Why boys DO NOT envy Half-Japanese men in Japan

I don’t think they have disadvantages – Jealousy! – Yeah others are often jealous! “Oh you’re half American, speak English, do you eat burgers all the time” prejudices like that Hi guys and girls on Ask Japanese it’s CathyCat Hafu is a term used for people here in Japan who are half Japanese and whose other parent is from a different culture well this is a topic we have brought up before many Japanese people say they envy “Hafu” without actually thinking about the negative effects that it might have and what kind of things people who are half Japanese might be struggling with in Japan this time we’re gonna go hit the streets of Tokyo and find out what Japanese boys envy about people who are half Japanese and what they don’t. Let’s see what critical opinions we might be getting and ask Japanese Do you admire people who are half Japanese? I personally don’t admire them but they are so tall and I envy that. – You are pretty tall boy. He is already really tall. – I am 180 – I really admire half Japanese people! – What exactly? – They have really defined faces. I admire that. – What? – Some have blue eyes and similar. I try to wear colored contacts to look more like them. – I admire them. They look so stylish. Their faces are totally different from ours right? What ideal are you thinking of? – I personally like half- Japanese half American. I like it buff. – You like strong looking Americans? – Yes that is so cool. I think black people are the coolest. I love people with black skin. – Europeans. I admire their defined faces. That’s my ideal. You said you admire how tall some are. What is your ideal? Not 2 meters but over 180 I wish I had that. – You are 180! – You are tall already What? – I want a little more. The taller you are the better clothes will look. – If you have any friends who are half Japanese, think of them and think what advantages they might have in Japan and what hardships? – An advantage is that their eye color is different I think they are easier to remember with that trademark Disadvantages… people might be prejudiced and treat them like foreigners. I am not like that. I want to speak with them more. Half Japanese are cool I don’t think they have many hardships… – Jealousy! True, people might get jealous of them. – Like how do you think? – Because they are taller than most… other will admire that and – Envy them for it. You already stand out of the crowd being half Japanese if you see them have a girlfriend you envy that. – They are more unique than others I think. Today we are asking everyone if they envy half Japanese. – Totally. I wish I was half Japanese. They are so cute. – What do you envy? They can wear whatever clothes they want. They’re so slender. I envy that. – What style do you envy? Their long legs and tall noses and deep features. I admire that. – What do you admire? I have black hair and look I have a very Japanese face but I with I had the right opposite face, I wish I was cuter. You wish you had a different face? – Well Half Japanese have different colored eyes right But if I was half Japanese I would also have another half and that would be cute – You keep saying that but what other country do you want to be from? Something European like French or Italian. I admire that. – I think somewhere in Europe too You said foreigners have long legs, but yours are longer than this European’s legs. – Nono Your legs are longer than mine! – Its a tallness thing. Let’s keep it at that. – Now think please what struggles and perks do half Japanese have in Japan I heard from a friend who was half Japanese that she struggled with people saying things like “you’re half Japanese. Your dad is foreign” and she struggled with that. Her advantage was that everyone admired her. Because she was different she became the center of attention I think there are good and bad sides. – Good sides might be that half Japanese are so cool. Not just Japanese but they are a little bit different. I think that’s good. Apart from that… because they have mixed heritage some Japanese might only see the non-Japanese half of them and focus on that too much. Like “You can speak that language right” Do you think they won’t be accepted as Japanese? – If they look too different maybe. If they look Japanese that might not be if they look foreign, people will treat them more like foreigners. Like for half US kids “you speak English right? You eat burgers all the time!” things like that. – Stereotypes will be expected of them? – Yeah – So what did your friend struggle with? – She was my junior and the had a religion she had to follow from her other country, and had to practice it several times a day. Because the had to do this, it would set her apart from everyone else and she struggled with that. She had to follow the customs of both countries but in the eyes of Japanese that was too much. Others only knew how to live in Japan and they wouldn’t understand her for differences. – Also in sports there is lots of discrimination. The half African kids were faster runners people said “you only won because you’re half African” when they won a game. They blamed their loss on the heritage of the half Japanese students I thought that was wrong. – Those students did their best! – They did! that’s why they won. People would say “Their heritage is too strong we can’t win against that.” as a excuse. I think Japanese should stop thinking like that. – You think that’s jealousy? They make excuses for themselves if they loose to Half Japanese students. I think that’s wrong. I don’t envy half Japanese. – I do. – Why so. – They have big eyes I envy that. – The eye color? – Blue and green and such….. Oh you picked up on that, thank you. What do you not admire then? I think some must will get discriminated …. – In school how did half Japanese students get treated? There was a student of color in my school. He got teased by others. – How? – I can’t say Do you have friends who are half-Japanese? – Yes. Half Japanese and…? – Half American. Did they struggle in school or have perks? She was tall so people teased her for that. “You are tall because you have American blood” did they say that to hurt her or praise her? – Praise. – And about your school with the student of color? – It was negatively meant. That’s why you said you don’t envy Half Japanese? So it looks like the boys are a lot more critical than the girls. We’ve done this interview with girls before and they said “we don’t really envy them that much because from experience there is quite a lot of prejudice and being treated differently! Also we got a bit of jealousy going round saying “you only won this because you are build taller than us” and stuff like that. Couple of things have been mentioned before, I heard that before and again I like the saying that people say “I am not a half I am a double. I have two cultures with me” so there is hopefully gonna be some changes and people are gonna get a little more accepted into Japanese culture now that many people from abroad are coming over here and are building families together with Japanese people. There will be changes. When I was still teaching here in schools I saw that there was one girl or two who had dual heritage or at least had their parents from a different country. But now it’s changing so I am looking forward to seeing how it will be in the future here. in Japan. So guys let us know what you think about the term “half” which is also criticized quite a lot here because it’s not the nicest way of saying things to people. While others see it as a general term. Let us know dual heritage or parents from a different country, do you have any friends who maybe have a father or mother from a different country and how are they working in your class, how are you getting along and do they have any troubles. Let us know also don’t forget. Hope you enjoyed this video and if you did leave like to let us know that you enjoyed the content that we create. If you enjoyed it a lot be sure to subscribe and tick the notification bell. Thank you so much for watching and catch you soon here for more stuff on Ask Japanese. Bye.

