What’s The Best Frozen Pizza?

– Frozen Pizza Tour? – Frozen Pizza Party? Frozen Pizza– – Party Tour. ♫ It’s the Frozen Pizza
Party Tour 2, K, 15 ♫ It’s the Frozen Pizza
Party Tour 2, K, 15 ♫ The Frozen Pizza Party Tour 2, K, 15 ♫ The Frozen Pizza Party Tour 2, K, 15 ♫ Teen, teen ♫ – We’re going to different people’s houses to try different frozen pizzas. – [Man with Beard]
Where’s your frozen pizza? – [Man with Beard] Number seven? Oh right, of course, it’s
not with the frozen food. It’s next to the liquor. – [Man with Glasses] That makes
more sense than you’d think. I fucking used to eat
whole Tombstone pizzas, not for lunch, for an activity. Alright, so now we’re off
to Chris Reinacher’s place to cook the first pizza. – That’s me. My apartment complex. I am the only person under 65 or so. So what are we gonna
judge these pizzas on? – OK, so let’s get this rubric down. Cheese stretch, crispiness, perfect bite, – Crust. – Italian no, or Italian
yes, and transformation. That’s great, I think that’s really good. – Six things everybody
judges their pizza on. – Alright, well, let’s go
cook and eat the first pizza. – My grandfather gave
me this record player. No, he didn’t give it to me, I
took it, once he passed away. This is my house. – [Man with Glasses] I
noticed you got square plates. – Yeah. – [Man with Glasses] That’s sick. – [Chris] Thanks. There we go, I think
this looks pretty good. – [Man with Glasses] Now, this
is a classic transformation. It didn’t do anything I didn’t expect. – I can’t wait to eat this. – You should, because it’ll
burn the shit outta your mouth. (laughter) – Oh, wow. – There’s natural stretch. – I would say two and a half inches? – Three inches. – We both feel pretty good
about our perfect bites. – Yeah. – Arguably, too crunchy? – I’d say this is Italian no. – Yeah, I think an Italian
would not think this is great. – No wow factor, really. I think we gotta keep
touring these parties, on the ♫ Frozen Pizza ♫ (laughs) Oh, we gotta say hashtag? No, we don’t. ♫ Frozen Pizza Party Tour 2, K, 15 ♫ – So, now we’re heading to
your friend Brian’s house. – Right. ♫ I’m looking for the best supreme pizza ♫ Put it in my mouth and shout “Hurrah” ♫ I’m gonna put a slice
in and give it a critique ♫ And then I’m gonna
go and continue to eat ♫ Some more pizza ♫ Yo, I’ll meet ya, eat some pizza ♫ With Keith’s friend, he’s a Barista ♫ Wait, Brian works at Starbuck’s, right? – Yeah, Brian Wool, lives in
a pretty shady part of town. I mean, there has been a
dead guy in his yard before. So, we’re gonna have some pizza. – Brian’s really taking this seriously. – Come on. (laughter) And we have a Jack’s Supreme Pizza. – [Chris] Of course, this
looks better than the last one, but this is also because of the candles, this is because of the pizza platter. I’m tryna not let that
affect me right now. – It’s also because of the
high quality of Jack’s pizza. – I’m not gonna deal with this, Brian. – [Keith] I saw the picture. This baby got cutes. – Let’s try this. – Oh, nice cheese pull. There’s a little cheese pull,
so there is some stretch to this cheese. – I don’t see that many
perfect bites laying around. – It’s got a good crunch. – But this has zero crust. – No wow factor over here. I hate to break your guys’s heart. – You love it. It’s the pizza that makes ya feel good. – Even if it’s a mediocre pizza. – Yeah. ♫ Frozen Pizza Party Tour 2, K, 15. ♫ I like Red Baron ♫ I also like Tombstone, Jack’s, ♫ DiGiorno’s got it and
Freschetta’s where it’s at ♫ If you wanna eat it
all, just come with us ♫ We’re the Taste Buds, and we eat food ♫ – That’s the homeless guy we
gave the first chicken to. – Really? – Yeah. – On average, each person
in the United States eats around 23 pounds of pizza every year. – Each person? – That’s like two babies worth of pizza. We’re almost to my house, where we’re gonna see my girlfriend and try a Tombstone pizza. So, this is Tombstone. – Um, more importantly, this
is Keith’s girlfriend, Becky. – This is my girlfriend, Becky. It really transformed, for me. – Look at that, look. – Oh, OK, OK, it’s good stretch. Becky, you dropped some
hot grease on my arm. So, grab a piece that you think has a good perfect bite on it. – Look, there’s some
sausage under that pepper. – Oh, wow. The littlest bit of crispness
to the bottom of the pizza. – I don’t know, the crust is
a little cardboard-ish, to me. Italian no. – It was really good looking frozen, really good looking cooked,
and it tastes really good. – I agree, I’m also gonna
give this a wow factor. – Mmhmm, Becky? – Wow. – There it is. – I feel like it should get the sexy nod over the wow factor. – No, I think, well maybe. – I mean, there are die-hard
fans who know the difference between a wow factor
and a sexy nod, Keith. You’re just gonna throw around the term? – I’m not throwing it around. – Well, you were kinda throwing it around. – I wasn’t throwing it around. And what are you doing on his side? – I wasn’t sure what a sexy was, and then when he described
sexy was how it looked, I was like–
– [Keith] You don’t know what it is, have you not
seen the other two videos? – Becky, have you not
seen the other two videos? – I saw the beginning.
