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(upbeat, intense music) – Get your slimy hands off my phone. I know you’ve looked at
someone’s phone before. You saw it lying there, you ran up, and you pressed the code
and you tried to guess it. What I want to do today is
take you on a little journey and show you what’s on my phone. Let’s go, emails, I get
a ton of emails per day. PR, my agency, they’re
trying to set up a meeting with CBS, Rachel Ray’s show, shh! You don’t know that yet, that’s
going to be happening soon. YouTube Creator Studio, how
many views I get in 48 hours, which video is getting views, how much watch time I’m getting. You could actually get in
here and answer some comments. Nez Arouly wants me to marry her. No, I’m sorry, I don’t know you. Photos (exhales), all right. I was on Fox Business, here we go. We took an excellent photo. – Are these still related?
– Yeah, they’re related. That’s Roxy and the other little Husky. I love when kids play with Roxy, even if it’s just a pillow version of her. The Uber driver that took
me home from the airport, this guy was watching a cricket match, I don’t know if you can
see it here, while driving! Dude, TED changed my life. I found out about this
app maybe five years ago. It’s not really an app,
it’s a speaker platform where the brightest and sharpest minds go and share their ideas. I’m doing a TED Talk
in November, in Monaco. Why Dieting Usually Doesn’t Work, Are We Designed to be Sexual Omnivores?, How to Make Stress Your
Friend, that’s a great talk. I recommend everyone watches that. Next, we have an app that
I need to use more often. (Dr. Mike speaks in foreign language) All right, I don’t even
know what I’m saying. (Dr. Mike speaks in foreign language) Yeah, oh wait, wait, what? Oh no, no, no, see, the question
is which of these is bread? That was my mistake,
which of these is milk? (Dr. Mike speaks in foreign language) See, I knew that. I feel like this app was recently updated, and they took away some of my, all right, (speaks in foreign language). Instagram. My buddy, Lenny, here is in
Paris with his girlfriend. Killing it! This is my channel. When you open it, you can
actually see the analytics and the insights, you can see
how many followers I have, you can see how many I’ve gained, you can see how many posts I’ve made, what happens during
different days of the week. Let’s take a look at my DMs. A lot of people ask me
what’s the deal with my DMs. Do I get crazy DMs? And the answer is yes. You cannot imagine how
many DMs I get per day. A lot of times they are
simple messages like this, like, “Hey there, how are you?” Or like a heart, or something like that. Let’s see if we can find a weird one. Image is blurred to protect
you from unwanted content. That basically means people
are sending me pictures of body parts that I don’t need to see, and Instagram is protecting my eyes. Oh, this is nice. “Come to volunteers one day, “I would love to meet you again.” This is cool.
(upbeat music) What else, I wanna see if we
can find something very creepy. “Maybe you have very crazy
girl fans, but I’m not. “I’m feeling your very handsome.” I don’t know what that means. I posted a picture saying
that my apartment is messy, and this person is offering to clean it. Thank you, I can clean it myself. Oh, Fabricio! “Let me clean it for you, baby.” That’s very forward of you. God, everyone is offering
to clean my apartment. Where are they when I’m
actually hiring someone to clean my apartment? All of this has happened
in the last four hours. This is insane! All right, so the next
app is called Epocrates. This app allows me to look
up any medication I want, brand name, generic, any name
and get interaction checks, all the dosages, what you use it for. You can even get prices! This thing tells you how much it costs. Obviously not on the
street because you people shouldn’t be buying it on the street. MyFitnessPal, this app, I am
obsessed with as a doctor. If you want to lose a pound, if you want to lose a few pounds, if you want to gain a few
pounds, if you want to maintain, this app tracks your calories. You’re in McDonald’s? You shouldn’t be in McDonald’s. And it will give you the
calories, the macros, the carbs, the proteins, the fats. I have this Snapple here. It’s not mine, I promise you. You go to the barcode, you
