What an Indoor Japanese BBQ is Like

[Aiko] Hello world where I’m from in Japan, this is what yakiniku dinner is like. [Greg] And what’s yakiniku? [A] Um… it’s meat that is fried, kind of… [G] Grilled meat, I think? [A] Yeah. It’s very easy to prepare because you just need to cut vegetables [Greg] Did you cut yourself? [Mom] No [G] And do you need to cut the meat? [A] Well, no, you just need to buy the meat. [G] So what do we have here Aiko? [A] A grill. [G] And what do we do with it? [A] We put water in it. And then we just put the grill on top. And we’re ready to cook. [G] What are you doing right now? [Shin] Just sitting here. [G] What are you going to do with this paper? [S] I don’t know. [G] You have to put the paper on the table Do you know why? [S] Like, I don’t know why [G] Think about why you’re doing this. [G] No, you’re not doing shūji. We’re gonna put newspaper on here so the table doesn’t get greasy [S] Yes [G] Shin, what is this?
[S] Honey soya sauce, can you open it? [G] I think you’re good. So sauce for the grilled meat? [S] Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah. Okay, but what kind of sauce is that, do you know? I don’t know – “olive oil and lemon”? [G] Yeah, that’s right [S] And “something water”, I don’t know. [G] Are you hungry? *sounds of food sizzling* [G] You’re doing both? [S] Yeah, double. *extreme sizzle sounds* [G] So which ones are your favourites, Aiko? [A] Um, these two. [G] And that is, what? [A] Umm, meat? I don’t know what kind of meat it is [G] Beef. [A] Beef, and this potato. [G] What are you eating, mommy? [M] Enoki mushrooms. [S] I’m making yakisoba. [S] The salad, the salad I cut it. [G] Whatcha gonna do now? [S] Put the yaki- the soba. [G] And what’s that going in, Shin? [S] What? Um, like alcohol. [G] Okay. [S] Sake. [G] Are you allowed to drink sake? [S] No, if you bake like bake sake like ‘oyu’ (hot water) you can- everyone can drink it. [G] Just wait. [G] Yakisoba! [G] What do you think, Shin? [S] Great! [S] Thanks for watching, see you next time, [S+A] Bye! [A] Do you have yakiniku where you’re from? [G] What’s that? [M] Striking. [G] Striking, striking the set. [M] Striking the set. [G] Cleaning the oil.

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  1. Life Where I'm From says:

    For those asking about the grill, we got it from Amazon Japan (non-referral link) https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B0118SXWAW/. In the US it's 2.5X the price (referral link) http://amzn.to/2CzZBfZ.

  2. meutod2 says:

    Ugh, I love this family!!!! Great videos!

  3. Lian Ornido says:

    What kind of grill is that?

  4. Blackpink In your AREA says:

    I wanna see what your mom looks like? I am very curious.

  5. MiragesMisteryGirl says:

    Over here, people use a Teppanyaki alot, especially during christmas and easter.
    There’s alot of meats, veggies, salads and bread to grill. 😁

  6. LaJuana Pruitt says:


    Me on Mondays

  7. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔLazy Chan ツ says:

    Chouji Has joined The Chat

  8. Miao Sun says:

    seems a good grill machine, mine always got greasy, tho I know meat is super expensive in Japan

  9. RachelXZack Foster says:

    America needs to step up their game

  10. Lisa Kaye says:

    Your daughter is so well behaved!! Your son???? Not so much. Lol He's a show off! Lol

  11. Manvi Srishti says:

    Aiko is really cute😊😊

  12. TanakinSkywalker says:

    Teach that little boy some manners. Stuffing his mouth then showing his chewed food is disgusting. He needs discipline badly

  13. Kirk Rende says:


  14. Harry Taylor says:

    Why just why did shin show is his food INSIDE his mouth like ewwwww 🤢

  15. Roy _the gamer says:

    Cool bath

  16. Moon and me asmr says:

    thats why they are so healthy and skinny and have a longer life because they eat healthy foods

  17. TrEjo MeLaNiE says:

    ASMR 😂😂

  18. Delta Gaming says:

    OK question, how often do Japanese eat meat.