– [Chris] Let’s go. Let’s get outta here. We’re outta here, Becky.
– [Keith] We’re outta here. You can say it, if you want. – Frozen Pizza Party Tour, 2, K, 15. – Becky, do you even care
that we’re here right now? Hit us with a pizza fact, Mike. – The first known
pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria, opened in Naples, Italy, in 1738. – What’s crazy is that there
was a world without pizza. Jesus didn’t have pizza? Why didn’t Jesus invent pizza? Maybe God was like, “The people
aren’t ready for it yet.” – So we’re here at
Brittany’s, we’re going in. We’re gonna have some sort of pizza. We haven’t decided yet. Blazip.
– [Keith] Frozen. Hi. – So, Brittany has chosen – Wild Mike’s. Do you not feel the heat coming out? – No. It smells like it’s just leaking gas. ♫ Frozen Pizza Party Tour 2, K, 15 ♫ (blast) – [Keith] The oven’s on. – [Chris] Are you serious?
– [Brittany] On? I just turned it off.
– [Chris] And it works now? I think it’s looking pretty good. – [Keith] Oh my god! – [Chris] He’s stretching big time. I think that was a five
inch cheese stretch. – That was a 10 inch cheese stretch. Were you there? What do you think about
the transformation? I mean, it looks really good. – It’s pretty incredible. – The onions taste fresh,
even though they’re not. – All these bites are pretty perfect. Crust, it’s got that buttery flakiness. It’s really delicious. This gets the wow factor, for me. – I’m blown away ’cause I had no idea that Wild Mike’s existed. It’s Itali-ish. – She did a literal nod. ♫ Frozen Pizza Party Tour 2, K, 15 ♫ – And now, we’re on our
way to Chris’s improv show at The Improv Space. – Anybody here for pizza related reasons? (cheers) Our speaker and his Keith
helpers are cooking a pizza. – [Keith] I’m cooking a
pizza and tapping a piano. I just realized I have no plan for how I’m gonna get
this pizza outta the oven. – I think we have Anisha
and Lindsey with us, who we met on Twitter. You seem a little flustered. – I’m flustered. I feel like I’m not
doing this pizza justice. It looks awful, and it’s all my fault. We can be honest, it’s under-cooked. ♫ Frozen Pizza Party Tour 2, K, 15 ♫ – DiGiorno’s next, we gotta
figure out where exactly we’re gonna eat the DiGiorno. – I guess we just pick up a
bunch of pizzas from Rob’s and just find a party. Yeah, let’s close it. – Alright, the pizza’s in the oven, guys. We got some pizza. (cheers) – It’s pretty hot, but
it’s also stretchy cheese! (cheers) – I think the transformation’s pretty. – Yeah, it’s pretty. What do you think about the
sex appeal of this pizza? – As the crust rises, it
just makes you wanna eat it. – Yeah, it makes something else rise. Am I right? – The crust is, by far,
the most outstanding. – A little dry, let’s be honest. Are you hissing at me? This looks like a pizza
full of perfect bites. (cheers) – Aw, it’s damn good. – It’s good. – That has the wow factor, for me. – I’d say I would not
know if it was from Italy. – Italian no. – I might give DiGiorno my sexy nod. – Overall, this is a really solid pizza. Today’s been a real achievement. And there’s only one thing left to do. ♫ Frozen Pizza Party Tour 2, K, 15 ♫ (cheers) ♫ Classical music shit ♫ Yeah, it’s the type of lose it shit ♫ Lose ya head, lose control ♫ Lose your heart, lose your soul ♫ Packo Bell packed away lotsa pizzas ♫ Slice by slice, he found
each one del-ee-shis ♫

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