1. Bunny Balack says:

    How do you make your muscles not taste like the sea water???

  2. Triniece McRae says:

    Going to the dentist today😂

  3. Honey Queen says:

    I can less for looks it's your spirit that stands out to me ur sooo freaking beautiful!!!!

  4. legit boss says:

    you are so pretty 😍

  5. Kaneshia Chatman says:

    I ❤ U Boo😘😘Your Energy is Everything💯💯💯

  6. Ebony Johnson says:

    Miriam…I Love your spirit…You are so sweet and I'm so glad that I found your channel!!😘💃💃

  7. BreBre Mak says:

    i like wen she be like… SO GOOD..MMMMM

  8. Koy & Kecy Unfiltered says:

    $jakorya92 & [email protected] ; I most definitely tried the jumbo lump crab dip 🦀🦀. Hunnyyyyy, when I tell you it was like Cheddar’s lobster bisque with lumps of crab meat , God himself was in that 😂😂😂 thanks for always including your recipes . One day you should most def open up your own business 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  9. Melanie Turner says:

    $melbell4 & those batter fried chicken wingggsss!!! bwabbyy 😭😂🥰

  10. Nikki M says:

    You look so Beautiful as u always do but I’m loving the glasses and necklaces.. I have a dentist appt this weekend 😩 and food looks awesome

  11. 이은굥 says:

    Look so delitious

  12. Shonda says:

    You are just as pretty without any make-up!!

  13. Sicol Royal Eats #SRE says:

    I just love your videos. Great job!!!!

  14. Bell’s Ideas says:

    How did you add the subscribe button along with the bell on your video? I really would like to add it to my videos?

  15. breanna fry says:


    I made the sausages with jasmine rice and cucumbers 😊

  16. O'Neal Brown says:

    I live in Salisbury MD… Where do you get your king crab from? I want to try it so baddd😩

  17. just a dumb faggot says:

    Hope you get better ❤️

  18. Rene Snodey says:

    Girl you know you be eating Good!!!!!

  19. Qutesh Maze says:

    Sister you Look great love the boil. I am going to make the battered chicken soon.

  20. sashiah magee says:

    I wish you woild make a website so i can prder some food. because that right there look sooooooo goooooooddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Danzella Moye says:

    U awesome girl ,keep doing what u do ,n i will keep watching 😁

  22. Cynthia Green says:

    No make up ; no matter.
    You are gorgeous either way.

  23. teresa wicks says:

    Do you have a love relationship with food?

  24. Bev Montgomery says:

    It all looked so good

  25. Jamira Zakiyah says:

    I recently tried the battered fried chicken. It was delicious 😋. I love this channel btw.

  26. Nacira says:

    That whole boil look juicy af 😩 don’t play wit me.
    As soon as the video started I wanted that 1st piece of crab!!

  27. she she says:

    Oh is that Paparazzi around your neck?

  28. whitwhit87 says:

    I love how you we're real about your teeth. I was/am the same way.

  29. M Bell says:

    Thanks sis for enduring your pain just so we can see you…please take care..🥰

  30. Leslie Newness says:

    You should go a seafood boil with b loves sauce I would love to see that

  31. Leslie Newness says:

    I promise if you were my friend you would get tired of me cause me and the 3 kids would be your outside fam at your house everyday waiting on you to cook. IDC if it was 11pm we like where da food at we'll wait! 😂

  32. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    I suggest buying freshly squeezed lemon juice with no added ingredients in a bottle so u won’t have to squeeze you could just squirt it.

  33. Salma Ali. says:

    I really like her her smile laugh everything about her. Its so good . 😄

  34. Tu 2 says:

    Deshelled is SOOOOOO much better!

  35. MSaroeun says:

    I tried the jumbo lump crab dip you had made omg so bomb! I loved it! I love all your recipes so keep them coming! I’ve been saving the videos I wanna try. Btw I hope you feel better soon!

  36. Katrina Estes says:

    Battered fried King crab legs

  37. Tandra S says:

    Damn I missed the $25 lol

  38. Tandra S says:

    I cooked the crab meat balls , omg ! Soooooo good 🥰🥰🥰🥰 especially fried , I haven’t thought about frying it before 🥰🥰🥰 cashapp $tangie24

  39. 나이두나올여자야 says:

    묵방 ㅎㅎㅎ

  40. Daniele Ammazzalupo says:

    Muy dear..you are Soooo Goood!!! OH MY GOSH!!!

  41. greywolf379 says:

    Great Video!! I love seafood boils!! New Englander here!!! But on a serious note, dont bother spending the money on root canals and crowns. I was like you and had canals and crowns in my 30s-40s. Well, Im 61 now, and all those root canals and crowns on my molars have cracked off to the gum. Now Im going to have to have extensive surgery and implants!! Just get the implants now and not waste the money, pain and eventual lost of the tooth. Many Blessings to you, keep making great videos!!🥰

  42. Wxunds says:

    Do people not know that seafood is like …. one of the healthiest foods to eat on earth because it isnt combined with any chemicals?