get the barcode, and boom! Five calories. Look how easy that was. Heart Rate Free. By putting your finger on
this bad boy, the camera, it allows you to see
what your heart rate is. Like see, hold on a
second, let’s exit this. All right, check that out. Ready, boom, look at that. Let’s see what we get. I promise I’m not that nervous. It’s saying 77, 78? 76, that’s not bad. I had a cup of coffee earlier. Audible, oh man, I don’t really
read physical books anymore. In fact, I don’t know,
do people do that still? I think they do, I had a
book in here called Flow. God, it’s such a great book. I recommend everybody reads Flow. I like reading self-help
books, if you can’t tell. I like getting advice from other people. I don’t necessarily use
everything that they say. I try and pick ideas
that I think are unique, can help me maybe strengthen
some of my weaknesses. I always thought biking in
the city was a death sentence. When I worked at the Trauma Bay, every other person was a biker. Now, it’s gotten a lot safer. And I love the Citi Bike app because there’s a lot
of locations throughout. Look at this! And you could take a bike from anywhere and drop it off anywhere, as
long as there’s room for it. And I’m getting exercise,
I’m burning calories, and I’m saving money. Check, check, check, check. Essential Anatomy 5. Check this out. You have the skeleton, you
can add or subtract muscles. Let’s say you sprain a muscle,
let’s say in your hamstring. You’re wondering what muscle that is. You can literally go on this app here, check this out, what I’m doing, and you can manipulate the
app to show the muscles, and then you can click
the muscles individually to get the name.
– Adductor magnus. – Adductor magnus. Humerus, that’s where your funny bone is. Get it, humerus? Next, we have an app that I use to feed myself pretty
much every single day. Sushi, steak, Mexican. Kinda hungry now. So I already have something in my bag, some grilled chicken strips. Generally, this thing is pretty quick, so. (doorbell rings) We have the AFP Journal. It basically tells me about
any new studies that happen, any new recommendations
that I should be following. Coinbase, this is a cool app because it allows you
to trade cryptocurrency. If you haven’t heard about this yet, cryptocurrency is like a digital currency. The most popular one is Bitcoin. You have Ether, Litecoin. They’ve been going through the roof. Just to put it into your perspective, if you put a Bitcoin in,
not even that long ago, like seven years ago? If you bought, let’s say 10 dollars worth, you have a few million dollars worth now. MD On Call, in the middle of the night, when you’re alone in the hospital, and someone tells you,
go and figure this out, it’s not so easy. Sometimes you get nervous, sometimes you’re not thinking right because you haven’t slept in 24, 36 hours. Boom, ask vital signs, find
out the characteristics, what has been tried so far? I think it’s a solid app. I think if you’re working in the hospital, definitely get this one. We’re gonna FaceTime somebody. He’s totally not expecting this. I’m really curious to
see what’s gonna happen. – Yo.
– Hello, sir! Tell me the one fact
that you know about me that no one else in the world knows. – Who’s around you?
– Nobody, nobody. – That you have mad energy. You have more energy, you’re
like the top three person. I’m not even kidding, you have mad energy. (Dr. Mike laughs) – You’ve worked with me every day for three years,
what is that one thing? – That you’re goofy (laughs). – He might not even pick up. He might even be too gangster and say. (dad speaks in foreign language) Hello. (dad speaks in foreign language) Oh, your face is so big. One to 10, how much do you love me? – 10.
– That’s it? – Hundred!
– Hundred, better. Okay, have fun at work, I love you. Look, you got a glimpse into my life, you know what my messages are about, you know what my photos are about, you know all about my favorite apps. How about now you go into the comments and share some of your favorite apps? And if you haven’t yet,
you must subscribe. Thanks for watching. Do people not pick up
FaceTime’s, is that a thing? (phone rings)
(Dr. Mike vocalizing) – That you’re a real dude.
– That what? – That you’re a real dude.
– That’s a compliment, bro. Tell them some (beep).
(smooth jazz music)

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