  19. EliTe says:

    Reminds me of Shinchan


  20. Andrea juliett says:

    Kids in Japan rely on technology and its convenience so much they really lack basic common sense stuff.

  21. mitta ps says:

    when I see that girl… I think of Esther in the orphan movie

  22. AlecPlayz :3 says:

    Is it just me or does anyone know Yo-Kai like Shin because it was on his shirt. I do

  23. retaj mohammed says:

    “ Pork”
    “Keep quiet !”

  24. Manhaton1000 says:

    Thankyou for inspiraring us. I feel like cooking Barbique now!

  25. Blacky Cat says:


    Just sitting here remix!

  26. Ann Cheryl Galvez says:

    0:42 can we just appreciate how satisfying that cut is?

  27. Kookie Jam says:

    In the thumbnail Aika's brother looks a bit handsome….

  28. Surgetheperge says:

    my instinct kicked in when she "cut" her finger. lol

  29. retaj mohammed says:

    She is so natural
    I kinda like her

  30. 10k subs without any videos challenge says:

    0:55 thank me later

  31. rangga's channel song cover & gaming says:

    0:58 omg i'm freaking out

    the woman: oh no no no !
    the man: did you cut yourself?
    the woman: no


  32. 可爱 says:

    The last time i saw his brother when he was still under his sister’s shoulder-

  33. Chloé Jenner says:

    Shin-chan is the funny kid ever

  34. kids toys says:

    وين العرب

  35. Milton Huang says:

    Lol instant noodle in bbq

  36. dharyl lacandola says:

    I like your brother 😍

  37. Bhuvanitha Priyadharshini says:

    I just love all your videos…it’s so relaxing(I just forgot my present life;))💚Japanese lifestyle

  38. Robbie lacey Jones says:

    A lovely healthy family, beautiful

  39. oka shima says:


  40. Anastasia Mavragani says:

    Her brother is autism?

  41. Killers in free fire Don't test says:

    Don't open your mouth when you are eating

  42. [ *_Puppi Toga 12_* ] says:

    kaa kajajjj!!!
    “Did you cut yourself?! oh no!”

  43. Avandhy Wibowo says:

    Err please teach your kid to cut the right way, he might cut his finger otherwise 😅

  44. Alyssa Boatwright says:

    They're so AdOrAbLe!!!😇😻❤️💛💚💙💜💘✨👼🤴👸

  45. Buddhi Prathibha says:

    This boy is 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  46. Christian Mullinax says:

    What’s that grey stuff she put on the yaksoba

  47. Dyah Puspita Rini says:

    Moms cutting the veggie was the most satisfying things everrr

  48. Ace Cierra says:

    GASP !

    No rice?!!

  49. MelonHell says:

    At 5:55 you can see a scar on her forehead. What happend to her?

  50. Aubrey Nguyen says:

    The yakisoba is like chow mien

  51. Cassandra Mae says:

    The "The End" Sign Actually Fooled Me😂

  52. Ick Vom says:

    Japan, China, Korea: Uses chopsticks

    America: Uses Forks and Hands

  53. Ben Singer says:

    I guess eringi are king oyster mushrooms? I love these, but didn't know they were popular in Japanese food. They are so meaty!

  54. Jeffry Manai says:

    What I see in this video was " the kids grew up in each of these video" am I right??? That is the point why I always watching their channel. I don't know why..

  55. miharu romo says:

    I’ve do in Japan all the time and it is so fun

  56. Sarah Tonen says:

    Shin reminds me so much of my own son xo

  57. Amy אָהַב says:

    Can you grill tofu or tempeh on this for vegetarians? 😁

  58. Dana Gach says:

    Which country do you live in replies in replier

  59. lion Rose says:

    I think, her son is very playful for his age. But your video is very good .