  43. Cierra Harris says:

    You have such a sweet spirit !! I never thought I would enjoy watching someone eat as much as I enjoy watching your videos !! Lol 😂 “sooo good😳” 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Amaya burks says:

    She so goofy😂

  45. Eleanor Williams says:

    Hi Mariam I have made the chocolate Reese's cup cake, it was SO GOOD!!! Cash tab!! Thank you,

  46. no no x2 says:

    I don't like seafood yet I'm drooling 👀

  47. Kayla Cousar says:

    I just love. Love your channel I already made at least 9 of recipes and BABBBBBBBY me and my daughter be getting down my daughter lovesss the strawberry shortcake bowl ♥️♥️ #kaymarie6606

  48. Lexus Shantell says:

    All this bad eating hope you work out and drinks lots of water

  49. Michelle Scotland says:

    I’ve just discovered you. I think you are just amazing. So chilled and such a talented cook!! Ahhhhh #subscribed xx

  50. Linda Anna says:

    Jesus John jokes is the funniest 🤣

  51. Xiomara Rosario says:

    girl you need to trademark that phrase lol! Love your channel!!

  52. Quan Quan says:

    ❤😂👀 it's soo good gets me everytime & the dance💃 lol I livesss for you Ms Lady!

  53. sis says:

    Miss your no talking eating shows

  54. L.Cee Haddon says:

    Ok, who else finishes dinner than see a video of food go straight at it and you get hungry, cause I’m feeling that Now!

  55. X clan members Xcm says:

    The food just doesn’t look good u do to

  56. Jalisa Douglas says:

    hey i subscribe to your channel i love ur eating show u and ms b love r my favorite !!!!!

  57. Jalisa Douglas says:

    number 1 subscriber $JalisaSade89 😘😘

  58. kdreama says:

    Can you please do a DIY version of Pizza Hut cheezit 🍕 😂 I know you'd be the best 😋 😍

  59. VB Dream says:

    I can only eat junk food twice a week

  60. Debra Harris says:

    Looks Delicious

  61. Candace Torrez says:


  62. Terri Lee says:

    I need the $25 for gas to get over the bay bridge to get a plate. 😁

  63. Sydney Whitfield says:

    Loving the nails sis 💅🏼💅🏼

  64. Nyiimah Dotson says:

    I made the Cajun stuffed shrimp with crab and oh my god girl .. I’m literally asked to make it every other day 😂😂 it was so goooddd , I’m glad you are feeling better! I’m hoping to try all your recipes at least once lol

  65. Savage Tyra says:

    Seafood is my favorite food 🥵

  66. da_rappkid says:

    She need to make a video with Beloves

  67. Tierra Moore says:

    Im a new subscriber and Girl i love you already😂💜

  68. Kayla Zsanae says:

    I can't believe you said you're in late 30's 😍

  69. Quailneta Smith says:

    You don't need make up🥰

  70. Just Browsing says:

    I have to say this please don’t get stuck on seafood videos you are different from all the rest and me personally I love it…I appreciate seeing you share your recipes and the different food always look delicious, I love a person that stands out and be different from the rest. I showed my daughter your channel Stephen saw those brownies and cupcakes and was like omg mom we cooking those for the holidays as desserts…can you show us how you cook your peach cobbler I know it’s gonna be delicious

  71. Bri Ellie says:

    Yess boo! You’re so beautiful the glasses and your jewelry compliments your beauty and your skin tone!

  72. The Tribe of 6ix says:

    You have such a sweet kind spirit. I absolutely love your videos!

  73. Devi L'lyn says:

    Aye she just wanted see the boi dentist but i love your videos so much

  74. Isabel Guzman says:

    You should try the bloves sauce

  75. Isabel Flores says:

    Love 😍

  76. Gerlisa Davison says:

    Her dance😂

  77. هنوف العتيبي says:


  78. Halie Knowles says:

    That corn looks soooo goooodddd

  79. god first says:

    She the only You Tuber I can watch eat!! She’s not extra with the smacking!!! She just eats and genuinely enjoys eat!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  80. Cee Cee N. says:

    It's always a pleasure watching your amazing videos.

  81. Sierra says:

    She made that corn lookso good😋

  82. Latoya Grace says:

    Hey Miriam I been watching your channel for awhile now I love every single video and I have tried many of your recipes!! Can you do a video with stuffed chicken breast ?

  83. Emma White says:

    Thought you had makeup on girl🤭

  84. Latisha Nope says:

    I love her! So adorable and no drama. 😘😍😘

  85. Surgicaltoolbox RN Health Beauty says:

    Flossing with mint sticks (Gumm) Gargle with salt water takes away most pain. When I was younger I didn’t brush right before bed which is the most crucial ! Now my gums are healthier than ever. I’m sorry your having trouble. There are things you can do natural, too. Hope your ok.

  86. Jackie Harris says:

    Hello baby girl, pray that you get well soon feel better. Where is your Blove sauce that you ordered….

  87. Jackie Harris says:


  88. Emily Rose says:

    7:22 is me everytime I see a photo of Prince 😂

  89. Skylar s says:

    Garlic bread on the side would’ve been great 😍

  90. Connie Diana says:

    You are SOOOO pretty without make-up

  91. Diandra Crawley says:

    My girl

  92. Vickie Benjamin says:

    I love you

  93. Séléna Chedore says:

    Try bloves sauce!!

  94. shug avery says:

    It’s so cute how she laughs at her own sayings

  95. Nishia B. says:


    Recent dish I’ve tried was the cheesesteak egg rolls. So yummy ☺️☺️

  96. Desiree Sue says:

    You are so beautiful , didn’t notice you were sans makeup

  97. Garland Powell says:

    “ I was cold on Jesus “🤣🤣

  98. Strawberry Tiger says:

    She called on JESUS.
    Then she got that antibiotic in her system and called JOHN😆

  99. brownsuga __ says:

    Next time make beloves sauce

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