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  1. Tim says:

    great video I really liked it

  2. Dr Deadbeat says:

    As expected they focus on appearances

  3. I don't even remember who my bias is says:

    How is it possible to say its a great video while it takes 11 minutes to watch And the 2 replies are 1 minute ago-

  4. mrAuctor says:

    um is the title missleading? DO NOT envy? sounds like they envy alot. specialy the first group

  5. Golden Trout says:

    Why do they all have bowl cuts?

  6. moussa suwwan says:

    Are half Japanese more intelligent than complete Japanese?

    Once I watched a video on half Japanese queen of beauty, who was a half.

    Many Japanese criticised that choice. Why?

    I deduced that Japanese are hypocrites and racialist.

    Since the Heike period up today there are no pure Japanese, they have always been mixed with other peoples and civilisations, especially Chinese and Koreans.

    Since we are confined at home because of Corona Virus we have enough time to watch you tube and comment on some videos which we like, as this one for instance.

  7. D W says:

    Hang on. Did one guy say that some half Japanese have blue eyes?

  8. Crimson Octopus says:

    do you eat hamburgers all the time?🤣

  9. IISSRR says:

    Guy from 8:00 sour

  10. Booze Food says:

    It's always about race huh

  11. Crimson Octopus says:

    if you like current japan, then its because its full japanese.
    if japan becomes less japanese do you think you'll like japan as much?

  12. a-un says:


  13. Prince Vegeta says:

    6:30 didnt knew Japanese people hated Islam

  14. Parlo says:


  15. SumoTR says:

    I am half turkish and half russian. The biggest thing for me is not feeling like you belong anywhere. I've lived in Turkey my whole life but because of my appearance, I'm almost never treated as a Turkish person. Going to Russia is always weird because I look Russian but cannot speak it that well so I don't feel like I belong there either. So wherever you go you always feel like you're an outsider, it almost never feels like you have two cultures behind you but more like you have none. Of course there are advantages, like you get to experience life in multiple languages and cultures from birth. Learning other languages has always been easy for me, since I've had to juggle two from birth. But it feels like if I'm in Turkey, I'm treated as Russian, so people think I can down loads of vodka in one go and don't get cold. And if I'm in Russia, people see me as a walking kebab sandwich.

