What SHOCKS Japanese about Foreigners in Japan

And how do foreigners greet you? – Like aaaaah I freeze like “Wow English!” It’s embarrassing but I am happy. Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese it’s Cathy Cat. In Tokyo there are now many foreigners but it’s different on the Japanese countryside. This time we are gonna go head out to Iwakuni to ask the Japanese people there what culture shocks they have experienced. Let’s go and Ask Japanese. During class our teacher would play a tape and the foreign assistant teacher would dance to the tape. She looked like she had so much fun. In Japan do you suddenly dance? We really don’t. – What music was that? What was it? One Direction’s “What makes you beauty” – And your foreign teacher was into it. Different to Japanese people, foreign teachers are so friendly. They come and talk to me a lot. – How? When we meet in the school hallway we just say hello. But the foreign teachers ask us what we are doing, and lots of other things. – Having a longer conversation. – Yes When they talk to you, how do you feel? – It makes me happy The greeting of our foreign teachers is different to our Japanese teachers. So cheery. What is the normal Japanese school greeting like? Good Morning. Like this “Good Morning.” And then the foreign greeting? Good morning!!! – How does it feel differently? The Japanese greeting is very formal. If we don’t greet properly we get told of. But foreign teachers they are so fun and friendly to us. Yeah right. In Iwakuni we have a US military base which gives us the chance to meet many foreigners. Many Japanese just take standing pictures. Foreigners pick up leaves of the ginko tree and do pictures from the side and similar. They take different photos here. They see things that Japanese people don’t see. They set it up and take a lot of pictures. We sometimes meet the kids from the US school A Japanese primary school is strict on starting times by the minute. But the US kids have more freedom there. – The rules and strictness is different. – Very much so. We have to understand that. First we were surprised but we realized that is just the way other countries are. I hope by understanding this our children will learn life skills for the future. So Iwakuni gives kids a chance to meet other cultures. – They can learn things because we are close to the foreign cultures here. The food that I ate at my exchange was very shocking compared to what we were used to. Taste wise. – Where did you stay? – Australia. – What did you eat? Vegimite. – That’s the yucky one!!! Haha. – I was the only family member that couldn’t eat Vegiemite… They made me a tuna sandwich instead. – That is… ok. Don’t worry. Vegimite and Marmite are foods that are loved or hated by people. – My host family said this is a normal food for everyone. But the tuna was tasty everywhere I ate it. No matter the culture. It was good. – I lived in Hawaii for 3 years. When I went shopping I was surprised to see in Japan we have to pay exactly but there, next to the register was a little donation box of 1 cents. If it wasn’t exact and you missed a cent the cashier would take one from there. – didn’t have to be by the cent. Yeah uneven numbers would always work out. That wouldn’t work in Japan In Japan you would have to take one item out of the shop or similar in order to match. But there if it wasn’t enough there was a way One or two cents were ok – That’s so kind of them though. Kind. – Also since they are island dwellers… They were really relaxed about things. Busses would disappear – Disappear? What? – There is a GPS app for busses but sometimes the busses would disappear from the GPS “Oh the bus disappeared. Let’s wait a little longer” we’d say. – What?? Instead of waiting 10 more minutes the bus would vanish? – It would say “not in transit” and be gone. No wayyy!! That happened a lot I am not sure if it was the driver’s mood or what. – Time for his lunch or what something. – Maybe that was it. Foreigners are… really trying to speak in Japanese to us. Japanese… are generally like “oh sorry”. Foreigners are good at talking Japanese. – We try talking? – Yes you try speaking our language. That’s great Japanese are too shy? – We’d say “Don’t speak Japanese….” wait “Not speak English…” like that I think it’s good foreigners try it more when asking for the way they will say “sumimasen” and speak Japanese quickly. But I will… freeze and say things like “go straight” I can’t speak. – If foreigners try to speak Japanese… you will react in English? – True. I will freeze “Wow English!” Like that. – I once went to a resort and there were many different people drinking at the bar. The DJ there was playing a Rhapsody song… Queen’s – I know! Bohemian Rhapsody! – YES! Suddenly everyone stopped talking and sang along! I sang a little too. – Wow. Japanese people feel free to join too? Not sure… Generally not. – I wasn’t a good singer either I might just do a little. – Yeah somewhat – but not everyone together I was surprised to see women who wouldn’t shave all their hairs So here everyone shaves their arms? Well a little now maybe. – It’s winter so you get away with it? Does everyone shave? – In Summer everywhere. – The arms? – Arms too. Foreigners don’t shave their arms. So arms and legs and all, you are busy. – We are. Bath takes a while haha. – How often do you shave? – Every second day or third. about that. – Since you have school uniforms, you start shaving at school? – Yeah. Foreigners, more so than Japanese seem to be able to frankly talk with people. I like it, Things like “Let’s take pictures?” – Yeah foreigners Foreigners don’t seem to care so much about being like others I think. – Do foreigners often ask you for pics? – They do. How do you feel? – It’s embarrassing but it makes me happy. But how about sneaky pics. – No yeah that happened the other day. We wish they would ask first. – Yeah. Foreigners seem to know more about Japanese culture than some Japanese people. – How so? What do foreigners know? – Well They know about horseback archery and things that Japanese don’t know much about anymore. Some Japanese don’t show much interest in this anymore Foreigners seem to know what they want to know Foreigners seem to enjoy Japanese culture. – And show so much interest in Japanese culture and take part in it They try to put themselves into it more. Foreigners try to go to further places when they can Japanese go to short trips or simple return trips But foreigners go further away if they can Their traveling span is longer compared to Japanese too They travel bigger and further away I think I think. – How did that make you feel? – I want to travel more now too. Haha. – Germans will go through Italy and then to Spain or Portugal. – What was your culture shock? – Foreign women are pretty I respect that. – Germans are pretty Russian women are so pretty. The older I get the prettier they all look Haha. – I will go to India next year. There are rich people but also people who are poor In Japan we have balanced society and normal live-style but when I went to India I saw things like… killing animals and such… – really? – Yeah… Thank you for your opinion. That was all. Today we filmed in Iwakuni which is in the west of Japan in Yamaguchi prefecture It’s famous for the historical wooden arch bride called Kintaikyo and at any time of the day and in any season, people come here to visit Iwakuni also has beautiful scenery, a Japanese castle, several museums and some local delicacies I also made a Vlog about it so be sure to check it out. I hope you enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to click the like button and if this is new to you don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. We bring you lots of content here from Japan out to the world wherever in the world you are so I hope you enjoy our future videos. And also don’t forget to tick on the notification bell so you don’t miss them. Have a great day catch you soon here from Tokyo with Ask Japanese. Bye.

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