What Sushi do Japanese people LIKE and DISLIKE? The answers might surprise you!

Salmon roe. I can’t eat squid. That’s not real sushi! Hey guys this is Cathy Cat. What is your favorite type of sushi? That’s what we are gonna ask a couple of Japanese people. Let’s go and Ask Japanese. What’s your favorite type of sushi? Tuna! Flounder’s edge. I like squid. Shrip. Salmon. Salmon roe. You are such a child. Salmon roe and sea urchin. Which sushi do you dislike? Tuna! It tastes of blood. Shellfish. Scallops and such. Kappa maki! I don’t understand why there are cucumbers in sushi! I dislike squid! I can’t eat salmon roe. I can’t deal with the weird squishiness. – Sea urchin
– I don’t like sea urchins and silver skin fish. I don’t like horse mackerel and mackerel. I can’t eat salmon. You are core opposites! Can you eat salmon roe? Not at all! If you buy a plate of sushi, with salmon and salmon roe you never will fight over a piece.
– Yeah we won’t! Anything else you can’t eat? Apart from salmon, I don’t eat any sushi at all. – And what about fried fish?
– Fried fish is ok. I can’t eat salmon. I don’t really like fish. – How about you?
– I can’t eat salmon either. It has to be cooked before I will eat it. I don’t think you should eat salmon raw. That’s a surprise. Salmon is one of the most popular sushi abroad. That’s what they say. Recently you can see some weird and strange sushi, right?! Tell me some! Some that have deep fried chicken in it. Deep fried chicken! Deep fried chicken sushi! – I have seen those.
– And meat balls! I have seen meatball sushi! At running sushi they sometimes have meatball sushi. That surprised me. Meatball sushi floats. -You have seen those meat ball battle ship sushi, right?! – Yeah. That’s not real sushi! Meat sushi. Avocado sushi. Hamburger bits on top of sushi. Sushi with eggplant on top is not sushi. – There are also crepe sushi!
– What?! They sometimes have those, right?! Crepe sushi… that’s just crepe. Potato salad sushi. – What was it again? Potato salad sushi?
– Where did you see that? I have seen it at Sushi Rou and Kurazushi. They are said to be nice though. Those were all the questions. Thank you. Favorite type of sushi, that was interesting to see. We had tuna, we had shrimp and a couple of other sushi. With the salmon, we had an interesting take on that Some people loved salmon, some people loved salmon roe and the people who loved salmon vice versa didn’t really like the other. Salmon roe is actually the eggs of the salmon which is interesting. How about you? Which sushi do you like? Which sushi do you dislike? Also, what is the weirdest sushi that you have seen in your country? I know abroad there are a couple of sushi that you cannot get in Japan. Let us know your weirdest sushi! We asked Japanese people more questions! So click the top right of the screen to find those questions. Thank you for watching and catch you soon on Ask Japanese!

47 comments on “What Sushi do Japanese people LIKE and DISLIKE? The answers might surprise you!”

  1. xXKuraidoXx says:


  2. xXKuraidoXx says:

    Frankly, I don't dislike any type of sushi. I love all of it! 😃😃😃

  3. Jalal Widad says:

    I love sushi, but I can only eat a little.. :'(

  4. Catherine Butler says:

    No one mentioned tai (sea bream), which surprised me! But my favourite is still tuna…

  5. Rachel Marks says:

    Crepe sushi with nutella into it in France 😮 it's served as a desert ^^'

  6. Roy Chiu says:

    I love salmon but will not eat salmon roe.

  7. Zestaru says:

    I love ikura, ebi and tamago. <3

  8. BunniesAtHome says:

    i dont lie sushi 😛

  9. Letters from Japan says:

    Hamburg sushi?! Yikes. When my wife buys the variety platters at the supermarket, I eat only the tuna, ebi, or salmon. The rest are okay, but not great.

  10. dark phanthom says:

    hero my name is cowboy tanka 😎

  11. Ruisu-214 says:

    It felt like a short video to me compared to the other videos.