  16. BeatniKkers says:

    Unfortunately there are differences between the races. That's why mixing them will never work. People want to associate with those similar to themselves.

  17. Lenzal AFONSO says:

    I am half inter provincial ( not countries) and believe me sometimes it's better to be full breed than a half breed.

    Growing up half you get teased a lot on your accent and color. Sometimes your birth place is different and the place you grow up. People also don't understand that and pass judgement.

  18. Nicole Laput says:

    Didn't these people appear on a video a few days ago? Will there be any reasonable explanation or a thing that I might have missed?
    Because I just need a shred of single evidence to unsubscribe to this channel. I have noticed more than thrice where a group of people appeared on more than one video. It's just unfair to us because we, the viewers, thought the people you interviewed are picked and not paid actors. It's like we're being tricked, the reason why we're watching your videos is that we wish to see a real-time interview from real and unpaid actors and hear no bias statement.
    And I would want to subscribe to a genuine and undeceiving channel.

  19. Вишња С _who cares_ says:

    Yet another video about hafus… I always wonder why you repeat the same topics?

  20. Karynria says:

    I'm half filipina and half austrian. And I am still struggeling to find out where I belong to. For the people in philippines I look too foreign and for the people in austria / germany too.

  21. Castor says:

    There's so many half celebrities and actors today a stark contrast from the showa era.

  22. ayanasakura 12 says:

    i wonder what is cathy eyes colour??? 🤔🤔🤔

  23. Boston Tracy says:

    Of course I enjoyed this video!
    And, as a man in the States across the pond, I’m sure I had friends that were half and half, but it never bothered me or deserved (in my mind) any real attention; it was just like if someone was wearing a certain pair of shoes or something, it didn’t matter.
    Here across the pond, a certain type of coffee order is “half and half”; referring to half caffeinated coffee, the other half non-caffeinated. So it’s a very well known term and often used. I’d be happy to hear people calling half Japanese as “half & half’s”, rather than “Hafu” in a derogatory way. That said, I’m not myself half Japanese; I’m full-blooded American, I just don’t like discrimination.
    On another note, I just love that white/blue coat you wore out; with your cute little gloves! And I was absolutely happy to see your beautiful hair curled!

  24. Amandine Ylan says:

    For that last guy, I'm glad the interview shown was very short. He definitely looks uncomfortable talking about it. It probably brought back a lot of negative feelings.

  25. ZEY ER says:

    Finally video about hafu😍

  26. 市Kelly says:

    8:00 he talked about a student of color being teased and when asked what was said he backed out I think he was apart of it and also he just has a real petty look on his face

  27. OllamhDrab says:

    As always I sometimes think Japanese girls and some boys are too hard on their own appearance in general. Different eye colors are cool, but brown's real pretty too. 🙂

  28. Blaine says:


  29. Crimson Octopus says:

    every non hafu pretends hafus are accepted, whereas hafus themselves cant figure out where they belong.

  30. Jimmy says:

    Im half latino, half white and live in Japan. I'm also nearly 2 meters tall, a bodybuilder/ personal trainer, and have a beard and sleeve tattoos. So, "fitting in" is … interesting.

  31. kris lam says:

    Hafu probably don't like attention in Japan because when I gave compliment to a Philippine Japanese girl she looked at her 5 coworkers with a scared face, I am sure a lot of bullies there for being different in Japan.

  32. Kaizoushin says:

    I'm African-American (mix of a white American dad and black mom actually from Africa) and since I work out, I'm fairly built and Japanese people assume I play basketball. I absolutely suck at basketball lol

  33. A lto says:


  34. M S says:

    Not all half people are “confused” about their identity guys. A lot of us are very aware of who we are, and the two cultures we represent.

  35. Immaculata Okoye says:

    When the lady talked about the half blasian being discriminated for running fast am African yet am slow af. Lol

  36. Curly Enne says:

    are people who are also bi-racial/bi-national also considered hafu even if their "mix" is completly foreign? For example african amercian/german? asking for a friend 😀

  37. P. J says:

    Girl dressed up as Mary poppins

  38. Kizuna says:

    I'm half Japanese and half white-American. When I was in Elementary school in Tokyo, most of my classmates wanted to get to know me because they thought it was cool that I'm from the U.S. But there was a popular girl in the class who apparently lost the attention after I came in, so she and her groupies started bullying me. So cliché. lol

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