What You Should Know Before Eating At Pizza Hut Again

Whether you’re a fan or not, chances are you
know that Pizza Hut is kind of a big deal. What is it about Pizza Hut that makes it stand
out from its competition? Some of the answers may surprise you. Internet sales milestones It’s rare today that someone will actually
call a pizza place to order a pie for delivery. People are more likely to go online to place
their order or do it straight from a mobile app, and while this seems like a modern luxury,
Pizza Hut has been sold online since the ’90s. It was even one of the first things ever sold
on the world wide web, way back in 1994. Remember dial-up? “With 56k connections are faster than ever!” “everyone I know is on it” They scored a big pizza first when they partnered
with Sony Online and EverQuest 2 in 2005 to add the “/pizza” command to the game. It made their pizza the first real-world product
that could be ordered from a virtual world. Fast forward 11 years, and Pizza Hut UK upped
the innovation ante and designed tattoos albeit the temporary kind with QR Codes that correspond
to your favorite pizza. Hungry? Just tap your phone to your arm, and your
order’s in. How times have changed. Pretty soon, they’ll have scratch n’ sniff
menus, too. Oh, wait… “That’s a meat feast – chicken bacon beef,
that’s a meat feast.” International… delights? Pizza Hut has branched out all over the world
and does its best to incorporate regional cuisine into their pizza offerings. Some of the unique pizzas aren’t too crazy,
like Australia’s stuffed hot dog crust pizza, or Brazil’s pretty delicious-looking Cheesy
Pop, a pie with a cheese-filled crust that breaks away into bite-sized pieces. Other pizzas can sound a little more, well,
foreign. How about trying India’s Pizza Hut special,
topped with baby corn, jalapenos, and olives? Or New Zealand’s bizarre chicken and cranberry
pizza, complete with super-thin crust? Canada goes one step further and combines
two massive favorites: poutine and pizza, and is that proof there’s such a thing as
too far? Not if Pakistan has anything to say about
it: they have a Doritos Pizza. Popping the question Is there a better way to tell someone you
want to spend the rest of your life with them than with the gift of pizza? Okay, but pizza’s pretty good, too. In 2012, the chain launched a $10,000 engagement
package to help hopeful pizza-lovers pop the question. The package came with a ruby engagement ring
to match the pizza sauce on the medium pizza that you would dive into after your significant
other (hopefully) said yes. Also included were flowers, fireworks, and
a professional videographer and photographer to capture the special moment when you declared
your undying love for your beloved… at Pizza Hut. Odd, but everyone knows that couple. Loading up on cheese Pizza Hut uses a lot of cheese. How much cheese? More than you can probably imagine, because
they actually use more than pretty much anyone else in the world. The company goes through 300 million pounds
of cheese every year, which means that three percent of the total cheese in production
in the world is bought by Pizza Hut. On top of that, they use 525 million pounds
of tomatoes and 700 million pounds of pepperoni. Those numbers are pretty staggering, so how
about a fun bit of trivia you’re sure to share over your next pizza? Every weekday, around 3.9 million people wander
the streets of Manhattan. Based on numbers from the CDC, that means
together, all the inhabitants of Manhattan weigh about 705 million pounds just a little
more than the amount of pepperoni Pizza Hut uses in a year. Funky stunts There’s innovation, and then there’s Pizza
Hut innovation. Over the years, they’ve been behind some pretty
funky stunts and gimmicks that make for some hilarious marketing. Quick, what’s the last thing you’d expect
to be pizza-scented? “Food spray? Sure.” If you said “perfume” you’d be right, and
that’s proof you don’t think like Pizza Hut. The idea to launch a Pizza Hut perfume started
off as a joke, but Pizza Hut Canada decided to go ahead and make it because why not? People like pizza and people like perfume,
and so the unlikely combination was born. The limited edition perfume launched in Canada
in 2012, arriving in the United States in time for Valentine’s Day 2013. It was super-limited, and strangely enough,
many who were lucky enough to sample the scent reported that it actually smelled like cinnamon
rolls. They’ve also made the dreams of every ’80s
kid come true when they partnered with the pizza-loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
in 2014. Not content with run-of-the-mill publicity
stunts like banners and signs, they built a functioning, 12-foot-tall pizza thrower
for that year’s San Diego Comic Con. It didn’t launch pizza, but visitors could
still climb aboard and fling some fake pizzas at the bad guys just like their favorite turtles
do. Cowabunga! Out of this world Pizza Hut is all about firsts, and they became
first pizza chain to deliver a pizza to outer space in the very appropriate year of 2001. The pizza was delivered to the International
Space Station via a Russian rocket, and don’t worry, no space agency was footing that delivery
bill. It was Pizza Hut who actually paid the Russian
space agency for the opportunity to deliver the first pizza to space. The publicity stunt reportedly cost the chain
$1 million. After all that, the lucky Russian cosmonaut
who received the pizza probably didn’t even get to enjoy it that much, as prolonged periods
of time in space deaden your taste buds. Pizza Hut added some extra salt and spices
to the pizza to give it a bit more kick, and swapped the pepperoni for salami to extend
the shelf life. That’s serious ambition.