  12. Heather Miller says:

    I've never tried it, but it's tempting to try!

  13. Rain Drop says:

    I don't raw like sushi but love tamago nigiri :3 Also, I've seen weird sushi like duck.

  14. Ongoing Discovery says:

    poor japanese guy who doesnt like fish. talk about born in the wrong country

  15. Elisa no Shashin says:

    I love salmon nigiri! I am from Finland (but currently studying abroad in Japan!), and I think the weirdest sushi from there would be Reindeer sushi! It sounds weird to foreigners, but it is delicious and I highly recommend it if you're ever around Finnish sushi restaurant 🙂

  16. Daggerof Dayu says:

    I like yam sushi.

  17. DaRe JoNeS says:

    I like it all.

  18. the list22 says:

    the smallest girl in this video,, I love you 🙂

  19. tomosuke says:


  20. Ninjanugets123 says:

    is no one gonna talk about the girl who said she liked tuna because it tastes like blood…

  21. MelodiousRhyme says:

    My favorites are tuna, salmon roe, and eel. I don't like California rolls or shrimp. I'm surprised that there are people who don't like salmon! I think mayo sushi is weird, but it seems popular

  22. Gaia L. says:

    I love unagi & anago <3

  23. Extra Channel says:

    My favourite sushi is salmon ,Yum!

  24. camelway says:

    I don't really like fish in general so no sushi for me.

  25. YumiTheDragonGirl says:

    There's a restaurant in my area that has a sushi called a "pizza roll" and it has cheese and stuff on it. I'm tempted to try it just for fun. lol

  26. Bramha's Astra says:

    Any of those gross sperm sushi and most shellfish…

  27. Ryan Gaunt says:

    Boku no ichiban suki na sushi ha unagi
    My favourite sushi is Eel sushi.

    Boku ha uni ga kirai desu
    I hate sea urchin.

  28. Sharly Marie says:

    I mega love salmon suchi as well! 😍

  29. kopxpert says:

    My fave would be Salmon, Salmon Roe & Crab sushis

  30. xxheynicolexx says:

    Vegan sushi is the best 🙂

  31. Gessica Aceros says:

    I'm vegetarian, so i eat only veggie sushi and i like it so much. In my country, Italy, the worst sushi i've ever tried was banana sushi…oh gosh…

  32. PongoXBongo says:

    Aww, no unagi (eel)? That's my fave.

  33. Bia Galvão says:

    Nutella with strawberrys and Rice~ eww

  34. Jonathan says:

    Tuna for me.

  35. Rob says:

    They sold southern fried chicken sushi in my local supermarket and it was pretty good. I think tamago nigiri is my favourite; my least favourite is probably salmon roe, the flavour was a bit too intense.

  36. GaaraFromTheDessert says:

    I only eat vege sushi, my favorite is avocado! 🙂

  37. SuChanNoir says:

    The meatball and hamburger sushi was weird. xD love my eel and salmon. ✨💖

  38. kawaii-japan says:


  39. Black Cobra says:

    Well sushi comes with a variety of sauces and obviously rice and vegetables so unless they are eating only the meat then of course is going to taste bad, sushi is delicious if you know how to eat it.

  40. Cakes with Faces says:

    I like avocado in sushi, but it's not traditionally Japanese. I'm vegetarian but there's still a good selection of sushi without fish (even in Japan).

  41. Amano Hashidate says:

    i love sushiro's kani

  42. mslenters says:

    My favorite sushi is salmon, salmon cheese sushi and tamago sushi. The weirdest sushi I've come across were strawberry sushi and salmon mango sushi

  43. xtremzero says:

    why they say salmon instead of sake

  44. Kooei says:


  45. akane1412 says:

    Weirdest sushi I've seen (and eaten) – Nuttella Sushi with strawberries :O

  46. Yu Jeff says:

    Lol What CREPE SUSHI???

  47. Eiji Kawai says:


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