  60. Suchismita Khuntia says:

    Both kids are very good chef

  61. shewearsfunnyhat says:

    Have you seen the cardboard box smoker? That would be a fun mash of flavors.

  62. mPD780C1 says:

    0:57 おかん、伝統的な木製まな板には食材が滑りにくいいう利点があるんやで。

  63. HikaruRain says:

    Ahhh if they would just cut the meat like that around here I could have hot pot/BBQ at home all I want.

  64. Kiwixss says:

    Dude when he said YA ya ya ya ya ya

  65. irock yayy says:

    You people are yellow. Like the Simpsons

  66. zarailly says:

    That is really cool and a technofied bath

  67. gabrielly mayumi says:

    Legends in portuguese, please!!!

  68. Claire van Oirschot says:

    I'm from New Zealand. We have outdoor barbeques. It's good fun. We usually have things like sausages, burger patties. hash browns, onion rings etc grilled on them. We'd have things like bread and salads to go with them. And condiments like barbeque sauce, mustard and tomato sauce.

  69. Sandoval Kids says:

    here in amarica we eat and fry everything

  70. drrashmi11 says:

    Dad/Greg:did you cut yourself?
    goes back to cutting vegetables

  71. Miranda Ceballos says:

    I bet it smells really good in their house I should get me one of those grills so I don't have to grill when it's cold outside

  72. Fernando Rodriguez says:

    Dear god… the freshness of the food.. the fried tofu looks like it was barely fried for a second and the meat from the store looks so good.

  73. Roockstar Rated says:

    I've watched so far about 5 different videos and I swear watching Shin eat drives me crazy 🤣🤣

  74. uunsword says:

    That's Korean BBQ

  75. Praveen kumar says:

    Why don't your mom come in your vedio

  76. subflower_ lover says:

    Why does she need to say hi world ????

  77. It’s cute time says:

    Anybody thinks I should taste sushi let’s get to 100 likes 😃

  78. greenbanana1001 says:

    Everything they do is so cool!

  79. greenbanana1001 says:

    I thought that beeping was the fire alarm 🤣

  80. Britney Lopez says:

    You have no experience with knifes

  81. Lala Lala says:

    I know why dont the alarms fo off? And Dammmmthose veggies look fresh!!! And the grill is almost 300$ and i WANT SOME FOOD!

  82. ch1995 says:

    Aiko <3

  83. Kim Taehyung says:

    Shin looks so different., I think he might learned English better then me!

  84. GreenBozo ҚĄʑ says:

    Adopt me screeeeee

  85. Rob Maddox says:

    Cutting mushrooms sounds like walking in wet flip flops lol

  86. Trip says:

    I love how Japan makes innovative technology based on everyday necessities and not things people want for the sake of having it.

  87. Phoebe Murphy says:

    Shin is werid and annoying

  88. Sagis Yaman says:

    Shin and Aiko you grow up so fast

  89. Aesthetic Boba says:

    it has been 2 years now because it was posted jan 6 2018 and now its jan 6 2020

  90. Maisa Santos says:

    Esse povo come muito legume e verdura por isso são saudáveis e magros!

  91. Sonny Kane says:

    What a lovely family 🙂

  92. Sonny Kane says:

    Yummy and very healthy food awesome job guys

  93. Silver мσσиlιgнт46 says:

    I like cut meat 🍖when it look so beautiful

  94. Ø says:

    I just made up my mind…

    I'm adopting Japanese kids…

    I'm 13 btw

    So in the next 12 years…

  95. Titan says:

    Love It!!!

  96. Øverdøse says:

    Aiko looks really.. depressed-

  97. Miggs D says:

    Aww he asked is she cut herself. That’s cute that he got scared

  98. part two says:

    fried tofu looks so gross but it’s so good omfg

  99. Julian says:

    You and your family are doing an amazing job cooking and passing knowledge! I’ve been binge watching your videos all day lol. God bless you and your family!!!

  100. Colabs.Crazy Cousin says:

    Did you cut yourself
    No!! I accidentally chopped the onion the wrong way!!!

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