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  10. sistakia33 says:

    Don't mind watching a Pizza Hut ad but it should at least be filled with actual facts! Pizza Hut might be buying the cheese but they sure aren't wasting it on any pizza I've had in years! I buy my pizza from my local grocery store because its fresh, delicious, real ingredients, and oh yeah that real cheese actually melts and tastes great! Oh, and I don't have to pay for X-tra to get what I should have had in the first place!

  11. Christine Graves says:

    Please – don't waste your money on Pizza Hut. The last pizza I ordered for delivery arrived cold, burnt and crushed. A HUT it might be, pizza it isn't.

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  13. Fadilla Ishak says:

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    Quick note: it's trash af

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  51. William Fox says:

    Used to like their stuffed crust. Maybe I've just had bad luck but the last two times I've gotten a stuffed crust pizza(from different locations) it has been dry with not enough sauce. My girlfriend says I should get extra sauce like she does, but I don't think I should have to order extra sauce just for it to not be dry.

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  73. Ginger Baking says:

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  74. David DiConsto says:

    Man I used to love Pizza Hut, I’d eat there all the time and built up lots of points. The pizza was always fresh and tasted better than sex. One day I ordered a free pizza using my points and they gave me a reheated pizza. It’s like it was a mistake pizza that sitting out to the for an hour, then when my order came in, they added my toppings and melted some new cheese on top. It tasted horrible and scarred my mind. Fuck you Pizza Hut. I will be returning to Papa John’s.

  75. fatimah anwaar says:

    I mostly would eat their chicken pizza with stuffed crust and would eat 2 items in the dessert menu which includes the raspberry cheesecake and Hershey's cookies I also like their huge glasses that they use to serve drinks

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  79. Joel's Jedsart says:

    Eating pizza hut now yeah nothing go's better with pizza hut then video game's.

  80. Tino_E8L says:

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  81. James Thorman says:

    Here's something important to know.
    When you order for a later time on line, they do not let the location that is making your order know about it until 20 minutes before you plan to pick it up. So, if you are planing to pick up during a peak time, it will always be late. What's the point of ordering an hour early so its on time, when they don't pass the order on???

  82. John Robinson says:

    This is real. It's called Pizza Butt, it lasts for 24-48 hours usually

  83. Tim Duggan says:

    It's funny….I'm by no means a "millenial". I can recall while growing up in Southern California the first Pizza Hut. We thought the name was funny. Mind you? This was also when "Sizzler" first began to show up, and they had WOOD SHAVINGS on the floor!! (1970s era). Talk about health hazard! So, enjoy the early 21st century. BTW? Yeah, I ate at those places, and others, as a pre-teen in the 1970s. Never got sick. Pizza Hut, if I'm not mistaken, is now a corporate conglomerate certainly, and I believe is owned by PepsiCo…..

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    Was a tip provided for delivering the pizza in space?

  88. Twostones00 says:

    The pizza hut near me is the worst in the country. You are lucky to get two pieces of pepperoni in a slice. It is really that bad. Corporate should go a better job of monitoring their restaurant. I’m not the only one in my community that was majorly disappointed. I can’t understand how they stay in business. I wish I had taken a photo of the pie. Never again will they get my business and I don’t mind warning others haw they rip off the customers.

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  93. John Dodd says:

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