Which Celebrity Has The Best Omelet Recipe?

(dramatic music) – Hey everyone, my name is Jesse and today, I’m gonna be testing out five famous celebrity omelet recipes, to see which one is actually the best. Today, I’m gonna be testing recipes from Emeril Lagasse, Julia
Child, Geoffrey Zakarian, Masaharu Morimoto and LL Cool J. I studied up on all their techniques, weighed all the ingredients
to level the playing field and I got three of my
friends to taste them in a blind taste test. So, which celebrity chef
has the best omelet? Let’s start the eggs-periment. (chicken bawking) Emeril Lagasse starts by
placing some eggs, heavy cream, salt and white pepper in a
blender and then blitzes that up until it’s nice and frothy,
so about 60 seconds. Then he puts some melted butter and puts the egg mixture
in a heated skillet and pushes it around
with a rubber spatula, kind of like you’re making scrambled eggs. This is just to get it
to cook evenly all over. Then he takes his spatula, and
kind of smooths out the top to make sure it’s an
even depth throughout, puts some shredded cheddar cheese on top and folds it into a half moon shape, transfers that onto a plate, and bam! Even more cheese. – You see eggs and cheese all the time. It’s like peanut butter and jelly. – I definitely like the coloration of it. – Look how thick that is. – I’m gonna go ahead and get into it. (cheerful music) – Mm. – Ah, it’s just some regular eggs. – Cheese is nicely melted,
the eggs are cooked great. This is a good omelet. – I don’t know who made that one but tastes like I made it. – It’s really good. I’m actually gonna finish this. Mm. – [Jesse Voiceover] Up next is
legendary chef, Julia Child. She starts with two eggs,
some salt and pepper and blends those together
with some chopsticks. She adds a little bit of water to ’em and also says you can use a whisk and goes back and forth, so I did too. Then she heats some butter in a skillet and then adds the egg mixture to that, and this is where it gets cool. You just swirl, swirl, swirl and it manageably turns into an omelet. You barely have to touch it. You can kind of piece it together with the chopsticks, but that’s about it. Then she rubs some butter on top, garnish it with parsley and bon appetit. – This looks like a fancy omelet. – Damn. That’s thick. (cheerful music) – It’s softer. I like the texture a lot. – I do like it. But this is just very fresh and light, and I’m going to eat this with my pinky up because that’s what this tastes like. Tastes way better with your pinky up. – [Jesse Voiceover] Up
next is Geoffrey Zakarian. He starts with three eggs and
adds a extra egg yolk to them to give it a nice, rich quality. Then he adds diced, frozen
butter to it, and mixes that in. He adds that to a pan, slowly heats it up so the butter melts throughout
and it gets nice and creamy, kind of like you’re
making soft scrambled eggs and then lets it set for a second. He seasons the top with salt and pepper and puts shredded Gruyere cheese and chopped fresh herbs on top. He rolls that up with a
spatula, transfers it to a plate and then garnishes it
with extra chopped herbs and even more cheese to
make it look nice and fancy. – This omelet right here looks really freaking good, alright? I like the artistry. I like the yellows with
the whites with the greens. – I’m seeing cheese
but I think I can smell that it’s Parmesan cheese. – This looks like a cinnamon roll. I don’t know, it’s not doing much for me. The texture’s okay,
it’s a little too solid. – This person definitely
has different taste buds. – I wish it was more
scrambled or more creamy. – It’s a little bit of an herb overload. – If you’re into very
stinky kinda funky cheeses, then you’ll be into this omelet. I’m not into stinky funky cheeses, so I ain’t into this omelet. I like the way it looks, but
not the way it tastes, boo boo. – [Jesse Voiceover] Iron
Chef Morimoto starts by adding sugar, light soy
sauce, and dashi in a bowl and stirring it together
to dissolve the sugar. And adds four eggs to that. He mixes those in to
create one cohesive mixture and then strains that into another bowl. Oil a pan with a rolled paper towel and adds some of the egg mixture to it. It might puff up a bit, so
just pop any of the bubbles with your chopsticks and push
them all towards the front, as if you’re rolling a carpet. (dramatic music) Oil it up one more time
and add a bit more eggs. Make sure to get underneath the first roll so it kind of glues together a bit. You’re gonna have to do
this three more times until it’s one large roll. At this point, just transfer
to a plate and that’s it. – Never seen an omelet this color, but it looks like it’s not
gonna have any flavor to it because there is no ingredients
other than the egg on it. – Visually, it’s a no for me. – This looks sweet. It like sparkles. – The roll is really perfect. Look at that roll. – It doesn’t look like
there’s anything in it. It’s just an egg over
and over and over again. – Mm. – I don’t even know what
I’m tasting right now. – I really like this. There’s definitely
something sweet about it. – I don’t think there’s enough
happening for me to like it. It’s a thumbs down. – I like this. I’m feeling this. – Half of the food eating
experience is aesthetics so I dig this. – [Jesse Voiceover] LL
Cool J starts by separating a whopping nine egg
whites from their yolks. He sprays a pan with non-stick spray, adds diced yellow and red peppers and cooks those until tender. You’re gonna wanna
break up your egg whites just a little bit so they’re
not all stuck together. Add some spinach to the
pan, salt and pepper and let the spinach wilt
so it gets nice and tender. Add your egg whites back to the pan and push them around
with your rubber spatula a little bit to help them cook evenly. Season again with salt and pepper and let ’em cook up so they
set all the way on the bottom. Fold it in half into a half moon shape, transfer it onto a plate and that’s it. Turns out nine egg yolks is how a 50 year-old stays so ripped. – Whoa! Egg whites, are we healthy or nah? – Lot of vegetables happening. It’s important to get your vitamins. – I mean it’s eggs, so
how bad could it be? Mm hm. Pretty bad, yeah. – It tastes way too
healthy, like something my mom is forcing me to eat. – The vegetables don’t add anything. It just tastes like vegetables and eggs and it’s not one thing together. – Shame on you, whoever
invented this recipe. (dramatic music) – Out of all the omelets
that we tried today, I’m definitely gonna go with
number four on this one. I liked the texture of it. It was cooked just right. It really just had flavor. Oh, wait! This is the chef from Morimoto. I took my girlfriend there one time! – My favorite one was
obviously the first one, with the cheesy filling. Just savory and salty enough. I really liked it. Who? Oh! The bam dude! – My favorite omelet today,
you’re gonna come for me in the comments, is omelet number one. I think the eggs were
cooked nicely in that one. They were the fluffiest. They were the lightest. Egg and cheese. Think if you got yourself a good omelet. Really? I feel like Emeril’s just
bold bam flavors in your face and there wasn’t anything wild about that. Interesting. – [Jesse Voiceover] And bam! There you have it. Emeril Lagasse makes the best omelet. (dramatic music) Which celebrity recipe do
you want us to try next? Hit us up in the comments. (sign creaking)

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