100 comments on “When My Mom Feed her Son RED PEPPER SPICY RAMEN, How I Will React? // 엄마가 나한테 고추범벅 라면을 준다면?”

  1. Diya Hanun says:

    Hahahah..his mother excitement when she got to prank him was priceless. We need mom to do more prank😂

  2. jjdequina plays says:

    Yey revenge on coni XD

  3. MilkyTae _ says:

    I am eating ramen while watching it

  4. Ayumi Cookie UwU says:


  5. Count Cats says:

    So she knew how to operate the camera then won’t she also need to ask coni for the camera , then Coni would know it’s a prank alr

  6. XxDark MystifyxX says:

    When u prank ur mom
    Gets angry and annoyed
    Always and hit u when u prank her

    When she pranks u and honi/ur mom
    (Sad,just ignore her/didnt hit)
    You and honis feeling: Scared and also xuni too haha

  7. Kho Jesslyn says:

    Coni mom nice revange🤣🤣👌🏻

  8. Fanchun dori says:

    Omg can't stop laughing

  9. Japheth Sean says:

    Coni's Mother is one of the most annoying person ever

  10. Rena kho says:

    😂 I bet there's no boring days in their life 😂❤

  11. caomhan84 says:

    Coni's mom is so cute with her food pranks, but eventually Coni isn't going to fall for it anymore. I think this one was the best though, since she conspired with Honi (who probably hid the camera this time, since Coni didn't notice it).

  12. CoffeeTime TM says:

    I think this is the only video where Honi doesn’t get hit by Coni’s mom. 😂

  13. RMA Universe says:

    Coni's Mom your such a Great Cooker 😗

    It literally looks like Spaghetti 😄

  14. Nigeriangyal T says:

    I love his mom the most

  15. Raniya Primers says:

    Yay u got him coni mom ❤️😊😊

  16. Poorva p says:

    Awww CONI ur mom is so cute😘😘😘

  17. Putri Riandoyo says:

    i'M sO haPPy bEcAuSe tHiS tiMe hEr mOm pRanKed hiM yaAyyY, Good Job! :')

  18. Felicia Betsey says:


  19. Annelie Agonace says:

    The revenge of Coni's mom and Honi hahaaha 😂

  20. exo lover - muse says:

    Oh god 😲 .I'm worried about honi. He just rubbed ramen in his face. Burn 😩

  21. shoriful islam says:

    You are cool anti 😎

  22. vshf vs says:

    So sweet mom and son

  23. md monir says:

    Naruto: I'm gonna use shadow clone to hit u in once 👥
    BTS : Everything is on fire~🔥

  24. Dương Vũ Đức says:

    Just a little bit curious, what are you guys relationship, I once see Sibong appeared in your video, he claims he youtube star. Are they your ex and now lover??

  25. Sylvia Garcia says:

    Hahaha 😅 honi and coni's mom has a deal keep a good work👍👍👍

  26. Sylvia Garcia says:

    Well I'm the kind of person who eats ramen in the morning

  27. Blooming Rose says:

    Lee seok hun now the legend says when I say my favorite youtubers name 3x he will pin this or like

    Lee seok hun (Coni)
    Lee soek hun (Coni)
    Lee seok hun (Coni)

  28. Adriel Yuri Andrada says:

    Hahahahahahhahaha 😄😄🤣🤣😂😂


    Coni is become Naruto!

  30. poetic busan says:

    the intro omg


    2:20 2:28
    Coni Mom use Ramen!
    Coni is eating Ramen
    Coni is Burning!
    It Very Effective!
    Honi use Black Water!
    It not very Effective…
    Coni use Spitback!
    It very Effective!

  32. Niccole Hoody says:

    Hehe yay mom get them 😥😥🍲

  33. Niccole Hoody says:


  34. FORGET ME NOTs says:


  35. aqeela nadine azahra says:

    bruh im so happy if coni's mom smiling :v

  36. panda girl says:

    You should open new channel for your mom😂😂

  37. Shameem Shaikh says:

    This is the first tim Coni's mom pranked him its really funny

  38. Sofia Matušková says:

    I love how happy she is and excited 😂😂

  39. Janice_ Bardot says:

    Yo this was the funniest video 😂 coni's mom is a prankster now💕🤩

  40. Janice_ Bardot says:

    3:10 now that's called bff goals ( if i die you are gonna follow me to hell) 😂😂😂lol

  41. aisha rai says:

    Saranghae coni nd coni's momma

  42. Yhang Usi says:

    hi ma'am rapper and drummer you have to keep revenge on cony and honi saranghae

  43. J-P Bayle says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 nice mother 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 got ya

  44. Kìttypläyz XD says:

    Is this a prank or a tutorial? XD

  45. Bisha Ikie says:

    Omg the cats playing at the background is cuteeee

  46. 1107211003 Unknown says:

    mom is so cuteXD

  47. sanchi05 says:

    I love her mom so much she is so freaking damn cute and very funny one too!😂😂😂😄😄😄

  48. Natsumi Tsukishiro says:

    Am I the only one who focuses on those two kittens?

