What to Do in Busan: Local Markets, Korea Sushi, and More

So we just got back from filming, and this is our absolutely incredible view. What’s funny is this Airbnb; like it looked like we’re gonna live in a basement of like a murder house, and then we came in here and we’re like “Holy crap.” That’s the view. So lovely. We’re currently here in Busan, the second largest city in all of Korea, and unless you’re like super familiar with Korea, you probably haven’t really heard of this city before. We live in Seoul and in our videos around Seoul, we try to show you the cooler, more charming, and less tourist-y parts of Seoul. And in this video for Busan, we’re gonna try to show you some of that as well. So welcome to Haeundae beach, the most famous beach in all of Busan and probably the most famous beach in all of Korea altogether. Yeah, everybody knows this beach. And it’s right–kind of like the city-center of Busan, so surrounding us is like all of these huge skyscrapers. This is like that beach night club neighborhood. And as you can see, it’s actually really quite pretty, but the problem is that it’s a bit too famous and everybody knows about it, so in the summertime, it gets exceptionally crowded. So if this sounds like your kind of thing, you can definitely come to Haeundae beach. Or you can come to Songdo where there’s nobody here. There’s nobody here! There’s nobody… Now, we’re obviously not here on the peak season in the summertime, but we have gone to Haeundae in the summertime [M] and it’s just like, [S] It’s a bad idea. [M] it’s just like: [S] Don’t do it. [M] like people everywhere [S] Some club like this: [M] like, I’m gonna go swimming… [S] Sweaty club. But there’s so many beaches in Busan, it’s like we would recommend you go into a less crazy one. Lesser beach. Unless you wanna pick up mad honeys. Then go to Haeundae. And be like: “Hey guys…” (boob dance) You’re a boy! You are supposed to make flex-y worms like “Hey girl.” Oh, I thought I was doing the boobies. That’s–I got that. Why are you being a girl? He just wish he had boobs. I would, I would never date anybody. Just touch my boobs all day. ♪ Boobs, boobs, boobs, boobs are the best. How do you function in society if you have boobs? I’d just like, [S] I’d be in my room just playing with my boobs. [M] I’m gonna go play on the beach! I miss the Jeju water. These are colder. And busier. Less hippies here; I miss all the Jeju hippies. I mean, I don’t see anybody with a beard here. You are a hippie, look at your beard. Yeah, I know. I’m like the only one here, where are my people at? Now even though you might have been to Seoul already and you’ve had a lot of street food, do not miss out the opportunity to have street food in Busan because it’s actually quite different; even the basic thing, like the odeng, like the eomuk. Time to eat everything! I feel like the good ones are like deeply hidden inside. Would you go as far as to say… deep inside, deep inside, [M] deep inside. [S] Oh, look at that gochujigam right there! Do you see that? The one of my all-time favorites, the gochujigam, it’s actually like a rare Pokemon to find. [L] It’s my favorite– [M] It’s my favorite too! I have never had jigam this good in Seoul. Holy sh*t. Now coming to marketplaces like this is totally awesome, but I think if you haven’t been living in Korea, it can be a little bit overwhelming; you don’t know what to pick, what food to eat, like where you gonna go. So if you’re staying at an Airbnb, you could just message your host, and wind up asking him what he would recommend at a place like this. Or she. Or she. He or she. You could just aim for like one street food like “What is the one thing that I have to get?” and they can give you that kind of advice. I’m sure they can even write it in Korean for you. And then you could just hold it right up to someone and be like: Do you wanna try one of these two? Now this, I have never seen before. We are all trying to guess what it is, we thought it was like eomuk with something. I think it’s like–eomuk is basically the fishcake–and she said that it’s very spicy, so I think it’s made with the chopped super mega spicy tiny green peppers in Korea. But I don’t know what else is in it, so it’s my first time ever trying this. It’s not that spicy but it’s got that kick that you can definitely taste. Yeah, this might be too spicy for SooZee. SooZee can’t handle it. ‘Kay, SooZee… [S] Gross! [M] You don’t like peppers? SooZee’s like “I hate peppers!” Busan’s also really famous for its annual film festival known as Biff, and if you’re a tourist, you can go to one of the “Biff centers.” But you can also go to– –you could just come to the place that they film everything like I’ve seen a million Korean dramas, music videos, I’ve seen movies, I’ve even seen Japanese, Korean dramas that have like somehow acrossed to here, so it’s very famous. It’s called Gamcheon Culture Village, also known as Santorini or Machu Picchu. Time to explore! I’m gonna buy everything… what? No… This is such a cute little area, you see tons of people with cameras taking nice pictures of little, tiny stairwells and little art pieces here, and– flowers dotted all over the place, This is such a cute, quaint little spot, you’re gonna love it here. This kind of reminds me of Bukchon village in Seoul, except these houses aren’t as old, but like–it doesn’t feel like a Korean style house. Not at all. Now, Busan is famous for its beaches, but because it’s a port city, it also has some really kick-ass seafood, I mean like it’s better than Seoul seafood. So much better than Seoul. I said it, it’s really, really fresh and amazing. Now while most tour guides are gonna tell you to come here to Jagalchi fish market for the seafood, I recommend instead to go to– –or you can come to Mirak Hwe where all the locals eat. You know, there’s nothing wrong with the other market, it’s just that they kinda hack up the prices since they know they can, so you can get a better deal at this place. I’m ready to eat some raw fish straight from the ocean into my hands. Why–won’t you use chopsticks? It’s gonna be gross. You’re gross! Behave yourself! Like, really so fresh and amazing. We’ve had like a lot of these before. (gasps) It’s the important (inaudible) fish as well. That looks like a ginormous flounder. Wow. They are aggressive salesman here, they’re like “Hey. Eat this. Right now. Go. Stop talking. Put it in your mouth. Give me the money. Right now. We’re done. Transaction over.” So that’s it for our mini guide to Busan, obviously we’re just scratching the surface–there’s a lot more Busan has to offer. But I hope it kind of sits you in the right direction if you’re planning on visiting Busan. Make sure you subscribe because we also went to Jeju Island on this road trip and we got loads of amazing food and adventure programs coming your way, all so delicious and nutritious. Oh man. You guys are gonna be drooling over these videos. Oh, so good! Mmm! Subscribe… Memories… Subtitles by gianccm

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