Why People Wait For Hours To Eat At This Tiny Boston Ramen Workshop

Herrine Ro: Oh, and
that’s good ramen. Yume Wo Katare has a line
out the door every day, and I am very curious to see what the concept’s about, what the ramen tastes like, and what this whole hype is. So, let’s go find out. Yume Wo Katare doesn’t consider itself a restaurant. Rather, it’s a
dream workshop where diners not only
come for the ramen but also to share
something personal before they leave. Sara Brande: You come in by yourself or with friends. We serve you a huge
bowl of ramen, and you challenge yourself
to finish that entire bowl. And if you can finish
everything in that bowl, you have the power to
achieve your dreams. And at the end of the meal,
once you finish your ramen, you share your
dream with the room and everybody
cheers and supports you to achieve your dream. Customer: So, first of
all, it’s the best food, you know, you can find. But second of all, like, it’s
really transformed my life. Like, it’s a lifestyle as
well as an incredible cuisine. Yume is sort of…
it’s a community, and it’s a group of
people that’s about, you know, sort of making
food a part of aspirations and so there’s a
whole bunch of us. We come all the time. We love it. We hang out with the staff, and it helps us
achieve our dreams. Herrine: Before opening
Yume Wo Katare in 2006, Tsuyoshi Nishioka worked
at restaurants in Kyoto to support his dream of becoming a
successful comedian. However, upon
discovering Jiro-style ramen at a shop in Japan,
Nishioka pivoted from his work as a
comedian and began to focus entirely
on cooking ramen. After opening his
first ramen restaurant, Nishioka’s former
comedy partner came into the shop
to show his support. Nishioka later found
out his partner took his own life
the following day. From that point forward,
Nishioka made it his life’s mission to help others
accomplish their dreams, using a delicious bowl
of ramen as the catalyst. Sara: That experience
kind of showed him that, you know, even
some people who lose their dream, some people who
lose their passion, you know, they feel like
there’s no hope for them, and so he
wanted to stop that. He wanted to
create a space where everybody feels like there’s hope and there’s
always something to live for. Herrine: Yume Wo Katare’s
one and only specialty is its tonkotsu
shoyu pork ramen. The ramen at Yume
Wo Katare is made from a pork bone broth
that cooks for 14 hours, which gives it an incredibly
rich, fatty pork flavor, and is combined
with a soy-sauce broth. Yume Wo Katare makes its
ramen noodles by hand. The ramen is topped
with chopped cabbage, bean sprouts,
chopped garlic, and either three
or five slices of roasted chashu pork. But prospective diners
should strive to order no more than what they
think they can finish, as finishing the ramen
at Yume Wo Katare is no simple feat. Jake Vo: So, we want you to imagine this big bowl of ramen as one of your dreams. The strategies that you use to finish it would be the same strategies you use to accomplish your dreams. Herrine: So, just don’t
be half-a–ed about it. Jake: Yes. Herrine: It’s
important to note that leftovers are
discouraged at Yume Wo Katare. In fact, Yume Wo Katare
has a rating system for diners’
ramen completion. If you finish
everything in the bowl, you receive a “perfect”
chant from the dining room. Employee: In the third row
we have another perfect! Diners: Perfect! Herrine: On the other hand, if you finish the
pork and noodles but leave some of
the broth in the bowl, you receive a “good job.” Employee: All right,
in the first row, we have another good job! Diners: Good job! Herrine: I am so inspired by
the other people around me who have gotten “good
jobs” and “perfects,” which, I don’t know
if I’ll ever be able to achieve a “perfect,”
like, at least, like, this first time around. Not only did
I feel intimidated by that huge bowl of ramen, but I also felt nervous at the thought of
sharing my dream with a group of
total strangers. Throughout the
course of eating this, I’m going to be
reflective and think really think hard on,
like, what my goal is. And hopefully by the end,
even if I don’t finish this, I will have a
better understanding of what I want to achieve. Knowing the weight
that finishing a bowl of Yume Wo Katare
ramen carries, both figuratively
and literally, I put my dream into the
forefront of my mind and began
strategizing how I was going to
finish the ramen. Hey, Karen, can you do it? Yay. It’s not every day someone asks you to tell
them your dream, especially in front of
nearly two dozen strangers. Customer: I came here
three years ago on a first date with him, and I didn’t share my
dream ’cause I was shy, but my dream was to
actually be with him, and now we have a family, so my dream did come true. Herrine: As I worked my
way through the ramen, I was inspired by diners around me
sharing their dreams, and so I pushed
myself to keep going. Employee: Hello everyone,
if I can have your attention for just a moment, we have
a dreamer in this front row. Herrine: I always want
to find stories like this that are very inspirational and have a
cultural significance, so my dream is to
find more places with enriching
backgrounds like this and share it with
the rest of the world. Employee:
All right, fantastic. In the second row,
we have a good job! Diners: Good job!

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