylinder like that. [A] Oh… [D] But you must have seen these before, right? [A] Slippers. [D] Why are they there? [A] Because… That’s um… The dirty floor, so they have to put slippers. [A] This is a toy place. [A] You can buy them or don’t buy them, and there’s sometimes candies. [Toy Sounds] [D] In Japan, you have to bring your receipt up to the cashier to pay. [D] In the end, the bill was 3864 Yen, which at the time was about 40 USD. [D] We don’t normally get both drink bar and desserts, but we want to show you all the different things you can get, so we did it. [A] You put your key in your shoe locker, and you take your shoes out. [A] Thanks for watching, see you next time, bye! [A] What are family restaurants like where you’re from? [D] So over here, I was waiting for Shin to pour out the slush. [D] But he was just trying to get the juice from it, not the actual icy slush part. [D] So I pulled the handle for him and he was not too happy with me. [D] Sorry, Shin!
[Shin complaining in the background] [D] If you’re sticking around, I have a little bonus for you. I filmed all the different pages of the menu, so you can kind of look and see what you could order, if you went to this family restaurant. If this isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to abandon the video right now. No offence taken.

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