  49. Nicole Reign says:

    Honi looks like his dad!!

  50. Arriane Manzon says:

    That's what you called " REVENGE"

  51. Sreeja Bhat says:

    Look at the cat so cute 😍😍😍

  52. Sreeja Bhat says:

    Wait a minute two cats??

  53. angel Mae guinto says:


  54. it's time time for the sunrise says:

    2:19cat jumped down at the backround

  55. Afiqah Ros says:

    It must be so spicyyy…m😝😝

  56. clrss slvn says:

    Just having a good time watching these vlogs… Always

  57. Abigail Praga says:

    I love watching your videos. Makes me laugh so hard.💜💜

  58. Murugaraju Perumalla says:

    Please, keep trying prank the coni as well. Liked it

  59. DINA ALDE says:

    Your mom is so cool.

  60. Mayank Peshwa says:


  61. Andrea Grace Alfonso says:

    The background music is old mc Donald's has a farm💕💕💕

  62. Wren Byrd says:

    They got their revenge. 🙂

  63. luisa kerner729 says:

    the cats at 1:41 though

  64. unkown filipino says:

    I just notiched that honi almost looks like jackie chan

  65. PaoGaming Indonesia says:

    I'd like it if your mother made a prank to kick the kitten out of the house 😂

  66. Lemon says:

    We like coni with yellowish hair more

  67. A F says:

    Everyone else: talking about the ramen
    Me: omg did you see the kittens in the background

  68. Aashish Mishra says:

    I want to see your Dad

  69. Mimka_ 95 says:

    O my God😂

  70. Qundeel Ch says:

    Coni oppa !! 😝 looks like you already knew about this prank🤣🤣 still i loved your mom's prank.
    And i really want to try this spicy ramen🤤🤤🤪

  71. Courtney*'-'* :P says:

    So happy today for seeing that Coni's mom did not beat up Honi!! 🙂

  72. Ookami chan says:

    2:27 name song please

  73. Sally not Sugar says:

    Nice prank mom 😂

  74. Sheetal West says:

    Coni…you look so nice how are u still single?????

  75. leyline farlier says:

    It's so obvious that my toes cringe so much!

  76. Diksha Shrestha says:

    Poor friend always gets in trouble at last😂😂

  77. hD_Storm Gaming says:

    Could you not put a laugh track every five seconds

  78. MorningGloryy says:

    Lmao all the whining bc he wants to eat rice in the morning XDF

  79. Kiyara Dunuwille says:

    Man ur mom looks so happy taking revenge lol

  80. Na Na says:

    Honi betrayed you 😂😂

  81. BTS ARMY says:

    Haven't seen ur vids for a while..Now im really enjoying u getting pranked!😅😅😅😂😂😂

  82. Yuli Handayani says:

    I hope oppa coni is it ok.. 😖

  83. ღ•Lil Chris•ღ says:


  84. Mang Kanor says:

    Kinda feeling this is scripted

  85. Farisha Natasya says:

    Did they plan this first and act or coni really don't know it? I'm curious

  86. GachaApple쇼 says:

    Omg 😂😂

  87. xXBrittany20Xx says:

    Lol. Mom gets revenge. 💖 She is a fiesty, fun person. Your videos probably wouldn't be half as successful without her. She brings alot of personality to the channel. 🤗

  88. vismitha dinesh says:

    The smile on her face cannot be measured..😁😁

  89. 녀방탄손연단 says:

    Aww lol good prank

  90. doeizen says:

    coni’s mom is finally hiding the camera for her pranks haha!

  91. araceli estigarribia says:

    Is that "black water" vinegar? cause my grandfather had a trip to South Korea and he brought that same bottle that was vinegar

  92. Ahmad Albab says:

    3:04 hes planning to attack😂😂

  93. LeviSasha says:

    to more prank by coni's mom +1!!!

  94. Yoru no Josei says:

    Aigooo. Mom looks younger today….

  95. Sobiah Selvarajah says:

    This is a dangerous collaboration…I fear for Coni’s life…

  96. deen mohammed says:

    Coni why don't prank ur mom . When she is sleeping but lemon juice in her mouth . Then let's get her reaction.😋😋😋🍋🍋🍋🍋

  97. Mehak says:

    Honi bringing Black Water BIGGEST BEST FRIEND BETRAYAL.😂😂

  98. Nixie Shah says:

    Well that woke him up

  99. Nita Puspita Sari says:

    Well.. i see xuni and yuni as a background 😍

  100. naga mimi says:

    cute mama…♥

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