What a Very Old Japanese House is Like

(AIKO) Right now we’re in a small town. We’re at my great grandma’s grave. My mummy brought tea so my great grandma can drink it. You’re not allowed to clap your hands.
You’re not allowed to shake your hands. I am… praying. (GREG) And are you guys praying properly? (AIKO) Mmm… Nope. Hello World!
Where I am from in Japan this is what an old house is like. (GREG) Let’s go! (AIKO) Well, this is the entrance. It’s called the “genkan”. Hi So, uhm. Shin is gonna pray at the “butsudan”. Shin and I are not praying the right way again. (GREG) Now, what did you do wrong? Hm. He rang the bell (AIKO) I clapped my hands. (GREG) Oh you’re not supposed to clap your hands (AIKO) You’re not allowed to make sound and you’re not allowed to go like this. *rubbing hands sound* (GREG) No rubbing, okay.
(AIKO) Yeah. Look at this big place It’s so wonderful! There is lots of gold stuff, flowers, this dragons… And, um… this is another part of the house *stumps foot* Ouch! (GREG) Watch out for your toe (AIKO) There is lots of doors in these houses. Even if it’s just a little room it has these doors. (GREG) Aaah… The door __ ? (AIKO) Bye-bye! (GREG) Open up. *knocks on door* What’s above you, Aiko? (AIKO) Over me? These wood panels. This is the bathroom. (GREG) Okay. (AIKO) Oh, kinda small. So deep… down. (GREG) Ha! Okay. (SHIN) (humming) Commercial break. (GREG) Okay, okay. Enough, little man. (SHIN) La, la, la, la, la! You can’t catch me! (AIKO) Okay. (GREG) Alright, so how old is this Japanese house? (AIKO) 130 years old. (GREG) Okay. So show me around. What are you standing on right now? (AIKO) *mumbles* I’m standing on the floor. (GREG) Within those doors here and these doors… or this door behind you… can you show us the door? (GREG) This is the door. Over here you look kind of red and… I don’t know… not so happy. (AIKO) Because I’m hot. (GREG) So why there are two sets of doors? (AIKO) Well… It’s just big. I like how they get also the big door, but it’s old style. And you know how to open this? Well you just open it here. (GREG) Oh. You can pull it. (AIKO) No handles. And this is the… toilet. Mini window. I’ll just close it. I just go all the way down and this goes… *klicking noises* Yeah. (GREG) More doors?! (AIKO) Yup. And there’s more doors. One more door… by the window. Got this… …over that… And there’s that hole right here. (GREG)Yeah (AIKO) And then this key… …goes into here… … close together at the same place uhm… it has to be same. (GREG) Where do we sleep? (AIKO) We sleep on the floor. Like I showed you right there. These are futons.
It’s supposed to be down here, but we just… um… We just washed them. Good night. Waaah! Oh no! There’s a man. So this is the yard. This is an old man. Where this might be? *speaks Japanese* *coughs* See, daddy, there’s a little… staircase. (GREG) Oh! (AIKO) Like, do you know the… um… movie called Totoro? (GREG) Yeah. (AIKO) If you know that, um… You might know that there’s stairs like these. There’s a … treasure chest! (GREG) I just see your big bum. (AIKO) Oh man, it’s up here That’s… that’s… for the small treasure. (GREG) No. It’s just clothes. (AIKO) Don’t shake it. (SHIN) There’s a ghost. *The Yokai Watch ending song playing on the background* (GREG) Okay. (AIKO) What are old houses like where you’re from. Hi. (SHIN) Ah, but you need to say “Where I’m from…” (AIKO) Shin! You ruined it!
(SHIN) …because…

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