What Pizza Looks Like Around The World

Pizza. Most of us are familiar with the iconic dish of Italian origin. Pizza as we know it today originated in the 18th and 19th
centuries in Naples, Italy. Today, pizza is a staple in
Italy, America, and beyond. At its most simple… Peter Reinhart: Usually a
crust, made out of dough, with any number of toppings on top. Narrator: That’s according
to Peter Reinhart, the author of “American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza.” With a definition that broad, there are pizza variations and pizzalike dishes
eaten all over the globe. From base to toppings, here are 18 culturally distinct versions of pizza around the world. Sfincione is an Italian
variation of pizza. It’s light, fluffy, and slightly spongy. It’s usually topped with onions
in tomato sauce; anchovies; caciocavallo, which is
a dry, crumbly cheese; and a crisp layer of breadcrumbs. Pissaladière is a traditional dish from the town of Nice in southern France and is usually served as an appetizer. The recipe calls for a thick pizza dough, caramelized onions, black
olives, and anchovies. Sometimes the anchovies are
whole or made as a paste. The Washington Post
reports that flammkuchen, a mix between flatbread and pizza, dates back to the fourth century, when borders didn’t
exist like they do today. The dish became a specialty in
areas of what is now France, where it’s called tarte flambée, and Germany, where it’s
known as flammkuchen. It’s topped with crème
fraîche, onions, and bacon, and the crust is baked to an
almost cracker-like texture. There’s a lot of debate
surrounding pineapple on pizza. But this pizza went viral
once people found out that Swedes have taken it a step further by topping their pizzas with bananas. The toppings are a
combination of curry powder, bananas, and a protein
such as chicken or ham. Zapiekanka starts with half a baguette or another long roll of bread and gets topped with sautéed
mushrooms and cheese. Other toppings can be added, but to remain authentic, a thick drizzle of Polish ketchup is added as a finishing touch. Lángos is thick fried bread that is sometimes called Hungarian pizza and is a popular street food. The yeast dough is made from
mashed potatoes and flour and fried to a crisp. It’s eaten with a sprinkle of salt or toppings like garlic butter, sour cream, and grated cheese. Macedonian pizza, or pastrmajlija, is so popular there’s a festival
celebrating it each year. It’s dough shaped into an oval and topped with cubes of
meat and sometimes egg. Traditionally, the dish calls for lamb, but today, pork is often used instead. Khachapuri is one of Georgia’s
most well-known dishes. Yeasted dough is formed into a boat shape with the edges folded over. This becomes the basket
for the creamy combination of egg and cheese that fills it. It bakes until it’s golden, so the cheese and egg are still oozy and perfect for dipping the crust into. In the Middle East, there are two pizzalike dishes that are popular throughout the region. Originally from the Levant, lahmacun consists of a cracker-thin crust that’s usually topped with
ground meat, onions, and peppers, cooked in a wood-fire oven, and finished off with
lemon juice and parsley. Another popular dish is manakish. Originally from Lebanon, it’s the Middle Eastern
equivalent of flatbread pizza. The dough is rolled flat and
sculpted down for the topping. Traditional manakish is usually
topped with minced lamb, cheese or a mix of za’atar
spice, and olive oil. Egypt is home to feteer meshaltet. Feteer meshaltet is a
flaky, layered pastry that can be filled with
sweet or savory fillings or served plain with various
dips like honey or cheeses. The mix of flour and ghee is rolled out and handled to be thin, layered on top of each
other with more ghee, and then baked in a wood-fire oven. Zanzibar pizza is actually
more of a savory crepe. The fried pockets of dough are filled with just about anything, from Nutella to cheese to squid. A ball of dough is flattened, and then a pile of meat,
spices, vegetables, and an egg are added in. The sides are folded up, and the dish is fried in a tava with ghee. It’s cut up into little squares
to make it easy to share. Beef bulgogi is widely popular in Korea and a common topping for pizza. These pizzas are loaded
with juicy bulgogi, cheese, and plenty of veggies, like mushrooms, olives,
onions, peppers, and corn. Fugazzeta is a variation of the popular South
American dish fugazza. Two pizza crusts are stuffed and topped off with sweet onions and sometimes other garnishes like ham. This thick, double-crusted pizza oozes with cheese in every bite. Pizza Portuguesa starts with
a traditional pizza crust and is topped with cheese,
ham, onions, and olives, but it’s not a classic pizza Portuguesa without hard-boiled eggs. Tlayudas. These iconic street snacks
are sometimes referred to as Mexican pizza. They’re made from crispy corn tortillas topped with pureed beans,
shredded lettuce or cabbage, avocado, meat, cheese, and salsa. They’re served open-faced
or folded in half. Several American cities, like Detroit and New Haven, Connecticut, have their own twists on pizza. But Chicago is known for
their deep-dish pies. The crust is about 2 inches tall and slightly fried from the oiled-up pans. The layered pies start with the crust, then cheese, then any veggies
and meats of your choice, and are finally topped off
with plenty of tomato sauce. The slices are so filling that you might not reach for a second one. You can get pizza fast and cheap on just about every
corner of New York City. The New York slice, or plain
slice, as locals call it, grew out of the Neapolitan-style pizza brought over by Italian
immigrants in the early 1900s. The slices are large and wide, with a crust that’s
crispy but still foldable, and topped with tomato
sauce and mozzarella cheese. Toppings like pepperoni and
sausage are popular additions. While most pies are about 18 inches, Americans have perfected
the art of giant food.

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